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Application to edit baby photos and register the birthday month by yourself

Want to do your baby's birthday photos but don't want to hire a professional? Know that it is possible for yourself to take these photos with the help of mobile applications!

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If you have kids, you will definitely love an app to edit baby photos. Also because a newborn photo shoot with a professional can be a little expensive. Newborn are those famous pictures of babies in different cute positions or with costumes while they sleep. It is very important for parents to have this first record of their children.

Including seeing the growth each month and taking pictures of the birthday month. Many parents do each month with different themes: princesses, superheroes, animals… different themes. But take and edit Photos with a professional ends up being a high investment. And for this reason many people are unable to pay for a photo shoot for their children.

But with the app to edit baby photos you can have photos with a beautiful edit and with great quality. Technology gives us this advantage, and editing photos of your children, adding captions, stickers, filters, making collages and much more has become very easy. So in this article we are going to show you some of these apps that help you put together your little one's birthday album.

Baby photo editing app

Free Babypics app

First among the apps to edit baby photos we have the Baby pics app. This is a free app available for both Android and iOS systems. It is an application that tracks from pregnancy, birth and growth of children. Turning your photos into beautiful stories to share with friends and family.

Save every moment of your child week after week, add cute artwork to your liking. Make photo collections by editing with lettering designs, stickers, effects and more. Unleash your creativity during your baby's growing months. The babypics app is very easy to use.

Just add a photo from the gallery or take a photo right away. Then add artworks, frames, filters and texts in the way you like best. Then after editing save the image and share on your social networks. There are more than 1000 beautiful creative arts to add to the photos.

In addition, count on professional effect tools to improve the appearance and beauty of photos, as well as filters to highlight and even out colors. Users of the baby photo editing app have a good rating on the app store with a rating of 4.9 stars and a total of 66,168 users.

Bebe pic editor

How to download the app?

To download the application to edit baby photos on your cell phone is very simple. Go to your mobile app store Google Play for Android phones, or go to Apple Store if your phone is iOS operating system. Then search for “Babypics” and then just click on “install”.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

If you prefer, use the shortcuts above to be directed to the application page in stores.

Baby photo editing app: Baby Photo editor

In second place in our ranking we have Baby Photo editor, another app to edit baby photos. This application is very similar to the one we presented first, it has very similar functions, but with different arts and effects. With it you can also edit photos in a fun way and with a professional touch.

Every birthday month or even every week you can create a different art with elements of your choice. You can use the app's camera to take your photos or choose a photo from the gallery. Then edit as you like, add captions or comments, dialog boxes, effects, filters, cute and funny stickers.

After you're done, share it on your social networks directly from the Baby Photo editor app and get thousands of likes and compliments. The baby photo editing app has a good rating on Google Play with a rating of 4.0 and a total of 10,212 users. And to download, search your phone's app store for "Baby Photo editor" then click "install".

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

You can use the buttons above to go straight to downloading the app.

Application to edit baby photos and register the birthday month by yourself - untitled design 29

Tips to make your photoshoot easier

When taking your child's photos with the app to edit baby photos, it's important to follow these tips. With them you will have a higher quality in the final result of your records. In summary, the indicated applications help you when editing photos, but when you are going to take the photo, you need a little more creativity and imagination.

  • It is important not to use a flash when taking pictures of your baby, as he may be scared or irritated.
  • Respect the child's moments, if he is angry wait for him to calm down a little to continue with the photo shoot.
  • Choose a soft and comfortable place, use a cloth with no background pattern.
  • Abuse the accessories and decoration elements.
  • Search for different poses for each photo, you can use Google or the app Pinterest for that.
  • Also capture spontaneous moments of your little one, to have real records and stories behind each photo.

After taking the photos, use the application to edit the baby photos that we indicate here, add more elements, cut, turn, add filters, stickers, effects and texts to the photos. Save the final result in your gallery or share it on your social networks.

App to edit baby photos and register the birthday month by yourself - connecticut newborn photographer rainbow baby

Pay special attention to ambient lighting! As said before, Flash can irritate and bother the baby, and poorly lit environments do not provide good photos. A recommendation is to look for guides in your language on networks like Youtube on how to improvise or what equipment to use to have good lighting in the environment.

Also take the opportunity to follow channels specialized in baby photos. While taking tips regarding lighting, various tips related to photos, decorations will be shared, absorb as much information as possible to have the best photos possible!

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