How to create a new Gmail?

See the step-by-step on how to create a new gmail account, and how to remove it if necessary!

If you have difficulties creating a new Gmail or even logging in, the purpose of this post is to help you and solve your doubts. In addition to helping to create a new gmail account, we will see some curiosities about it. 

Well, currently it is quite common for you to have a gmail account, or some other account that has an email address as its objective, in addition to gmail, there are others such as: Outlook, which came to replace the old Hotmail, Yahoo and others. 

Even among these, gmail has gained more prominence in recent years, and for Android system users, it is almost necessary, so that you can access certain things. In the case of Google Play, an account is required to login, but if you do not have an account, you can create one, or use a login from another account that is not Google.

Step by step on how to create a new Gmail

How to create a new gmail?
Gmail Home

The method of creating a new gmail that will be shown below is valid both for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets and for notebooks and computers. So don't worry if you are trying to create a new gmail through a cell phone the result will be the same. 

First, you must enter a new Google tab, if you are using your mobile device, just enter the Google application directly or Google Chrome browser, in which case, any of these options will give you the same result.

After opening a tab on google, in the upper right corner you will notice a place written Gmail, if you want too, you can type in the search bar, gmail followed by '.com'' which will open the official page and make it easier when create a new gmail. 

How do I make an email?

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After that, find a blue button written ''create account'' and click on it, on this page it will be both at the bottom on the left side and at the top on the right corner. Soon after, you will be redirected to a new tab where you will enter personal information to create a new gmail. 

When you add a first and last name to create a new gmail, google itself will give you recommendations for emails that are not yet used to be your email address, for example: if your name is ''João'' and your last name ''da Silva'' google recommends something like ''[email protected]''. 

Sometimes, it doesn't just give you one option, but two or three, so you can choose which one suits you best, and which one will be easier. After you've decided what your email address will be, you'll need to create a password. In order for you to create a secure password, it is recommended that it be eight or more characters long.

Of these, it is necessary that there are numbers, letters and special characters. These special characters are nothing but: @, #, $, and many more. Just use your creativity, and avoid passwords that are predictable. Usually you think of putting your name followed by a sequence of numbers.

The security of a gmail

Aiming at this, and user security, Google recommends that you do not use passwords such as birthdays, and your own name in your passwords. After that you click on 'next' where you will be asked for a phone number to receive a verification code. 

If you have another email, you can use it as a recovery email in case you ever need to retrieve it. They are means of security that will provide you with more reliability. That done, just put the verification number, to enter the final step of how to create a new gmail. 

It may be that only when you finish filling out the registration, putting your birthday and other information they ask for such as gender or other related questions. And that's it, just accept the terms of use to start using.

How to remove Google Account from a cell phone?

How to create a new gmail?
Removing Account

Switching accounts, deleting or recovering them may seem complicated, but unlike that, the only thing you'll need is to dedicate a little time. But, if you need to remove this account, follow this simple step by step. 

First you must locate it in your google application, and when you go to do this, it is normal for google to keep sending you alerts, especially if you are doing it on your mobile device. 

This is one of the ways you can do this, enter the google application, and in the upper right corner you will see an icon with your name or photo, click on it, and you will see an option written manage account, then slide to the right side until the option 'Data and Privacy'.

Soon after, scroll your smartphone screen to the option 'Delete your google account'. After that, you will go to a tab where you will have to authenticate with your password and prove that it is indeed yours, after that, just wait for your account to be deleted from your device. 

A notification written ''Account required'' will appear, this will appear as you will be unlinking the account from your phone, and due to several applications requiring a linked account google will send these notifications so that you are aware of what will do.

Go into your cell phone settings, scroll your cell phone screen until you find the google option, at the top of the screen you can see which account you are logged in to, after making sure you are on the right account. 

Before you can delete it in fact, you need to log in to another account, since, as we said earlier, several functions of the device require a logged-in account, after that, click on manage account and from now on it will be indicated in the same way above.

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