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How to get infinite money in Vice Online

See how to get infinite money within Vice Online, guarantee all customizations and cars in the game with infinite coins!

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Vice Online is a smartphone game inspired by GTA Vice City, which allows the player to adventure, create stories and join friends for all kinds of adventures in a city without rules! The more money (Vice Bucks and Vice Gold) you have in the game, the more “mess” you can make in the game, the more you can customize it and purchase vehicles.

But how to get more money inside Vice Online? How to maximize in-game earnings, how to buy in-game coins without spending anything? Is there a bug to increase earnings in Vice Online? See all that and more in this article!

Methods to get Vice Bucks and Vice Gold playing Vice Online

Getting money from Vice Online is a very simple task in fact, just being online in the game for example it is possible to earn Vice Bucks. In addition to just having the game open and walking around the map without any pretense, it is possible to earn Vice Online coins in the following ways:

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Daily Rewards

Something quite common in online games, rewards for daily hits. In Vice Online you get really good prizes, just for accessing the game every day. In total, there are 28 days of prizes, where you can win vehicles, clothing items (skins), Vice Bucks and Vice Golds.

Vice online daily rewards panel
Vice Online Daily Rewards

By accessing the game during the 28 days, you earn 77,500 vice bucks, and 125 vice golds. Also, if you win the SX-90 car on the 28th, even though it's not the best vehicle in the game, it alone costs 185,000 vice bucks!

Objectives scattered across the Map

There are a series of objectives to be accomplished scattered throughout the Vice Online map, such as Radar, which consists of passing a certain point on the map above a stipulated speed, the faster you go, the more money you earn. There are some bugs to increase money making on vice online with radars, check out the bugs a little further down.

completing challenges

Challenges often appear in the game, which when completed give up to 10,000 vice bucks for whoever gets first place. The challenges are frequent, and even simple to complete, they are even one of the best things about the game, the competition between players for who will be in first place.

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Some of the challenges present in the game are:

  • Drive long distances in reverse.
  • Drive as far as possible without damaging the car.
  • Take the most damage (counts even if the character dies).
  • Kill as many players as possible.
  • Jump out of the moving car and roll the greatest distance in the fall.
  • Jump the greatest distance with a car, using the ramps on the map.

Complete daily tasks

Daily tasks of vice online
Vice Online Daily Tasks

Each day completing specific activities will reward the player with money in Vice Online, they may vary, some being completed while playing normally, but some requiring a dedication from the player. The values vary according to the difficulty to complete the task! After completing all of them, you will win a gift box!

Bugs to earn infinite money in Vice Online

There are bugs in the game that make earning coins (Vice Bucks) a very easy activity, however, as they are bugs, they have an "expiration", that is, in any game update they can stop working. There are 2 that are worth teaching, even if they may be out of touch, they are:

Drift bug

It consists of making the car do automatic Drift, and without stopping. There are different ways to activate this bug, the most common is to go to the Drift track, but before entering it call your car, and shoot the two rear tires, as soon as you enter the track, and choose your car then repair it.

Get out of the car, and enter it by simultaneously clicking on the enter vehicle and jump button. Entering the Car, accelerate and leave the track, then return to it as soon as the timer appears to disqualify from the running. Run on the track to the next exit and head out to sea. At sea, start drifting, turn down the mobile notification while pressing the drift buttons.

When you go down the notification bar, you can take your fingers off the screen, and the car will be automatically drifting, just leave it there as long as possible spinning, earning a lot of money! See below in the video the demonstration of how to make the drift bug in Vice Online.

So far this bug is still working, but it is possible that in updates it will be disabled, being necessary to look for old versions of the game to do so, or simply look for other options, like the following bug.

Radar bug

Along with the drift bug, the radar bug was also popularized, and unlike the previous one, this one is extremely easy to do, but it doesn't yield so many vice bucks, in addition to requiring greater dedication from whoever is doing it.

To do it is very simple, just change the date of your mobile, deactivating the automatic update over the internet, save with 2 days delay. Once that's done, open the game and rent a car that can go over 150 km/h, and go to the radar at this speed.

Ready! Just like that, every time you go through the radar it will no longer have the counter to activate again, so just go through the radar as many times as you want, earning more and more vice bucks. Prioritize buying a car, and improving it so you don't have to rent it, rent it only the first time. See below how to do this bug.

This is an extremely easy bug to make, but it is also extremely easy for developers to fix. So, possibly it won't last long, and you'll need to download old versions of the game to make it.

Common questions

How to make money on Vice Online?

Carrying out all the daily tasks, map objectives and especially fulfilling the game's challenges! Logging in every day also rewards you with prizes.

Is it easy to become a millionaire on Vice Online?

Yea! Just following the normal methods of earning money in the game, it is possible to become a millionaire in the game, especially if you don't spend a lot for nothing. But it takes a while, the process is faster by using bugs present in the game to improve the earning of coins.

Does using Bug in Vice Online give the account ban?

There are no reports (so far) of people who have used game bugs to make money in the game, however, by some decision of the company, penalties may be applied to those who use it!

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