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How to download Youtube Videos to mp3 on Mobile and PC

Learn in a simple and direct way how to download YouTube videos in mp3 on your cell phone or computer

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It is possible to download videos from Youtube in mp3, mp4, avi… In various formats, for any situation where you need that video. This can even be done without having to download any tool, program or application on your cell phone. But there is also the option with applications, which offer some facilities.

Files can have many different formats, each with its own characteristics, and MP3 is without a doubt one of the best and most popular for audio files. Its popularity is due to the compatibility of the format, which practically every program can reproduce it.

How to Download Youtube Videos to MP3

Put a specific audio in your video, put a music on whatsapp status, save a song so that it doesn't take up too much space on your phone to listen to it when you're out of internet… whatever the reason you want to download a video from Youtube in mp3, see below how to do it on your Android, iOS and on the computer!

Download Youtube Video by Websites in Browser (Mobile and PC)

The first method, and the most used that is worth mentioning, is to download videos in mp3 through the browser, using websites specialized in this function. Some sites offer the option of downloading videos from Youtube, in their original formats, and/or converting them to other formats such as mp3.

All these sites work in a very similar way, regardless of whether they are accessed through a computer browser, or from your smartphone, whether Android or iOS. Here is a list of some of the various sites where you can download YouTube videos in mp3:

  • snappea
  • Flvto
  • Y2mate
  • 2Conv
  • H2 Converter
  • video-to-mp3-converter
  • ytmp3

As stated above, the operation of all these sites are very similar, often the difference is just a visual issue. Below I will teach you the step by step to download how to download the video using Y2mate.

1. Go to the video you want to download and copy its link. On the computer, just copy the video address in the browser's search bar, on the mobile, click to share the video and then on 'copy link'.

2. Paste the video link in the box that appears in the center of the Y2mate website, and then click start.

Y2mate mp3 video download from youtube
Video Download Tutorial by Y2mate
  • Depending on which site you are using, instead of 'search', you may have a button with the following terms: 'start', 'download' or 'convert'.

3. Once the software finishes searching/converting your video to supported formats, select the quality you want to download your mp3, or mp4.

4. click in To go down to save the file to your smartphone or computer.

Applications and Programs to Download Youtube videos in mp3.

Applications and programs to download videos from Youtube offer a differential in relation to most websites. They are not always aimed only at downloading the video, they have several tools that can be the big difference.

For example, for computers there is Atube Catcher, one of the most popular programs for downloading videos from Youtube. It not only downloads, but also offers the option to convert the video to many different formats, including mp3. You can edit the video, and a number of other functions.

tube catcher
Atube Catcher

Applications, on the other hand, can offer differentials of ease, many of them containing their own browser that makes it easier to download videos. You'll enter a browser inside the app, go to YouTube, and there you'll have faster access to the download tools. In addition to options to download entire playlists.

Popular Android and iOS apps:

  • TubeMate – Android.
  • Video Grabber – iOS.
  • ClipConverter – Android.
  • DownloadMate – iOS.

Also remembering that the Youtube application itself offers support for downloading videos, however you must have subscribed to the Youtube Premium plan. Here's how to use Atube to download Youtube video to mp3

Remember, if you overdo it, your cell phone may not have enough storage to store a lot of videos and music, so see 5 Best Apps to Clean Your Phone.

Youtube video copyright

As much as there are tools that help in downloading videos from Youtube, including the platform itself providing this function in paid plans… it is always necessary to be aware of Copyright laws! 

Just because a video is on the Internet doesn't mean it can be replicated as you please, especially for financial purposes. Publishing a third party's video without prior authorization is considered a crime.

From the moment a person creates something totally new, and publishes it on Youtube, the person who created it automatically has the copyright to that particular content. 

There are cases, however, that the use of these videos is “acceptable” under the law. For example, in the United States it is acceptable to use a person's work, with their prior permission, for research, study, and educational purposes, as long as it is not for financial purposes.

In order not to have any problems related to copyright when using someone else's content on Youtube, read the page very carefully YouTube Copyright and Acceptable Use Policies, which contains all Youtube guidelines about it. 

Below is a video on how copyright works on Youtube:

Downloading a Youtube video in mp3 is a very simple process, but you can't be too careful to inflict the rights of the person who created the original content!

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