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5 apps to find free WiFi

No mobile data or traveling, don't run out of internet with apps to find free open wifi networks!

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Tired of being without internet outside your home? See here what the best apps to find free Wi-Fi.

If you are that person in the know who loves to be on top of everything that is happening, and there is no option to go offline, then you need to know about the Wi-Fi network finder. Which will undoubtedly be very useful for your day to day. 

Nowadays internet access has become more and more widespread. However, there are still places where mobile networks have a weak signal, and sometimes they don't even connect. That's why you can't be dependent on the operator's 3G or 4G. With that in mind, we are going to present new ways and alternatives so that you can always stay connected, using apps to find free Wi-Fi.

What is a WiFi locator?

The Wi-Fi Finder is a service that aims to find available networks close to you that allow you to connect. It is based on it that apps to find Wi-Fi work.

Many people are looking for these connections and so several companies have started to provide free connection points in cities. But most of these networks are usually protected and require you to register to be able to use the internet.

This is an option that makes life easier for users. However, we will warn you about the security of your data. Be aware and avoid sharing personal information and passwords as they can be easily stolen from you.

What is a wifi locator
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It does not mean that the networks you will be accessing are not secure. But we leave a warning about sharing your data, because you should be aware of these issues. Taking extra care with your information.

That's why we're going to show you apps to find Wi-Fi safely and reliable networks near you, so you don't fall into any traps. Want to know what these apps are? Read on to find out which ones are the best!

Best Apps to Find Free Wi-Fi

WiFi Magic 

One of the best apps to find free Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi Magic. Because it is basically a social network where users share the passwords of Wi-Fi networks they have previously connected to.

The idea of the app is not to invade private networks, but to give you access to the internet that is free and available to you. That's why it has more than 900,000 mapped access points that are shared between users. 

Apps to find free wifi wifi magic 
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This app is very versatile and is available for both Android users and iPhone users (iOS). Enjoy and install this app right now on your phone:

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So as soon as you install the application, you no longer have to worry about having to figure out any passwords, as they will be fully available to you.

If you're traveling, don't worry, because WiFi Magic also has an offline mode and thus gives you access to download all the hotspots in that location where you will travel. So prepare in advance and enjoy the released networks.


O instabridge is one of the apps to find Wi-Fi that, despite having insta in its name, doesn't have any kind of connection with Instagram. With a beautiful and intuitive interface, it shows you the Wi-Fi networks available near you.

This application will find the networks near you and in addition it will indicate the location, name, SSID, and what internet speed is available. And it is also able to sync the network data across all devices.

Instabridge apps to find free wifi
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Available on all models in smartphone, on both Androids and iPhones (iOS), just click below and install the app:

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To use the application is very simple. As soon as you open it, it will show a map filled with connection options. That way, you just have to zoom in to get as close as possible to your area, and thus have access to the networks that are available. The released networks will be flagged, then just tap on one of them to connect to the Internet.

WiFi Map

Another great choice of apps to find Wi-Fi is WiFi Map. Being completely free, with it you can also have easy and instant access to networks. As with Wi-Fi Magic, users also collaborate by sharing passwords.

It displays a map containing the access points, provides the password for several networks and tells which ones are open. This is the ideal app for those who like to travel or who have a short internet data package. Also, you can even share the visible networks with your friends.

Wifi map apps to find free wifi
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The good news is that Wi-Fi Map is available in the app store of the Apple Store and also in the Play Store, click below and install:

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When using the app for the first time, it allows you to log in using your Facebook or Twitter account. Once the login is performed, a map of your location will open, with several pins that show where Wi-Fi networks are available.

Below the map there is a list where all the open network names close to you are displayed. Some, whose networks have a password, indicate which code is needed to make the connection.

WiFi Finder

If you are in a public place and you need internet, then the WiFi Finder is one of the apps to find Wi-Fi you need to have. Because it is a very useful tool for those who are on the street and need an internet connection.

It presents several networks that are close to you, showing which are public, paid and the ones with the best signal. In the case of private networks, there is the option to enter the password in the application so that other people can see and connect.

Wifi finder apps to find free wifi
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If you are on a trip and want to save money on roaming, the Wi-Fi Finder will help you a lot. So, enjoy, click below and install the application that is available for both iPhones (iOS) and Androids.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

It has Offline functionality, that is, you can download the networks of the places where you want to travel, and that way you can find fast Wi-Fi anywhere.

It also has a map indicating the network points. And the ones that are indicated on the Wi-Fi Map only contain verified hotspots. With information about the type of location and its internet speed.

Free Zone

Last on our list, but with a big difference, the Free Zone is one of the apps to find Wi-Fi that is also compatible with notebooks. It searches for nearby Wi-Fi networks that are unlocked.

This application values the ease and practicality, so if you work from home and have the freedom to work from wherever you want, Free Zone will be very useful. Because you will be able to carry out your duties in a cafeteria or a park, which will undoubtedly bring more lightness to your day.

Ree zone apps to find free wifi
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Available for users of the iPhone system (iOS) and also on the web, click below and install Free Zone now:

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It automatically connects to the highest signal network, so that the user can browse the internet without using your carrier's 3G data plan.

It will list the places with the highest signal public networks and automatically connect to them without you having to do anything. In addition, the app searches for available networks so you don't lose your internet connection, and it works even when it's in the background.

Tips and precautions when accessing public/open Wi-Fi networks:

Using apps to find Wi-Fi is very useful and very helpful. However, you need to be careful before using an open network, so that your cell phone is not invaded by malware and thus have your data exposed.

By connecting your device to a public network it is vulnerable and subject to attacks. And to maintain your privacy, it is recommended that you follow the tips below:

  • Have a good antivirus installed on your phone and keep it up to date;
  • Keep your operating system smartphone updated too;
  • Avoid providing passwords or confidential data unnecessarily and do not log in to large service sites that require your personal data, such as banks, for example;
  • Do not allow your cell phone to automatically connect to public networks;
  • Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when they are not being used;
  • invest in a VPN (Virtual Private Network). It creates an encrypted connection that is less likely to be intercepted by crackers. There are several apps that offer this feature.

Final considerations

We have reached the end of the list of the 5 best apps to find Wi-Fi. Without a doubt, we believe that these applications will be useful both for your daily life and for travel. After all, you can't live without the internet.

Being able to access your favorite content anywhere is the best, and with that in mind, the internet gives unlimited access to various content, so use it to learn new things, enjoy your connection and learn to play keyboard with cell phone!!!

Did you like the tips? So don't forget to share this list of the best apps to find Wi-Fi with your family and friends, so everyone can stay connected!

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