GTA San Andreas: How to play on Mobile

Learn all about the mobile version of GTA San Andreas! How to download, play, use codes, etc.

See how to download and play GTA San Andreas directly on your cell phone, one of the games that stood out the most on Playstation 2 and entered the history of video games! If you already know this gaming legend and hit that nostalgia, know that now you can play it on your mobile, whether Android or iOS operating system.

Well, if you're from the world of games with all the certainty in the world you must have played this game at some point in your life or if you haven't played it, you've probably heard a friend comment about it. If you don't know the game it is a game where you control the character Carl Johnson or as everyone knows him “CJ”. 

Gta san andreas: how to play on mobile
CJ – GTA San Andreas

You have a whole map to explore, in addition to doing main missions to unfold the story you also have many side missions to complete from street racing to gang combat. In other words, GTA San Andreas has excitement and adventure for all tastes, now let's see how to download and play it on mobile.

Download GTA San Andreas for mobile

Being able to play GTA San Andreas this amazing game on the mobile platform can bring nostalgia for old players and for new players a great experience. For you who are able to download GTA San Andreas on your cell phone, there's no secret in fact it's very simple after all, you can be downloading it from the link provided below. 

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In this link you will find a modified version of the game, where you do not need to pay, and also the original version of the application stores, with the guarantee of the stores themselves that they are free of any virus, but it is necessary to pay to have access to the game. But you will also find a modified version for Android.

The Android version costs R$ 19.99. You can purchase using both your credit card and your Google play balance. To get Google play balance, simply recharge using a voucher or Gift Card. 

One of the advantages of having a balance on Google Play is that eventually the store does promotions where you can be buying some games with great discounts, that is, you can pay much less.

Gta san andreas: how to play on mobile
Game Characters Gta San Andreas

The iOS version of GTA SA you can download for free with everything this version has its limitations. But if you want to buy the full version of the game you can buy it for only R$ 16.24 and with that you can be enjoying the full game. 

But before you buy the game, you must first check the available space on your smartphone as the game can take up about 2.5 GB of your storage. So make sure you have enough memory, then just install the app and enjoy your game.

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Download Mod Apk Updated

If you found the official version of GTA San Andreas expensive to pay in a mobile game, you still have the option of downloading the mod apk version. You'll have as much fun with this Mod Apk as with the official version, as there's nothing different about this version. It makes it attractive for that reason in addition to being completely free. And if you want to download just click the button below:

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However, the updated GTA San Andreas Mod Apk can only be downloaded for Android devices. The iOS system does not allow unofficial versions of apps. After all, only applications that are available in the Apple application store.

Is it worth downloading GTA San Andreas on mobile?

Gta san andreas: how to play on mobile
Character from GTA San Andreas

As much as the game is paid and takes up a considerable amount of space on your smartphone, it is still very worthwhile to download and play GTA San Andreas on your cell phone, after all the game has excellent quality since Rockstar did an excellent job in its version mobile. 

Even though it's a mobile version, the game was faithful to the original console game, in addition to its very high quality, and it's a great opportunity for those who want to remember and miss the game without having to stay stuck at home to be able to play since you have the freedom to play anywhere.

If you prefer to kill the nostalgia on the console or even on your computer, don't worry because there will always be this option for you, just access your console store or on steam to your computer where it can be found for only R$ 20.49.

keep having fun

Gta san andreas: how to play on mobile
GTA San Andreas

You will get the same experience you had on the console in the mobile version. And for those who like to play GTA San Andreas just to do that famous “mess” in the city, don't worry. You will still be able to use some of the same codes on the computer or console. 

So yes, those famous codes also work in this version. These codes are nothing new and many of them are well known and are used to facilitate the game in some difficult moment, it can be him in a mission that requires a little more Arsenal than when a gang fight gets out of control. 

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GTA San Andreas codes for mobile

In addition, there are crazy codes that can make your game much more fun, check out some of these codes now and have fun.

GONPXWR: invincibility against all damage.

LXGIWYL: Weapons pack, with a baseball bat, 9mm pistol, AK-47, and a rocket launcher.

FULLCLIP: infinite ammo.

SPEEDFREAK: the cars (all) have nitro.

KVGYZQK: Maximizes CJ weight and musculature.

RIPAZHA: cars can fly.

GKPNMQ: cars walk on water.

FLYINGTOSTUNT: Summons a stunt plane.

AMOHRER: Summons a Tank.

ROCKETMAN: Summons a rocket backpack (jetpack).

These are just some of the many codes that exist for the game GTA San Andreas, make the most of each one and see how far you can get in your gang war.

How to use codes in GTA San Andreas for mobile?

It is not possible to use codes in the game naturally! That is, to use them you need to install virtual keyboard applications to type the codes. There is no place in the game to open and type, so search your app store for virtual keyboards, and choose the one you prefer.

With it installed, allow the screen overlap, and run it next to GTA San Andreas, choose the code you want, and type it with the game open on the virtual keyboard!

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About the game

In 2004, Rockstar Games and Rockstar North released San Andreas, another well-known title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. GTA San Andreas was initially released exclusively for the Playstation 2 console, but within a year it received versions for Xbox and PC (Windows).

Its success was so great that over those 17 years, it sold more than 27.5 million units. Check out in the following video what are the differences between the mobile version and the console and computer version.

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