Offline GPS: The 4 Best Apps to Use Without Internet

A very useful tool is an offline GPS especially for those who are in an unfamiliar place. There's nothing more terrifying than being lost, and if you're alone it's even worse. Whether on a trip, a trip to the doctor, a job interview, or even those who work with deliveries, for example, an offline GPS is essential in these moments.

Even because it can happen that you don't have a cellular network depending on the location, or you can't access a Wi-Fi network. With each passing day, urban areas have expanded, emerging new neighborhoods and subdivisions. And if you live in a capital with millions of inhabitants, it's not too difficult to get lost in streets you don't know.

Thinking about situations like this, we decided to bring together the four best offline GPS apps here. They will surely help you in a time of difficulty and save you in times of need. Whether on a vacation or even at work, you will no longer have difficulty finding your destination. See what they are below.

GPS that works without internet

Currently there are several GPS applications, but some of them do not work without internet. However, there are some that have the option of being used offline, that is, without internet. Offline GPS you usually need to download the route to be able to access it even away from online connections.

So, to never get lost again, check the list below with offline GPS apps and choose the one you like best. Then download it on your cell phone and download the map to have access to it anytime and anywhere.

1. Maps.me

Maps application. Me

Firstly, we have the Maps.me app, an offline GPS app that goes beyond a map. When you download it, you will see that in addition to the maps, you will also find a navigation system that can be used in the car, for walking or cycling. In addition, with it you can plan itineraries and travel routes.

maps.me has a partnership with several travel content creators and through this they plot routes and itineraries to popular destinations. You can also save the places you like the most with bookmarks and share them with your friends. Another advantage is that you can search by categories such as: hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, public transport, etc.

It is also possible to make hotel reservations through Booking.com directly in the app. And if you want to share your location via message or on social networks. maps.me is incredibly detailed giving directions to points of interest such as hiking trails and locations not seen on other maps.

In conclusion, in addition to offline GPS, it offers other functions, in addition to being fast and reliable and is available worldwide. And it's an app that's always updated by the millions of OpenStreetMap. It is fast and space-optimized and available for both operating systems. To download use the shortcuts below:

2. Sygic GPS Navigation and Off-line Maps

Sygic gps navigation and offline maps

In second place we have Sygic GPS Navigation and Off-line Maps which is also an offline GPS app. It is one of the most advanced when using technology and navigation, containing a 3D map and a simple to use interface. With a map of all countries that are updated several times a year.

In addition to having the option of offline GPS where you download maps, it also has voice-guided navigation. Also receive real-time information about traffic and avoid traffic jams. It is an app that is concerned with user safety on the streets, with features that make it easier to drive in unfamiliar territories.

Speed limit warnings, Head-up Display (HUD) that projects navigation on your car's windshield, making night driving safer. Dashcam lets you record the road ahead and automatically saves a video in case of accidents. Receive suggestions for parking spaces, and fuel price comparisons.

The travel experience with Sygic GPS Navigation and Off-line Maps is very complete and you don't have to worry about the internet signal to use the maps. The app is available for both operating systems, for easy download use the shortcuts below.

3. Waze GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

Waze gps offline
Waze GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

The Waze app ranks third in our ranking of offline GPS apps. This app has become very popular among users because it has multiple voice options for guided navigation. And also for its speed camera warnings, accidents and traffic jams along the way.

It quickly changes its route in case something unforeseen happens on the way. It calculates the time spent during the journey and gives the estimated time to reach the destination. Overall it is very similar to the others, in addition to offline GPS, it also has guides to places such as hotels and restaurants. As well as helping you find the cheapest fuel on your way.

But to use it offline you need to follow these steps: Open Waze, click on the search icon and select your destination and click on “go”. Then select the “general” option in the lower corner and then “center”. From there it is possible to use the map without internet, however remember to keep the application open so you don't lose the information.

Waze is available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded from your phone's app store. Or use the shortcuts below to download.

4. Google Maps

google maps app
Google Maps

Continuing our ranking, we couldn't leave out the old and classic Google Maps. And for phones with Android operating system it is already installed automatically. And it contains detailed maps of over 220 countries. But even though it is the best known, some people still don't know that it can be used as an offline GPS.

To access the routes and the offline map, just click on the profile next to the search field and choose the option “offline maps” and save the route. Something that also sets it apart is that you can easily find companies and their opening hours. In addition to being able to create lists with your favorite places and with the street view you can see the streets and the interior of the environments.

Google Maps is one of the oldest and most complete in addition to being completely free. If your phone doesn't have the app you can easily install it.

Anyway, you can choose the offline GPS app that you like the most, or the one that brings you the most advantages. The important thing is that from now on you will no longer have problems when you are in an unknown place and without internet.

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