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The application to measure blood pressure is a health Essential for anyone with high blood pressure. A survey carried out by Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics shows that approximately 38.1 million Brazilians suffer from high blood pressure. And since 2013 these numbers have grown, cases of hypertension increase as the population ages.

More than 62.1% of the cases are in people over 75 years old. This information brings the need for health care, as well as assistance in monitoring and safe information to those affected so that they can control the disease. But measuring blood pressure requires a specific device that does this job.

However, not all people are able to buy it, or due to advanced age and mobility difficulties, they are unable to go to a health center to have their blood pressure measured. However, due to advances in technology, it has become easier to take care of health, and a free application to measure blood pressure on your cell phone has already been created.

In other words, taking care of your health has become much simpler, being able to measure your blood pressure at home just using your cell phone. Then check below all the information about this app to measure blood pressure.

What is blood pressure?

Free blood pressure measurement app on mobile - blood pressure app

In short, blood pressure is nothing more than the pressure that our blood has on the inside of the arteries during its passage. This force is made by the heartbeat, that is, the heart that is the organ responsible for pumping blood throughout the human body. And this follows a pattern of behavior if the pattern changes results in hypertension problems.

In practice, blood pressure is made up of:

  • Systolic pressure: This is the pressure when blood is pumped.
  • Diastolic pressure: when the heart relaxes between beats.

These are measured in millimeters of mercury, and what is considered normal by the medical community is 128/80 mmHg. But these numbers may vary depending on the patient's age, or whether he or she has problems such as diabetes or kidney problems.

The dangers for those who have hypertension are several, firstly when your blood circulates with a high pressure it damages the walls of the blood vessels. If left untreated, blood vessels can clog and even rupture. When a vessel ruptures, a heart attack, heart failure, and chest pain can occur.

And if the affected vein is in the brain, the dangers are of a stroke. In addition, it can cause kidney failure, kidney failure, vision disturbance leading to partial or total blindness.

What causes hypertension?

Several factors are related to blood pressure, one of them is the hereditary factor, followed by obesity and also the advanced age also increases the cases of the disease. In addition, there are external factors that increase the risks such as: sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, smoking, and excessive consumption of salt and alcohol. Stress also influences the appearance of hypertension.

Application to measure blood pressure

Application to measure blood pressure

Taking blood pressure daily is routine for anyone suffering from hypertension, but this routine task can be complex for some. This is because to measure the pressure it is necessary to have a specific machine that makes the measurement. Those who do not have the device should go to a health center to see if the pressure is normal.

But now there is a new option for those who have difficulties doing through the two previous options. I'm talking about using an app to measure blood pressure! yes, it is possible to know how your health is right now without leaving the house or spending money buying a device for measurement.

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iCare Blood Pressure

There are currently a variety of apps that do this, a good app to measure blood pressure is iCare which measures your blood pressure in just a few minutes. To use it is simple: with one finger you press the screen and with the other you press the cell phone camera.

It has a version for both Android and iOS systems and can be downloaded directly from the Play Store and App Store app stores.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

In addition to measuring blood pressure, it also checks your heart rate, lung capacity, color blindness and airways.

S Health

A second option is the Samsung blood pressure app called S Health. It is a health application that helps users in their daily lives. Through the digital reader it measures blood pressure and heart rate. You can download it using the buttons below.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

It is important to say that these applications do not replace a consultation with the doctor. So be sure to make routine appointments. And if you already have a pressure measurement device, it is important to reconcile with the use of the application.

How to measure blood pressure with app

When using the application to measure blood pressure, it is important to follow some tips to get a correct result.

  • First, prefer to measure your blood pressure in the morning, if possible, while still fasting.
  • Do not make great physical efforts before measuring, but if you do, wait at least 5 minutes to rest.
  • If you use cigarettes or alcoholic beverages before checking your blood pressure, wait 30 minutes to do it. Because the consumption of these legal drugs can change the result.
  • Do not cross your legs, as this gesture impairs venous delay, and forces the heart to make more effort, causing an increase in pressure.
  • Avoid talking during your blood pressure measurement.
  • If you need to urinate, do so before checking your hypertension.

What is the treatment for hypertension?

In most cases, hypertension has no cure, but it can be controlled with medication or monitored, including an application to measure blood pressure. The main cause of hypertension is lifestyle, and consequently, to obtain a cure, a change in lifestyle already solves this problem.

Some tips to keep your blood pressure under control are:

  • Use the app to measure blood pressure regularly
  • Have a healthier diet. Avoid fried foods, fatty foods with a lot of sugar and sodium such as sausages and canned goods. Opt for roasted and grilled foods, also eat vegetables, preferably raw or cooked.
  • Reduce the consumption of salt in food preparation.
  • Try to do physical activities, walk more, change the elevator for the stairs and other simple measures.
  • Reduce your consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.

And finally, avoid stress, take a lighter stance in the face of stressful situations. Try to forgive and forget, because the hurt directly affects your physical and mental health.

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