Pet Master Free Spins: January 2023 Links

Get free spins on Pet Master for free, plus lots of gold!

If you're in need of some free spins on Pet Master, learn how to get it here! We will be showing you some ways you can get these spins for free, within the game and with links provided by the Pet Master developer!

The Pet Master game is a slot machine adventure where you spin slots to earn gold that you use to build and upgrade your pet field, whereas in Coin Master you would spend it on your Village.

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It is worth remembering that it is from the same creators of Coin Master, so it has some very similar principles and way of playing. Now that we know a little more about this game, let's bring you some methods to get gold and free spins.

Free spins on Pet Master

pet master free spins
Pet Master

The experience is very similar to a Coin Master game, except that the game's theme involves pets. You'll get to know different worlds with animal themes, you'll also be able to collect a wide variety of cards.

Besides, of course, you will be able to spin the slot machine countless times. This brings us to the purpose of this post to provide you with tons of free spins in Pet Master, and ways to get even more in-game. Remembering that you can come periodically to request the new links that will be updated later.

With these links you can win free spins, coins and lots of gifts. It is worth remembering that the links are provided by the developer Moon Active, so they are official links.

January 24th

January 23

January 22

January 21

20 January

How to collect Spins and Coins from Pet Master links?

To make the collection, just click on the link using the mobile device where the game is installed, the game will automatically open with the collection message being shown on the screen.

Are Free Spins and Coins Links for Pet Master safe?

Yea! After all, they are all made available by the developer Moon Active on their social networks, the links here are only grouped to make the player's life easier.

These were some of the official links that have been released so far. But it's not over yet, there are other methods within the game itself where you could be getting a lot of free spins in Pet Master.

What are the ways to get free spins?

While the method shown above is the easiest way to get your coins and your free spins in Pet Master, there are some additional ways to get free items that will be detailed now.

Spinning the Roulette

Since we are talking about methods so we will first discard the obvious since, it is possible to conquer everything just by turning. And since this post is intended to give you some free spins then you are already halfway there.

When you run out of spins, you may be returning to the game after an hour where you can spin five more times, however you can only do so until the 50 spins count. Once this is done, you must return the game after a minimum of 10 hours to ensure that all of your interest is used properly and that you do not have any wasted interest.

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Another tip that can also be used would be to use the bet multiplier only when you have a reasonable number of bets, doing so you will spend more spins however you will also increase your chances of winning and can even multiply them.

Invite friends to play

The next method would be one of the fastest ways you can get free spins on Pet Master would be to invite your friends. In addition to earning the bonus, you would be having fun together enjoying the game.

However, the number of spins you get when your friend successfully signs up can be fluctuating and is usually a substantial number, however currently the number hovers around 90 spins which is quite generous on the developer's part.

Complete your pet field

pet master village
Pet Master village

After all where else could you be spending all the gold you've earned so far? Yes, you will be updating your village or should you call me pet camp taking care of your pets and the like. 

In addition to winning rounds for completing you can also receive 'Village Rush' rewards in this event which will give you rewards if you reach certain levels. It would be like the Coin Master events themselves, with particularity.

roll the dice

When you finally unlock your board it is recommended that you roll your dice as fast as possible. Since in this event depending on the amount of data you have you can be winning a lot of gold in addition to getting a lot of free spins in Pet Master. 

It works as follows: you will have the board and in some houses of this board you will have chests, and among these chests there will be some classes, for example the wooden one has less resources than the gold chest. So in addition to winning a lot of rounds you will also earn extra gold to improve your village.

Complete albums and card sets

With this method you will get a surprising number of free spins on pet Master just for completing one something and an even greater amount for finishing sets of cards. 

In the method above it was mentioned that you would win chests depending on which chest level you get more cards you can even win the much-loved and desired wild cards. In addition, you may also be exchanging letters with your friends, which may be helping you to speed up the process of completing your albums.


Of course, this method could not be left out, because through it you have a greater chance of winning your free spins on Pet Master. The game wins its audience as it is always innovating in its events always with a special mission in which it helps both new players and those who have been playing for a longer time to get their free spins. 

Some events are very common for you to get three identical tokens in the same round so it is worth remembering that you should always save some spins for these events. The following video will show you more about the data method and you can see the rewards.

Pet Master, single token event start 15 points. tier 28/75! | Youtube: Manoel Metal, Pet Master game play
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