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How to make stickers for WhatsApp in just 1 minute

Learn how to make stickers for WhatsApp definitively

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It has never been so easy to make stickers for WhatsApp, in just a few minutes you can make several stickers and share them instantly with your contacts. Whatsapp. We're going to show you two quick and easy ways for you to create your own stickers, using your favorite images.

So, if you have fun sharing stickers on WhatsApp and want to learn how to create new stickers, check out this tip!

Create Stickers By PC with WhatsApp Web

The first option to make stickers for WhatsApp is using WhatsApp Web, the one you use on your computer or notebook. The process to create your sticker is simple and very quick, let's show you step by step:

  1. Access the website of whatsapp web and connect to your account in the app;
  2. After connecting your account on the site, open the conversation of your choice, the one you want to send a new sticker;
  3. In the conversation, click on the clips icon located in the lower left corner of the screen, next to the emojis icon;
  4. . As soon as you click, another bar of icons will appear upwards, and then click on the blue icon, which indicates sticker, the second from bottom to top;
How to make stickers for whatsapp
How to make stickers for WhatsApp
  1. Then select the photo you want to turn into a sticker on your computer, after selecting the image click on Open;
Learn how to make stickers for whatsapp
Illustrative picture
  1. The chosen image will open inside the website and you will be able to make edits to this photo, such as: inserting text, adding emojis to the images, making a freehand drawing, blurring the background and cropping the image;
  2. When the sticker is the way you want it, just click on the send icon, which is located in the lower right corner;
How to make stickers for whatsapp
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By sending the sticker you can use it in all the conversations you want, sharing it with your friends.

How to make stickers for WhatsApp (Online)

Another option to make stickers for WhatsApp is with WASticker, which is an exclusive online site for creating stickers.

With it you can also create instant stickers, the differential of the site is that through it you create animated stickers, that is, those stickers that move. You can be creating them both on your mobile phone and on your PC.

However, there is a disadvantage when using this method, as the developer asks for your WhatsApp number to send the image, and does not make it clear what can be done with this information. Therefore, if you want to be more confident when using the site, be sure to check out the Privacy Policy of the service before continuing.

Now check out the step by step to create your animated sticker to share with your friends on WhatsApp:

  1. Access the website of WASticker;
  2. click in Select Image and select the image you want to turn into a sticker. You can choose files in JPEG, PNG, GIF and WebP formats. That way you can make animated stickers from GIFs;
  3. Then enter your WhatsApp number in the field number of Whatsapp. It is important that you enter the international phone format with the country and region code. For example, a cell phone from São Paulo should have the following format: +55011991111111;
  4. After entering the phone number, just click on the button To create and wait a few seconds;
How to make animated stickers for whatsapp
How to make animated WhatsApp stickers
  1. Once the creation process is complete, scroll down and add the phone number indicated on the website. Then send a message to this new contact through the app;
  2. Complete the process by clicking on To send, in the website;
How to make animated stickers for whatsapp
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  1. In a moment, you will receive a WhatsApp message with the sticker ready. For easy access to the sticker, don't forget to add it to your favorites:
  • On mobile, tap on the image and hold until a menu appears. select the option favorite;
  • On the PC, hover the mouse over the figure and click on the arrow that will appear. opt for favorite message.
How to make animated stickers for whatsapp
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The image will be available on WhatsApp stickers, in the favorites tab (star).

Tip on how to make stickers for WhatsApp with good quality

Most of the stickers used in WhatsApp follow the same aesthetic as the transparent background. Only what is highlighted is the image that is centered, and the rest of the image is removed.

Remove image background
How to remove image background

So we're going to show you how you can remove the background of your images, so that when you make stickers for WhatsApp you leave them in the same aesthetic as the iconic and super funny stickers that we already know and use.

The images of your stickers can be in the same pattern with just one click, free of charge and online using the website RemoveBG. To use, click upload and select the desired photo. If you like the result, download the image at download.

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