Apps to learn to crochet

Learning crochet, knitting... is another one of the easy skills to acquire thanks to Smartphone Apps.

The internet has become an essential place for anyone who wants to learn new things. And if you want to learn how to crochet, for example, you have quick access to millions of information. In addition to finding tutorials teaching those who want to learn. And this is very helpful for anyone who wants to improve or acquire new skills.

A simple way that makes the process of new learning even easier is through apps. With them it is possible to learn a new language like English for example, play a new instrument like keyboard or guitar. Or develop your artistic part by learning crochet, which can become a Hobby, or become a source of income.

Although crochet is not a modern art or a novelty, thousands of people every day look for how to learn to crochet. With this demand in mind, we chose some applications that meet this need. So check out which one you like best!

The best apps to learn to crochet

You know very well that with the advances in cell phones, thousands of applications have emerged for the most different purposes. And there are even many apps that serve the same purpose but with different creators and qualities. And as we know that it's very annoying to download an application and in the end it doesn't fulfill what you expect, we've made a list to help you.

It's not cool to install and then have to uninstall an application. And if you want to learn to crochet, you've certainly looked in several places about it. So here's a list of the best apps that teach you how to do the stitches you need. In addition to having inspirations for you to replicate your own rugs, table runners, bathroom set and much more.

crochet beginners


In the first place among the apps to learn to crochet we have the app with the long name crochet-knitting-embroidery-macramé. As its name implies, it not only teaches crochet, but also embroidery, knitting and macramé. So if you want to learn other arts with thread and needle this is the most suitable app for you.

It works as a video tutorial platform. Also, it organizes YouTube videos for you according to your chosen art. If you are looking to learn, but don't know where to start, it facilitates this process by telling you why you should start your journey. Just choose what kind of craft you want to learn and it gives you a list of videos.

O Crochet app – Knitting – Embroidery – Macramé está disponível apenas para smartphones Android, de maneira totalmente grátis na Play Store. Para facilitar vou deixar o link para a play store abaixo:

You will be redirected to the official website

Through the application, in addition to learning the basics of crochet, you will enjoy several models of clothes to reproduce. Like scarves, blankets, coats, gloves, hats among others. An important point to know is that this app does not work offline, that is, you need to be connected to the internet to use it.

love circle

learn to crochet

Considered the first app for crafts in Brazil, Love Círculo helps you learn to crochet. This app is one of the most complete you can find, with more than five thousand instructions for crochet design templates. With a clean and intuitive interface containing a menu with events, library, camera, e-books and much more.

In addition, the app has developed a space where you can stimulate your creativity and imagination. Producing your own pieces, all with your own personal touch. Love Círculo, in addition to teaching you how to learn to crochet, has an environment to exchange experiences and find new and better materials.

If you want to have this app, it is available for free for Android and iOS systems. To download, search for Love Circle in your app store, or use the download link below.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

And if you already know how to crochet this app is also useful for you, after all it has functions that help you organize your projects. And it also helps you when you go to a haberdashery to do your shopping, not letting you forget anything.

Amigurumi today

Have you ever thought about learning to crochet in a more advanced way? so the amigurumi are those crochet dolls. So this app teaches you the step by step to make beautiful dolls with crochet. And with that you can give people gifts or you can sell them on order. Thus creating a new source of income.

The Amigurumi today platform teaches through tutorial videos, eliminating users' main doubts. Being aimed at those who want to challenge themselves and be a level above in the universe of threads and needles.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Para baixar o aplicativo e começar a aprender a fazer crochê com Amigurumi basta buscar pelo nome na loja de apps. Ou então utilize o botão acima e será redirecionado até as lojas oficiais do Android ou iOS.


And finally, our last indication is the Crochet.Land app, this app is not intended to teach you how to crochet. However, it is essential for anyone who wants to make crochet their source of income. After all, it helps you when pricing your products, accounting for material, labor, time and suggesting a final price.

Apps to learn to crochet - crochet amigurumi bears

In addition, you find a special space to save all your projects, add photos of each one, create a name and set the price. Crochet.Land is available for all major Android and iOS operating systems. Use the links below to install on your mobile.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

In conclusion, all applications are simple with a clean interface, without any difficulties when using. So, you can learn to crochet easily and quickly. And with Crochet.Land you learn to price your work and generate income.

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