6 Applications to Tune Guitar, Guitar, and other instruments

Tuning your instruments has never been so easy! Mobile apps can be used to make this everyday activity easier!

Tuning is a fundamental part when playing a musical instrument and using apps to tune guitar, guitar, bass and others make this task easier. Beginners, intermediates, and professional musicians know that having your instrument tuned is essential to ensure a good performance when playing.

So if you still can't tune your “ear” instrument, and you want practicality and precision when tuning, guitar tuning apps are there to help you. And they have a series of resources to help you evolve whether you are a beginner and/or experienced musician.

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Check out the list we prepared with 6 ideal tuning apps to have on your smartphone.

1. Cifra Club Tuner

Applications to tune cifra club guitar
Club cipher

Cifra Club is a well-known site for ciphers in the musical world and from there, one of the best guitar tuning apps was created. With it you can tune any string instrument, such as: guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, violin, cavaquinho, cello, etc.

It offers two types of tuners: the chromatic tuner and the string-by-string tuner. And it works easily and without complications, just allow access to the microphone and bring the instrument closer to the cell phone's sound pickup.

It is a free application and is available for both Android and iOS systems, and you can install it by clicking below:

The chromatic tuner works by tightening and loosening the strings until the pointer is centered and green, which indicates that the string is in tune. While the pointer hangs to the right or left with an orange or red light it indicates that the string is still out of tune.

The string-to-string tuner is intended for beginners, bringing a more complete guidance with explanatory texts to perform the tuning on your instrument.

2. Tuner and Metronome

Applications to tune guitar tuner and metronome
Tuner and Metronome

If you're looking for ease when tuning your instrument, this is one of the easy-to-use guitar tuning apps. Because it brings two different tuning methods, has a metronome and even has a recorder.

Therefore, you can use this application in many different ways. It is available for both Android and iOS users, click below and install:

With just one touch, you can start/stop the metronome, being able to configure a sound/flash combination, so if the place you are is with intense noise, you can follow the tempo of the music correctly following the flash emitted by the application.

You can choose to tune your instrument using the chromatic tuner that measures the frequency and intensity of the sound, or you can use the tuning fork tuner. Just allow the app to access the microphone, then bring the instrument closer to the cell phone screen and play the string you want to tune.

The Tuner and Metronome in addition to tuning string instruments also tunes other instruments such as saxophone, flute, clarinet, drums and piano.

3. GuitarTuna

Applications to tune guitar guitartuna

GuitarTuna is a tool that brings a digital tuner with a different proposal, becoming one of the most complete applications to tune guitar. Because in addition to bringing precision to tune instruments, it also has other features.

With it you can tune guitar, bass, cavaquinho, among others, and it is available for free for Android and iOS, and to install it right now on your cell phone, click below:

The app offers clear, easy-to-understand tutorials to help beginning musicians. By activating the Auto Mode you can perform a quick and hands-free tuning. In addition, it has a dynamic interface which makes tuning easier.

GuitarTuna also has features for experienced musicians, a professional precision that you activate in the settings menu. And it even has a Metronome, where you set the tempo and change the beats.

And it even has chord learning games and a chord library, so using guitar tuning apps you can also improve your skills by learning more. You'll also find songs with tabs, chromatic tuner with standard tuning, half step down, seven-string tuning and over 100 different tunings.

4. Guitar and Guitar Tuner

Guitar and guitar tuner apps
Guitar and Violin Tuner

Created by professional musicians, this is one of the guitar tuning apps that brings a variety of functions. With it you can tune the most varied string instruments such as banjos, cellos, ukuleles, violins and more.

If you're still in the learning process, this is the ideal app, because with it you learn new chords and you can also train the ones you've already learned. It is only available for iOS system users to install click below:

There are different tuning modes and among them you will find, chromatic tuner, standard tunings, six and twelve string tuning, Drop and Double Drop, Modal, Basses, automatic mode, manual, and it even includes Tune Guard™.

This is also one of the guitar tuning apps that offers educational competition games so you can practice even more. Which serves as a learning not only for beginner musicians, but also for more experienced people, because learning is something constant.

5. TUNE – Chromatic Tuner

Applications to tune guitar chromatic tuner

Another great option for tuning guitar, guitar, viola and the various string instruments is Tune. The difference between this and other guitar tuning apps is that you can also tune wind instruments. That way it becomes even more complete.

It is a completely free application, however it is only available for iOS system users, clicking below you can install it right now:

After installing, give permission for the application to have access to your phone's microphone to perform the tuning. So you find the multi-synthesizer tuner, the chromatic tuner, the wind instrument tuner mode and the specific instrument tuner mode.

Tune has a metronome that helps in timing the songs and a tone generator that are of great importance and help for both experienced musicians and beginners.

6. Beginner guitar tuner

Guitar tuning apps for beginners
beginner guitar tuner

Finally, on our list of the best guitar tuning apps, we have this one that, as its name says, is intended for learners, as it has a very intuitive and didactic interface for beginners.

This app is only available for iOS user and is a completely free app, install it by clicking below:

Using the chromatic tuner you can quickly tune your guitar, bass, and acoustic guitar just by allowing the app access to your smartphone's microphone.

To use the application is very simple, just let the sound of the string sound and keep pressing or loosening until the arrow is in the middle and the letter that corresponds to the string being played turns green, and the word “OK” appears.

This is one of the applications to tune the guitar that has other features such as a chord library with more than 1500 chords, more than 80 different tunings such as open, fall and modal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Guitar Tuning Apps

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