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Textures for Stumble Guys on Mobile or Computer

Get the best textures for Stumble Guys and transform your skins!

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You already have all the Skins Stumble Guys, or don't you really like the ones you have and want to use something cooler and different? So check out how to download and install Textures for Stumble Guys, and make your skin even better!

Stumble Guys has a wide variety of Skins, some of which are extremely difficult to win, in the case of the Specials. However, as much as the dev team can be very creative, the community always manages to do a great job and rethink the Skins making them more cool or fun.

Whether it's just a color change, even a total change in appearance using just an existing skin as a base. The only limit is the creativity of the community, which is huge! Anyway, check below how to download and install Textures for Stumble Guys on Android!

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How to Use Textures for Stumble Guys on Computer

To install textures in Stumble Guys for PC (Steam) you need to locate the folder where the game is installed on your computer. You can browse your Windows file directories, or click on Steam to go to the folder where the game is installed.

To find the folder:

  1. Go to the game library Steam.
  2. Right-click on Stumble Guys, and then click on Properties.
  3. Go to “Local Files” and click “explore”. This will take you to the Windows file directories where Steam's Stumble Guys is installed.

Just download the file below, use an extraction program, for example Winrar.

You will be redirected to the official website

And paste the “Stumble Data” folder inside the Steam Stumble Guys files folder. Finally, just click to replace the existing identical files. Once that's done, just open the game again, and be happy with the Textures already installed.

stumble guys file directory from steam
Stumble Guys Archives – Steam

How to put Textures in Stumble Guys on Android

Stumble Guys exploded in popularity with its desktop release, which also attracted many gamers to smartphones. Modifying a game on the computer is easy, but is it possible on the cell phone? Yea! And it's a very simple process!

But unlike the computer, to use Textures in Stumble Guys in the mobile version, you don't need to modify the game! Just download an already modified version of the game. Therefore, it is only possible to use textures in Stumble Guys if you play on computer or Android. As Apple does not allow the installation of applications other than the App Store, it is not possible to use textures on the iPhone.

Step by Step to Download and Use Textures in Stumble Guys

1. Uninstall the official version of Stumble Guys from your smartphone. The process is very simple, and can be done either on the game's page on the Play Store, or by tapping and holding on the application icon and selecting the “uninstall” option.

2. Click the button below, and you will be redirected to Media Fire to download the modified version (mod apk) of Stumble Guys, with the textures.

You will be redirected to the official website

3. Once the Stumble Guys mod apk download is complete, click on the apk to install it. Remembering that as it is an apk outside the Play Store, it is necessary to allow the installation of applications from other sources.

4. With the application installed, just access Stumble Guys and check out all the variations on the Skins and choose the ones you like the most. In addition to the skins, you will have all emotes, footprints and victory animations unlocked!

Textures for stumble guys on android
Textures for Stumble Guys on Android

Recommendation: it is recommended to create a new account just to use the Stumble Guys mod apk with the textures. Avoid using your personal account, understand more why in the topic ” Is it safe to use textures for Stumble Guys?”.

Video – How to Install Textures in Stumble Guys.

See the video version of how to Install Textures for Stumble Guys on Android, tutorial made on Tzy Games' Youtube channel.

Is it safe to use textures for Stumble Guys?

In the topic above we talked about creating a new account just to use the Stumble Guys Mod Apk with the textures. And that's because the game's security robot identifies changes in the game's apk and bans the accounts automatically.

It may just be a matter of time, your account may never get banned, or get banned in a few days, so don't risk your main account, with Skins and gems. On the other hand, the computer version of textures has a greater guarantee that it will not be banned.

However, it may just take longer for the ban to happen on the computer version, or for it to not come at all….

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