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Applications that simulate X-ray on mobile

Make X-ray images using your cell phone!

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Did you know that there are now simulators of x-ray on cell phone? So get to know now the best apps for you to have fun.

A great option for those of you who like to have fun with your friends and family is to use apps that simulate x-rays on your cell phone. Because with them fun is guaranteed. You can simulate images of different parts of the body, such as: head, hand, arm, leg, foot and much more!

With technological advances, there are applications where we can change haircut, learn an instrument and even measure blood pressure, just with your cell phone. And of course, X-ray images could not be left out. That's why there are several applications for you to download and have fun with X-ray images on your cell phone.

The images obtained with the X-ray on the cell phone are very interesting because they bring reality, and give the impression that you actually performed the procedure.

It is worth remembering that the applications only simulate the X-ray images. Therefore, if you need to have an X-ray, look for the nearest hospital and perform the necessary procedure.

Interested and want to know a little more about how these apps work? We've made a list of the successful X-ray imaging simulators on mobile for you to enjoy!

Facts about X-Rays

X-ray simulators on mobile are apps to play and have fun, but did you know that X-ray is an important instrument of medicine?

It is used to identify fractures in the human body, and in this way, assists in the recovery process of those who have broken a bone.

Therefore, it works as a type of high-energy radiation, which has the ability to penetrate living organisms and cross tissues of lower density. And it is absorbed by the denser parts of the body, such as bones and teeth.

Apps that simulate x-ray on mobile
Illustrative picture

Due to this characteristic, the main use of X-rays is in radiographs for medical diagnosis. But it is also used industrially, to observe the internal structure of objects, as we can see in airports, looking to see if there are flaws in their structure.

This ability to penetrate tissues makes X-rays a potential hazard, as prolonged exposure to them can lead to the formation of cancer cells.

Therefore, caution is needed, go through this procedure only with a medical indication.

Because even professionals who work performing radiographs are extremely careful. And they use lead aprons (which do not allow these radiations to pass through) and keep themselves away at the time of shooting.

See the best X-ray apps on mobile:

The best x-ray simulator apps available for Android and/or iOS smartphones:

Xray Body Scanner 

Let's start talking about Xray Body Scanner which is an X-ray simulator on cell phone that is available for all smartphone models. So if your phone has the Android system such as: Samsung, LG, Motorola, Xiaomi among others, or if you use an iPhone or iPad with an iOS system. You will be able to access the application and take advantage of its features.

Clicking below you can install the application on your smartphone right now:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

O Xray Body Scanner performs a combination of dynamic images, which thus show some X-ray images. This way, the proposal is that in X-ray vision, you will be able to see the hands, head, torso, among other parts of the human body. So for the application to play back to its best effect, you must position the cell phone horizontally and move it around. So, the application can scan the body's members, which are beyond the walls.

Apps that simulate x-ray on mobile
Illustrative picture

Remembering that this application only performs an X-ray simulation on the cell phone. In this sense, the application only serves as a fun form of entertainment, being a good option for your enjoyment.

The app is in English, so “Left hand, Right hand” means left hand and right hand respectively. In this sense, “Head”, “Chest” means, head and chest, respectively.

We will give you a step by step on how to use the Xray Body Scanner :

  • After installing the X-ray app on your phone, just open it and click on the option "Scan" on the home screen. Then choose which region of the body you want to see in an X-ray image, such as the hand or foot.
  • If you choose the hand, just go to the upper body option, where you can simulate the image. Therefore, it is necessary that you move your hand in a horizontal position to capture the image of the upper limbs of the body.
  • Capture images delicately, moving back and forth with the device.
  • Likewise, if you choose another region of the body like "Head", head, when scanning the limb, there should be the apparent result of a skull. Do as explained in the topic above, to succeed in the skull image.
  • Finally, even during the fun, if you choose to "Chest", which in the case of the chest region, chest, there must be the image of the trunk. That is, the X-ray image will appear on the cell phone. And so you will see the image of the rib, and the entire chest region. In the same way, do as explained in the previous topics, to be successful and see the image.

Parasites Xray Scanner Prank

Another super fun X-ray option on your cell phone is the Parasites Xray Scanner Prank. Because it is not only an X-ray image simulator, but it also simulates parasites in the human body.

This application is only available for iOS users, so if you use iPhone or iPad you can download it right now by clicking below:

You will be redirected to the official website

If you have fun playing pranks on your friends, this is the ideal app for you. Because it shows some parasites in the person's body. All you have to do is scan the app's camera like an X-ray and suddenly you'll find a parasite, anyone who's distracted will definitely get scared. And so the fun will be guaranteed.

Parasites xray scanner prank
Illustrative picture

The application has a series of dynamic images that simulate some parts of the body, such as feet, hands and trunk, for example. Best of all, the Parasites Xray Scanner Prank It's completely free, so hurry up and enjoy.

We will give you a step by step on how to use the Parasites Xray Scanner Prank:

  • As soon as you install the app that simulates X-ray on mobile with parasites. you will give the "start" and you can choose between using your phone's camera, or using an image you already have in the gallery.
  • If you choose to use the camera, you must allow the application to access your cell phone camera by clicking "OK". That way you will capture the image of the desired body part, and right after you click on the “Power” button.
  • As soon as you click on the button the image will be processed and in a few moments you will have the X-ray image with a parasite on your mobile screen. And so the fun is guaranteed.
  • When choosing to use an image that is saved in your gallery, just click “Gallery”, choose the desired image and process as above.

Other Applications That Simulate X-Ray Image

Let's stress once again that all apps that simulate X-ray images on mobile are for fun purposes only.

And for this reason, most applications with this proposal are free, but be careful because some may be free to download, but may charge to release a certain function.

Anyway, there are several applications that simulate X-rays on the cell phone, they have the same function and are also very interesting

You can find these options in the Play Store app store for smartphones with Android system:

  • Wall Scanner XrayPrank
  • Xray Alien Scanner Prank
  • Xray Ghost Scanner Prank

Here are the apps that simulate X-ray image on mobile for iPhone and iPad users with iOS system:

  • X-Ray Full Body Prank
  • Xray Fracture FootPrank
  • X-Ray Prank

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