How to identify music

How to identify the song that is playing

Have you ever had the experience of listening to an amazing song at a gym, sound car or party and being curious to know the name of it? The good news is that there are easy ways to know how to identify the song that's playing. You can use the voice assistant of


How to know my mobile number?

Not knowing your own phone number is more common than it might seem. There are several reasons that can lead to this, from the recent chip change, bad memory, loss of agenda... Regardless of the reason, you must have asked yourself at some point, how to know my number? Discover now the

How to create a new gmail?

How to create a new Gmail?

If you have difficulties creating a new Gmail or even logging in, the purpose of this post is to help you and solve your doubts. In addition to helping to create a new gmail account, we will see some curiosities about it. Well, nowadays it's quite common for you to have

android emulator for windows and mac os

Meet the best android emulator

Today you will know which are the best Android emulators for Windows. It doesn't matter if you are an app developer programmer or, if you are a gaming enthusiast and want to have fun using a keyboard and mouse to help you, throughout this post you will get to know which

how to download videos on iphone

How to Download Videos on iPhone

Learn how to download videos on iPhone online and totally free. You can be doing this directly from your phone's browser, simply and quickly. There are two ways for you to save videos from social networks on your phone which are: sites found in your browser or by

Applications to tune guitar, guitar, and other instruments

6 Applications to Tune Guitar, Guitar, and other instruments

Tuning is a fundamental part when playing a musical instrument and using apps to tune guitar, guitar, bass and others make this task easier. Beginners, intermediates, and professional musicians know that having your instrument tuned is essential to ensure a good performance when playing.

bus app

Real-time bus app

Are you looking for a real-time bus app? We will present a platform for you, who use public transport to plan your itineraries before leaving home! Using the application you can view the bus route and what time it will pass at the stop

Mobile clean app

5 best apps to clean your cell phone

Using apps to clean your phone is a quick and practical method to free up space, and make your phone faster. It is possible to improve the performance of your smartphone by just cleaning it. Without realizing it, you end up keeping things that are not useful on your cell phone, such as old messages, photos,

How to download youtube videos to mp3 through tools

How to download Youtube Videos to mp3 on Mobile and PC

It is possible to download Youtube videos in mp3, mp4, avi… In various formats, for any situation where you need that video. This can even be done without having to download any tool, program or application on your cell phone. But there is also the option with applications, which offer some facilities.

best karaoke apps

Top 10 free karaoke apps

Karaoke apps are a great option for those who love to have fun releasing their voices! If you feel like going to karaoke but feel too embarrassed, then karaoke apps will help you train, so that you can come out with your voice, without shame. Those