How to earn Diamonds and other Free Rewards on Free Fire

See how simple and easy it is to earn Diamonds and other Rewards on Free Fire! In-game methods and external methods.

Learn how to earn free Diamonds, Battle Pass, Magic Cube, Angelic Pants and many other desired rewards within Free Fire! All this without compromising the security of your account, after all, there are 2 safe and effective 100% methods!

Free Fire was launched for the mobile gaming universe in August 2017 and won the hearts of a legion of fans. The Battle Royale-style game achieved a lot of popularity thanks to its gameplay, as well as the lightness of the game, which ensured greater community accessibility to the game, even with outdated smartphones.

Another big factor that influenced the popularity of the game is the fact that it is free. As a result, more and more players had access to the game, and were able to play with their friends even using voice chat! With all this popularity, in order to give players an objective, various items are constantly being released.

Some are extremely rare and difficult to obtain, and mainly, it is necessary to consume diamonds to get them. But Diamonds need to be bought, and it often takes a lot of Diamonds to get the desired items.

But there are ways to get Diamonds without having to buy them. And you can also win the items, and the Battle Pass, all for free! So check now how to earn Diamonds, and other rewards in Free Fire.

How to Earn Diamonds and Skins in Free Fire

As once said by Julius Rock, Chris' father in the series Everybody Hates Chris, "If I don't buy the discount is bigger". There are ways to get Diamonds on Free Fire without having to pay, and there are 2 different methods. Being them through Reward Codes, and purchase by balance on Google Play, check below:

Method 1: Free Fire Reward Codes

One of the easiest ways to earn diamonds and desired rewards in Free Fire is through Rewards Codes. In them it is possible to get everything from Free Fire. See below for everything you need to know about codes.

What are they and how to get them the Free Fire Codes?

Free Fire Codes are codes made available by the game developer, the Garena with which it is possible to redeem in-game rewards, such as Diamonds, Battle Pass, and Skins. As these are official codes, they are 100% safe, not putting the user's account at risk.

The Codes are made available by Garena itself, as mentioned above, but that doesn't mean it's easy to obtain! After all, the recharge of Diamonds in Free Fire is Garena's main source of income, which keeps the game operating and can be a Free game.

These codes are provided by the company as a way to promote the game. Most of the time, they are given to digital influencers, or partnerships signed between Garena and some celebrity, company, etc. to do a lottery in the way they see fit.

For example, Garena has already partnered with Samsung, where when you buy a particular smartphone at the company's launch, you receive codes to redeem rewards within Free Fire. She has already partnered with the company Chilli Beans, where it was possible to retrieve the DJ Alok glasses in the game.

The process to get codes on Free Fire is to keep an eye on Garena's social networks, especially on Twitter. Accompanying streamers with their content, who often give away codes,

How to Redeem Codes in Free Fire

Rescue Angelic Pants - reward ff
rescue Angelic Pants – Reward FF

I got a Free Fire reward code, and now, how to redeem it? This question may arise in those who get a code, after all, within the game there is no visible option for this, so where to redeem it?

Garena has an official website to redeem codes, the Rewards Redemption Site, also known as FF Rewards. See below for step-by-step instructions on how to redeem.

Step 1. Access Garena's official website to redeem codes, the Rewards Redemption Site.

Step 2. Log in with the same account used to access Free Fire on your smartphone. If you happen to have created two different accounts at some point with different social networks, be careful not to redeem the code on the wrong account!

Step 3. Enter the 12-digit code you want to redeem. If the code has not yet been redeemed, expired… a confirmation message along with which prize redeemed will appear on the screen.

Codes redeemed by Rewards FF go straight to the in-game mailbox according to the time shown in step 3. This time may vary, the reward may arrive in minutes or hours.

Method 2: Balance Applications

The second method of earning Diamonds on Free Fire is through Applications that reward the user with Balance, mainly on Google Play. With this balance, all you need to do is recharge Diamonds in-game!

These applications have recently started to become popular, with names such as TikTok and Kwai appearing, which reward users with balance when watching videos, and especially when inviting friends to use the application. But they are not the only ones, there are other options, see below two applications that also give balance when performing certain tasks.

Google Opinion Rewards

Google opinion rewards - google app to get google play balance with surveys
Google Opinion Rewards – Answer surveys and earn Balance.

One of the best apps to get balance/credit on Google Play! Google Opinion Rewards does not give you physical money, but it gives you a balance that can be used on the Google Play Store to buy movies, books, or make purchases from/in the store's apps.

It is quite simple to use the application, it rewards you by answering questionnaires. Surveys can reward the user with random values, varying from one to the next. This earned value accumulates in the “wallet”.

Ad-free, you are also free from needing to meet a quota for the withdrawal. That is, as long as you can use that balance, you can use it, for example, make a purchase worth 0.99 in some application. That's why it's one of the best options on how to earn diamonds on Free Fire, use it until you accumulate a good amount of balance, and stay tuned for Free Fire recharge promotions!

Download from Google Opinion Rewards: android / iOS.

Users of the iOS operating system can withdraw their balance through their PayPal account when they reach the minimum amount of $1.

Big Time

Big time app - earn money while playing
Big Time app – Earn money while playing

Who hasn't dreamed of earning money while playing? You don't want to be answering surveys, you don't want to be watching ads, there is a better option that distracts you, win while playing! This is the purpose of this app.

In it you will find a wide variety of games available to play. These games reward the player with tickets that entitle them to participate in sweepstakes, which give prizes in dollars. The more tickets you have, the greater the chance of winning.

In Big Time, you need time and luck (to win the sweepstakes). This application is recommended for those who already spend a lot of time on their cell phone playing games. After all, if you've spent a lot of time playing something that won't give you any return, it's better to play something that can reward you!

BigTime Download: android / iOS


Quize - "game show" app
Quize – “Game Show” App

To close the list of apps to get a balance to buy diamonds on Free Fire, we have the Quize, which is a kind of Game Show. In it, you will answer 15 general knowledge questions in a group, whoever gets all 15 right, or most will win. In case of a tie, the prize is divided between the people who got the most right.

To withdraw the Quize balance it is necessary to reach the minimum amount, this amount can be sent to a MasterCard prepaid credit card. This card, from Quize itself, is sent to your residence, with the balance on it you can buy whatever you want.

In addition to rewarding quiz game winners, the Quize app also gives rewards for inviting friends. There is a scheme of skipping the questions, the skips can be acquired by sending to friends, which makes the game good to play with friends, to exchange skips.

Anyway, these are the main methods for how to earn diamonds and get Free Fire codes! There is also the option of using a Code Generator to get Reward Codes. However, as these are not official Garena codes, the chance that one will work is extremely low!

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