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Digital Multimeter simulator application

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Digital multimeters are essential tools for anyone who works with electronics and electrical work. Its main objective is to measure electrical quantities such as voltage, current and resistance. However, it is not always possible to have a physical multimeter on hand, especially for those who are just starting to venture into this world. That's where the digital multimeter simulator app comes in.

In this post, we will talk about what a digital multimeter simulator application is, how it works and its main advantages. Let's go!

What is a digital multimeter simulator app?

A digital multimeter simulator is an application whose function is to simulate a real multimeter. With it, you can carry out measurements of electrical quantities such as voltage, current and resistance, using just your cell phone. This type of simulator can be found in different application stores, such as the Play Store and App Store.

How does a digital multimeter simulator app work?

The operation of a digital multimeter simulator is very simple. After downloading the application on your cell phone, simply open it and choose the type of measurement you want to perform. Then, connect the test leads from your cell phone to the points where you want to take the measurement. The application will simulate the reading of a real multimeter and indicate the values of the electrical quantity.

Digital multimeter

Some versions of digital multimeter simulators allow you to configure your preferences, such as measurement accuracy and value ranges. This is great for those who are already used to using real multimeters and want a more realistic simulation.

What are the best Digital Multimeter simulator apps?

There are several Digital Multimeter simulator applications available on the market, however, some stand out for their accuracy, interface, ease of use and additional features.

1. Multimeter – Digital Meter Simulator

Multimeter – Digital Meter Simulator is one of the best Digital Multimeter simulator apps available on the Google Play Store. It is very easy to use and offers accurate measurements of voltage, resistance and electrical current.

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In addition, it also has other features, such as the possibility of changing the measurement scale, real-time reading mode and the option to customize the appearance of the Digital Multimeter.

2. Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter is another very popular Digital Multimeter simulator app on the Google Play Store. It is capable of measuring voltage, electric current, resistance, capacitance and frequency.

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It has an intuitive interface, which makes it easy to use, and offers options such as calibrating the device and the possibility of saving the measurements taken.

3. Electrical & Electronics Calculator

Electrical & Electronics Calculator is an application that, in addition to being a Digital Multimeter simulator, offers several other useful tools for electricians and maintenance technicians.

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It is capable of measuring voltage, electric current, resistance and electrical power, in addition to offering calculators for calculating resistors, capacitors, inductors, among others. It also has a list of formulas and a glossary of technical terms.

How to use Digital Multimeter simulator applications?

To use the Multimeter simulator applications, you need to download them to your smartphone. After installing them, run them and select the electrical quantity you want to measure.

Make sure the selected sensor is correct, and, if necessary, configure the measurement scale or other available options. Then, position your smartphone close to the component you want to measure and wait for the reading in the app.

It is important to remember that, as mentioned previously, the accuracy of the readings will not be the same as that of a conventional Digital Multimeter, but it may be sufficient for basic measurements.

Advantages of the digital multimeter simulator app

One of the main benefits of using a digital multimeter simulator is the possibility of carrying out practical activities without needing a physical multimeter. This means saving money, space and also practicality.

Another advantage is the possibility of learning without risk. With the digital multimeter simulator, you can carry out measurements without fear of damaging equipment or receiving electric shocks. This way, you can learn more safely and confidently before putting your skills into practice with real equipment.

Furthermore, the digital multimeter simulator is a great learning assistant for those just starting out in the electronics and electrical field. With it, it is possible to better understand fundamental concepts in a more interactive and visual way, accelerating the learning process.


It is important to remember that the digital multimeter simulator is a complementary tool to the physical multimeter, but it is very useful. It allows you to measure electrical quantities with the same precision as a real multimeter, in addition to offering the possibility of learning in a safer and more practical way.

Finally, it is possible to say that the digital multimeter simulator application is an affordable and efficient solution for those who are starting to venture into the world of electronics and electrical. It's worth trying it out and exploring its possibilities!


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