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How to put music in WhatsApp status

See how to post status on WhatsApp with music in a simple and fast way

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If you see your friends' statuses with those really cool songs on WhatsApp, surely you've wondered how to put music on WhatsApp status?

The issue is that it's not as simple as on other platforms social media such as Instagram. Instagram has a button where you can search for specific songs you want to add to your photo or video. And WhatsApp doesn't have this same function, so to get the same result there are some really cool tricks that can help.

How to put music on WhatsApp status photo

If you like seeing your friends' statuses with current music, but don't know how to put music on WhatsApp status, this article is for you. With our help you will be able to customize your statuses and make them your own. We already know that on Facebook and Instagram it is now possible to use this option to add music to your status photos. But there is no function available to add music to your WhatsApp status photo.

So how can we put music on WhatsApp status photo? Even though WhatsApp does not currently offer this option, there are some applications that do. And one of these apps is called CapCut which is a photo and video editing app. It has become well known for being very easy and simple to use.

How to put music in whatsapp status

The CapCut application has many cool functions, for example it has several videos with ready editing. You just choose the photos or videos and it does all the editing and syncing with the music. However, if you prefer, you can make your own edits with the functions of cropping, reversing, adjusting, as well as filters and various stickers.

With it you can use your imagination and create lots of fun, cute or even exciting videos. So now let's learn how to use this app and include your favorite songs in your WhatsApp photos.

How to use CapCut app?

So let's go step by step for you to know how to put music on WhatsApp status. First, download the app on your mobile. It is available for both Android and iOS, if you prefer, you can use the buttons below to get it right now.

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After installation accept the terms of use and then on the home screen click on the “+” icon to start editing. Soon after you must select the desired file, in this case the photo you want to post. Then click on “add” if a yellow box of questions appears, just click on any of the screen for it to disappear.

This way you have access to options to cut, include texts, effects and transitions, as well as other options in the lower menu. After editing your photo, choose the duration time and then “add audio” and choose the music or audio you want. Or you can use the “voiceover” option to record your own voice or other external audio.

How to put music on WhatsApp status with App Clips

Second, we have another app that is also very easy to use. It also helps you with the aim of how to put music on WhatsApp status. Clips is also an editing app, you can create many videos with it and share with your contacts through status. Among its functions are:

Immersive camera effects, artistic filters, dynamic music, animated text, emoji, stickers and more. It is very dynamic and intuitive when using it, so you won't have any difficulties. So go to your iPhone's app store, download the Clips app, if you prefer, use the buttons below to do so. There is no version for Android!

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After installing, accept the terms of use and authorize access to the gallery, camera and microphone. And to add music to WhatsApp status on homepage click on gallery icon. Then choose the photo you want to add. Then in the upper right corner an icon of a musical note will appear. In the next tab click on “soundtracks” choose the music you like.

To finish touch the pink button on the photo and hold for a few seconds, then play to see the result. If you liked the result, just click on the share icon and then on save video. That way it will stay in your gallery and then you can publish your video with music on WhatsApp status.

Record videos with cell phone playing music

Another option for how to put music on your WhatsApp status is to use your cell phone's tools to your advantage. Choose a song from your cell phone's player Spotify, Deezer, iTunes or others and play. Then open the WhatsApp application and go to statuses, then turn on the camera and record a video.

If you want to add a specific part of the song, wait for this part to arrive and then start recording the video. After recording your video you can edit it by cropping the unwanted ends and then click the blue arrow in the bottom corner to post your video.

Use Instagram camera to record video

Finally, one way to put music on WhatsApp status is by using Instagram camera! Instead of recording, directly on WhatsApp, or on the cell phone camera, which both do not have the function of putting music, just record the video directly on Instagram.

With the video recorded on Instagram, add the music you want to put. To do this, just go to the stickers and select the music sticker, choose the desired song, cut the excerpt and instead of publishing either in stories or profile, click save, to save video on your smartphone.

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Now just go to WhatsApp and post the saved video from Instagram to Status. Note that this option only works for videos! If you save an image, with the audio, it will come as a video file, however, without the sound.


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