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How to know my mobile number?

Here's how to find out your phone number from 4 different methods.

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Not knowing your own phone number is more common than it might seem. There are several reasons that can lead to this, from a recent chip change, bad memory, loss of agenda... Regardless of the reason, you must have asked yourself at some point, how to know my number? Discover now the main methods to find out your cell phone number!

In this article we will teach you how to identify the phone number in methods of each of the main telephone operators in Brazil, but if none of the cases work, in the end, alternative methods that work independently of the operator of the chip. 

How do I know my Claro number?

Operator Claro offers two free ways for its users to find out what their chip number is. One through the USSD code (protocol code with specific function used by telephony operators), and another via SMS. 

To discover Claro's telephone number through the USSD code, all you have to do is make a call to the number on your cell phone with the Claro chip *510#. Within a few seconds the number will be displayed on the screen. 

If this method doesn't work, just use the SMS method, similar to the previous one, but this time just send any message to the number 35742 regardless of what is sent, the chip number will be received in the SMS field. 

How do I know my Tim number?

Operator Tim also offers a free method of discovering the number using the USSD code. The process is exactly the same as that offered by Claro, with the difference only in the code, in Tim's case it is *846#.

Just make a call to that number using the cell phone that has the Tim chip, in seconds the operator will identify the protocol and return the phone number on the cell phone screen. 

How do I know my Vivo number?

At Vivo, it is possible to find out the cell phone number only through an SMS message, a free method that can be carried out in a matter of seconds by the user.

The number in question used to discover the Vivo chip number is 8300, but in the case of Vivo, you need to type in the message "number” so that the operator returns the request for the Chip number in the SMS. The message can be sent both on Android and iOS, the criterion is only that it has the Vivo chip. 

How do I know my Oi number?

At Oi, the process to find out what the number is is very simple, using the USSD code provided by the company, *880# but with a differential compared to other operators. At Oi, it is not enough to call *880#, you must select the “Services” option during the call, and in the next menu select “consult number”, once this is done, the number will be displayed on the screen. 

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Other methods of finding out mobile number

If for some reason, the individual methods of each operator do not work, there are still separate ways to find out the phone number. See the top 3 below: 

By WhatsApp

How to know my cell phone number on whatsapp
Whatsapp | illustrative picture

Since WhatsApp was created using the number registered on the Chip… It is possible to find out your own number through the messenger, even without using your cell phone. For example, if WhatsApp is connected on the computer, on a tablet, etc. it is still possible to find out the number, unlike the individual methods of operators. 

By smartphone, just access the WhatsApp settings within the application, and click on the profile picture to access your profile, just below you will see a field written “phone”, there, the phone number registered in WhatsApp will be displayed. 

From the computer, just start a new conversation with yourself, click on new message and type “my”, click on chat, then within the conversation click on the profile and the phone number will be displayed below the name “My (You)”. This method also works on mobile, but it is the only one that works on WhatsApp web. 

Call 0800

Working on all available operators, without charging a connection fee, that is, a free method. Just pick up your cell phone and call the number. 0800-643-0424 which will return the number accompanied by the telephone area code in a recording. 

call another phone

One of the most trivial methods that can exist, but super effective. It basically consists of picking up the cell phone and calling someone else, preferably in the same environment as you to find out the number through the call notification on that other person's cell phone. 

This is one of the oldest methods used, predecessor of the smartphone era, but which may have been lost in time. 


There are many reasons that can lead someone to need to "discover" their own phone number, but there are also several methods that exist to find out what the number is.

From operator-specific methods, to the use of applications or even older methods of simply making a call to another device. How to know my number is no longer a problem!

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