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How to Download Videos on iPhone

Learn in a simple and direct way how to download videos to your iPhone!

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Learn how to download videos on iPhone online and completely free. You can be doing this directly from your phone's browser, simply and quickly.

There are two ways for you to save videos from social networks on your phone, which are: sites found in your browser or by recording your cell phone screen.

To download any video that is on social networks, you only need the video link to save the content on your phone. Or if you prefer, you can use the existing screen recording feature on your smartphone. That way you can download videos from Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter directly to your iPhone.

How to Download Videos on iPhone via Safari

Check out the tutorial on how to download videos on iPhone through the browser:

1st step – Access the social network, website or application where the video you want to save is located and copy the URL link;

  • On websites you will only need to copy the contents of the browser's address bar;
  • On social networks like Instagram, just click on the 3-dot icon (both for feed videos and reels) and click on copy link;
  • Already on TikTok you will need to click on the WhatsApp icon of the chosen video and select the option to copy the link.

2nd step – Then go to the website;

3rd step – Paste the link that was copied in the 1st step in the box that reads 🇧🇷enter url🇧🇷, and then click on the green arrow for the link to be sent.

4th step – Wait while the site reads the video, and as soon as the option appears, click on To go down.

5th step – A pop-up window will appear, in it confirm again in To go down.

How to download videos on iPhone – Illustrative Image

After that the video will be available and saved in the Files from your iPhone.

How to use iPhone screen recording

If you are without internet to download videos on iPhone from the website, the other option is to use the phone's own screen recording feature. You can do this while watching the video you want to download.

The iPhone offers this option natively, that is, you will not need to use any application to do this. See the step by step:

1st step – Go to the website or open the app where the video you want to save is. Leave everything ready just to play.

2nd step – At this moment, click on the upper right part of your iPhone and slide the screen down to access the Control Center of the system;

3rd step – Now click the circle icon inside the circle to start iPhone screen recording. Before the recording starts, a countdown will appear from 3 to 1 to start;

4th step – Return to the website or application and press play on the video;

5th step – As soon as the video ends, click on the red circle located in the upper left corner, where the time is.

6th step – Then a window will appear, click on To stop;

how to download videos on iphone
How to download videos on iPhone – Illustrative Image

7th step – Video made with screen recording will be automatically saved in phone gallery. If you want to edit it, remove the beginning or the end and make some adjustments like inserting filters or changing the video orientation, go to the gallery and edit the screen recording.

If you cannot find the iPhone screen recording icon in the Control Center, you will need to add it manually. For that go to Settings → Control Center → More Controls or Customize Controls🇧🇷 Click on the icon +, beside Screen Recording and ready!

Attention to copyright

Now that you've learned how to download videos on iPhone, don't forget that there are copyrights on the videos. Therefore, check the rules of use and permissions of the platforms where the videos are hosted. In Brazil, downloading and reproducing content without the creator's authorization is considered a crime.

The situation can become more serious if the partial or complete reproduction of the video is for profit and commercial purposes.

It's very simple to download videos on iPhone, now you have no more excuses for not having saved all your favorite videos and memes! See too how to download videos from instagram.

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