Real-time bus app

Knowing the public transport schedule helps you plan your routine get to know the app to see the bus in real time

Are you looking for a real-time bus app? We will present a platform for you, who use public transport to plan your itineraries before leaving home!

Using the application you can view the bus route and what time it will pass at the closest point to your home. The bus app also offers the possibility to find public transport by line number. In this way, just select the option “lines” and enter the bus number.

You can adjust the settings according to your needs, making it send you notifications about the line you use the most. Notifying you if there is any unforeseen event, such as route deviation, end of operation, and others. In addition, it also informs you when a subway line stops working for a period of time.

Benefits that real-time bus app provides

Containing over 925 million users, the bus app works in over 3350 cities around the world. Helping users find up-to-date bus schedules, showing their arrival on the map in real time.

It is considered the app of the year since 2016, because its information is accurate, that is, the user no longer has to waste time waiting at the bus stop. This accuracy is guaranteed in the bus app, as it is directly linked to the car's GPS, showing the correct time in real time.

bus app
Bus app (illustrative image)

We list some of the many benefits of using the bus app:

  • Time saving
  • Safety
  • Ease
  • Flexibility
  • Planning
  • Organization

So you should only worry about organizing yourself to be on time at the closest point to where you are. You can view this information within the application by accessing the map.

Once the planning is done, the application will notify the time that the bus will pass. However, we recommend that you plan ahead and inform yourself about any changes that the bus may have. Such as congestion and works that can generate delays. Visualizing this you can program yourself before leaving home.

Stay on top of your bus schedules

Have the step-by-step guide with you when traveling by bus or train, having a real-time direction, from point A to point B, so you can get an idea of how much time you need to get to the station or point. And still check all your bus schedules and receive notifications.

In addition to receiving information, you can also contribute to the improvement of the bus app by reporting and sharing your experience during the trip. If there has been a problem with stations, services, time delays and other mistakes. This way, other users will have access to this information and will be aware of what they can find along the way.

Therefore, it has become easier to update yourself on the bus line you use daily, as access to the stations and places you go most often is in one place.

Information about the bus app

This application works offline, that is, even if you have no internet, you will be able to access all the information. But if you need internet see how to find free wifi wherever you are.

With the map you will see all points, routes, stations, lines, etc. That way, even if you're in another city, you'll be able to understand the public transport routes without getting lost.

Optimizing urban mobility, this platform meets everything it promises with excellence and that's why it has become number 1 among users. Check which transport operators are present in the application:

  • Sao Paulo subway
  • ViaFour
  • ViaMobilidade
  • CPTM
  • SPTrans
  • EMTU
  • MetroRio
  • SuperWay
  • fetransport
  • BRT Rio
  • DFTrans
  • CBTU
  • BHTrans
  • EPTC
  • CCR Metro Bahia
  • URBS
  • lime

In addition to public transport, you can access bike routes through the bus app, and you can also carry out travel planning including routes with other means of transport. And these routes will also be updated in real time.

Download the real-time bus app

This application is online and free and promises to improve the mobility of users, and now that you have learned about the benefits of this bus application that serves the whole of Brazil and still works in more than 105 countries, we will show you the step by step to use it.

To get started, you must download the bus app on your smartphone, you can find it in both Android and iOS app stores, and to make it easier, just click on the button below and install the app right now:

After installing the application on your cell phone, you must allow it to have access to your location, so that it can tell you the best route from where you are. In addition, also allow it to send you notifications to stay informed about bus routes.

bus app
Bus app walkthrough

The next step is to define the location of your house and save it as a favorite, so you configure the application with your information and you will have more agility when leaving or returning home. Also configure which routes you use the most.

bus app
Bus app walkthrough

After making the settings, click on the search bar and enter the place you want to go, this way the application will show you the best route to your destination. By clicking on “preferences” you can select your preferences for route, means of transport, etc.

bus app
Bus app walkthrough

That's it, now your app is tuned to offer the best experience on your trip, whether on public transport, by bike, train and others.

Final considerations

It is evident that public transport is now part of urban life, whether you are a bus, tram, train, bicycle, tram, and cable car user, this bus app will be essential in your life. Even for those days when you choose to use Uber, the app will show you urban mobility information.

So that you can enjoy this application in the best possible way, it is important to plan before leaving home. So pay attention to the app's notifications, as it will be alerting you about matters related to your bus line, and important information about your trip, so you can plan better.

See too: Offline GPS: The 4 Best Apps to Use Without Internet.

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