How to identify the song that is playing

Discover how to easily identify music using voice assistants, apps and extensions

Have you ever had the experience of listening to an amazing song at a gym, sound car or party and being curious to know the name of it? The good news is that there are easy ways to know how to identify the song that is playing. You can use Google's voice assistant or Siri, or simply say "what's this song?".

In addition, there are specialized applications such as Shazam and SoundHound that allow recognition of music online. Never miss out on the opportunity to discover and listen to your favorite music.

Identify the music that is playing through the computer

1. Shazam

Shazam can be used as a Google extension. To do so, it is necessary to access the Shazam page in the Chrome Web store, and then click on the tab Use in Chrome and so install it. Then just access the tab in which the music is being played, open the extension in the upper right corner of Chrome itself and click on the Shazam tool icon.

How to identify the music that is playing - identify the music that is playing

2. AHAMusic

AHA Music is a tool easy and intuitive to use. It has two buttons, left button and right button, which allow you to perform song recognition in different ways. By clicking the left button, you can recognize songs that are playing around you, while by clicking the right button, you can recognize songs that are being hummed.

To use this functionality, you must grant access permission to your computer's microphone. After that, just click on the desired button and the program will automatically display the name of the recognized song.

How to identify the music that is playing
how to identify the song that is playing in AHA Music

3. Midomi

Another option to identify the song that is playing is Midomi, it offers functionality similar to SoundHound, but also allows the user to sing or play a song for the program to identify.

How to find out what song is playing_

In addition, Midomi also has a vast database of songs, making searching for a song name even easier. Try SoundHound Online and Midomi, and discover how easy and efficient it is to identify your favorite songs.

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Identify the song that is playing through the cell phone


This application allows you to identify the song that is playing and at the same time display the lyrics on your cell phone, it can recognize music playing in the background as well as perform voice recognition to search for your favorite songs.

To find out which song is playing, go to the “identify” option and click on the icon in the center of the screen. The musixmatch it also has the possibility of translating lyrics into different languages, and has integration with other music applications, such as Youtube and Spotify.

How to identify the music that is playing

2. Genius

It is a free application that identifies songs and displays lyrics on the cell phone, in addition to providing artist and song information. It also has voice recognition function to search songs by name and lyrics. The Genius app also provides information about content from the music world, such as news, videos and playlists. There are songs in other languages, but there is no option to translate them into Portuguese.

Identify the song that is playing

3. SoundHound

O SoundHound It's very easy to use, just tap on the icon positioned in the center of the screen. After a few seconds, it already shows how to identify the song that is playing. It doesn't matter where you are, at home, in the car or anywhere else. It also includes other features such as:

  • Possibility to share songs that have been identified on social networks;
  • Access artist and song information, including biographies and discographies;
  • Functionality that allows you to search and identify songs through voice command.
How to identify the music that is playing

4. Okay, Google.

With just a voice command, Google's tool is able to tell which song is playing in the environment. It's important to remember to check that voice activation is turned on. Just say, what song is this? And the program will quickly identify the sound and show the result. It may not be able to recognize cover or acoustic versions.

5. Hi Siri.

The iOS assistant, Siri, also recognizes music played in the environment, for that, just activate it using Siri's voice command. Then just wait a few seconds for the tool to show the result.

So if you're always asking yourself "what song is this?" try downloading one of these music recognition apps and never ask yourself that question again. Take advantage of artificial intelligence and audio recognition technology to enjoy your favorite music.

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