5 best apps to clean your cell phone

Optimize your phone, clean up space and get rid of that annoying insufficient space notification!

Using apps to clean your phone is a quick and practical method to free up space, and make your phone faster. It is possible to improve the performance of your smartphone by just cleaning it.

Without realizing it, you end up saving things that are not useful on your cell phone, such as old messages, photos, videos downloaded from youtube and even applications, which can be discarded. Therefore, your cell phone can end up letting you down, crashing and taking a long time to open your apps when you need it most.

That's why cleaning your phone's memory is something that should be done often, and apps to clean your phone can help you with this task. Because they help to optimize your device, bringing more speed to access your favorite applications, and also help to improve performance.

Why use apps to clean your cell phone ?

Before there were apps to clean your cell phone, this cleaning was done manually, that is, you had to access file by file and delete one thing at a time. Here are some benefits of using this type of application:

  • Time saving;
  • Faster mobile;
  • No accumulation of files.

To keep your smartphone up to date, you must know the features of the applications to clean the phone's memory and thus choose the one that best suits your routine and usability.

Apps to clean your cell phone can identify:

  • Photo and video files that are taking up too much space;
  • Little used tools;
  • Temporary files (cache);
  • Possible viruses and other threats.

cell phone cleaning apps – Android

If you use a cell phone that uses the Android system, see the best apps to clean your cell phone, check it out!


The application to clean the cell phone that has become quite popular among Android system users is KeepClean. That's because it performs its functions well in an agile way, optimizing the system in the best way.

It performs cleaning of unused files and apps with just one tap. And in addition to this optimization and space freeing, it monitors your phone's temperature, deletes duplicate photos and also has an antivirus system that detects and removes all kinds of viruses to protect your phone. Click the button below and install:

After installing you must allow the application to access your files, having granted the permission it will start cleaning your phone. By clicking on “Check” the application searches, selects and displays files that are filling up your phone, and how much memory is being consumed. Then click “Clear” to free up more space on your device.

Tutorial on how to use KeepClean – via Youtube


Originally created for cleaning computers only, the CCleaner won a smartphone version, also becoming one of the best apps to clean your cell phone. It has an intuitive interface which makes it easy to use.

Its main functions are to remove junk files and free up more storage space. With it you can check how much memory is being used on your device and how much free space you still have available.

Apps to clean ccean cell phone
Illustrative picture

When entering the application you will see some quick access tabs that are “Optimize”, “Tips”, “Media” and “Applications”. In each of these options offers a different cleaning for you. Install this app to clean your cell phone right now by clicking below:

To access your photos and other files, you need to grant permission as soon as you install the application, so it will perform the task of looking for unnecessary files that are taking up your memory. To use CCleaner is simple, just click on "Quick Clean" and check which items are being suggested.

Norton Clean

Another great choice of apps to clean your cell phone is Norton Clean, with it all unused files will be removed with ease. This way you ensure that your cell phone has more speed.

Norton Clean is capable of doing a complete scan of your phone and thus optimizing the system. But for it to be able to perform this task, it is necessary that, when installing the application, you grant permissions so that it can access all media.

Apps to clean norton clean phone
Illustrative picture

The app manages the apps you no longer use, and automatically uninstalls them, thus freeing up more space on your smartphone. With it you can also transfer files that are on the phone's internal storage to the memory card. Click below and install:

By tapping the arrow icon, you refresh the application and this way it will check all the files that are taking up space in the phone's memory. And pressing the button “View Unwanted Files” you check the files that are using the memory and thus define those that can be deleted.

cell phone cleaning apps – iOS (iPhone)

If you are an iOS system user and want to leave and need storage space, see the best apps to clean your phone's memory for free.

Magic Phone Cleaner

Let's start with the Magic Phone Cleaner which is one of the simple to use cell phone cleaning apps. With it you can organize your cell phone quickly, practical and simply, having more practicality in use.

Magic Phone Cleaner has many features and can identify the biggest files that are taking up space on your phone and eliminate them. It also erases all the images that are duplicated and also the duplicate videos.

In addition, it also deletes contacts that are duplicated in your phonebook, this is the fastest way to keep your phone clean. And it still does a routine cleaning eliminating cached data and junk e-mails. Install the application to clean the cell phone by clicking below:

So if you have little memory space on your phone, Magic Phone Cleaner will be very useful, as it will clean the data and files that other applications produce with just one click. To use it is very simple, just open the application, click on “Clear Cache” and within a few seconds you will have freed up space on your phone.

Phone Cleaner: Clean Storage

If your iPhone's storage is full, Phone Cleaner can help you identify large files to clean up. It finds the biggest photo and video files that are causing the memory to fill up.

As Phone Cleaner you can also select your favorite photos by clicking on the “Heart” that appears in the left corner of the image. The selected photos will be protected and will not be at risk of being deleted. So you can free up space on your phone and keep your favorite photos. Click below and install:

When finding the photo and video files that are taking up the most storage space, the app gives you the option to remove it or not. Therefore, only with your permission it will remove the image, if it is a photo that you do not want to be deleted, it is at your discretion.

Apps to clean cell phone cleaner
Illustrative picture

Being one of the best apps to clean your phone, it also removes similar or duplicate photos and videos and to clean it, just open the app and allow it to access your device's media. In “Similar” it will give you the options of photos that are similar and you can choose which of the images you want to delete.

Common questions

Is it safe to use apps to clean your phone?

Yes, because in addition to cleaning the phone, the use of the application also helps in the security of your data. If you lose your cell phone or your personal files like photos and videos are stolen, they can end up falling into the wrong hands.

And to avoid this problem, it is recommended to periodically clean your device's memory. Because any leak or unprotected file can generate a lot of headache. So with the help of the application, cleaning your cell phone ends up being faster, safer and more effective.

Do cell phone wipe apps help free up memory?

These apps aim to optimize the performance of the phone and RAM memory, but while they do this they also take up storage space. Know that cleaning your phone and having more free memory are two different things.

Despite bringing interesting functions, some apps to clean cell phone demand a lot from the system, which can cause crashes and slowdowns on the device. Therefore, the tip to avoid future problems is to delete the program right after using it.


When the phone memory is full it can turn into various problems. Phone performance is reduced causing it to run slower. Also, installed applications may not work properly. Therefore, it is essential to regularly clean the phone's memory to keep it working properly.

And with the help of apps to clean your cell phone, you will no longer have to go through this kind of inconvenience. Here we list the best options, and each of these applications has its own particularities. Some are very complete, others are more compact and have basic functionality. So evaluate which one best fits your needs and enjoy.

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