How to put beard in photo with app

Did you know that you can put beard in the photo with app? Now you no longer have to wait several years for your beard to grow. Because with just one click you can have a full and flawless beard!

One of the biggest men's trends today is the beard. In addition to trend, this is also the desire of most men. For the beard is like a symbol of strength and self-confidence among men.

Therefore, since small men wait for the appearance of their beard, and dream for it to be full and beautiful. But when they grow up they realize that's not quite what happens. Because having a full and beautiful beard is not something very easy, and it can take years for it to reach that standard.

Currently the male audience is more connected to appearance and has been concerned with their look. And that's why he's been looking for methods to make his beard grow, using products like minoxidil, supplements and vitamins that help with growth.

All these alternatives are valid, but their results appear only in the long term. So if you are tired of waiting for your beard to grow, and you are looking for an instant result, we have the ideal solution! Which is to use the application to put a beard in the photo.

This app gives you the opportunity to see yourself in different ways. With it you can try a full beard, a mustache, a goatee, a thick beard, a lumberjack beard among others.

In addition to seeing yourself like this, you can also use the photo of other people in your family or your friends, to see who looks better with this new look. Having fun and sharing on your social networks.

The app that we are going to present is free and super easy to use. So get ready to download and have fun, seeing how you would look with a beard using the beard in photo apps!

What is the ideal beard for your face shape?

There are several face shapes and that's why you should know yours, to choose the ideal beard. There are nine basic face shapes: oval, round, rectangular, square, hexagonal with a straight base, hexagonal with a straight side, triangular, inverted triangular and diamond.

That way you need to find out what your face shape is to find the ideal beard for you. When you discover this, the task becomes much easier for you!

See how to put a beard in the photo with app
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So if you have an oval face, there are several types of beard that can look good on you, such as a short and trimmed beard or that full beard, lumberjack style.

Now if your face is more rectangular, you can throw yourself into a mustache and goatee. If your face shape is diamond, a viking beard and a bushy mustache go together well.

Just like the clothes, shoes and accessories you wear send a message and show what your style is, the beard type you wear also speaks volumes about who you are. 

So keep in mind what image you want to convey. And so put the beard in the ideal photo for you. Now come find out which app will make this transformation for you.

App to put beard in the photo

FaceApp is a super fun and well-known app. And with it you'll be able to add a beard to your photos, and change your appearance in the blink of an eye.

That's because it has a wide variety of effects for you to use in your photos. For example: make the person older, or make the person younger. You can also change your haircut and even whiten your teeth, and put a beard in the photo.

The opportunities to change your appearance are endless with him. And the most interesting thing is that it's free so you don't have to worry about spending on the app.

See how to put a beard in the photo with app
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With it you will be able to put a beard in the photo, easily and with a natural look. Because FaceApp uses an artificial intelligence that brings naturalness to the photos. Making the photo look real.

FaceApp is available for both Android phone users and iPhone (IOS) users. So don't waste time and install it right now by clicking below:

Once you install the app on your smartphone all filters will be available so you can test your free options. And among these there is the filter to put a beard in the photo.

To use it, just choose the photo of your choice and go to the beard filter. The app manages to synchronize the beard with your face giving a super natural look to your photos. It's so good that anyone who doesn't know you in person will believe you're really bearded!

Another interesting detail is that the app offers different beard models. Like the full lumberjack beard, the most trimmed beard, the classic goatee, and even the little mustache you can find there.

So you can choose the one that best matches your face shape. Bringing harmony and sophistication to your new style. In addition to having the opportunity to see how you would look with a different look.

Tips for using the app

Within FaceApp there are some filters that are only available in the PRO version, ie the paid version of the app. But there is a way to use the PRO version of the app without paying anything!

This tip is only valid for mobile phone users with Android operating system, such as LG, Xiaomi, Samsung, Motorola, among others. You will choose which of the PRO version filters, you will watch a video and so you can release it.

It works as follows: the option to watch an ad video will appear. The video is 30 seconds long, and you must watch the entire ad. Once it's finished, you'll be able to use the filter of your choice! Being able to save the photos made with the filter.

Remembering that this tip only works on devices with the Android system.

See how to put a beard in the photo with app
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For iPhone users unfortunately there is no option to watch the videos. However, you can use the filters that are available for free or, if you prefer, you can pay for the PRO version of the app. Which costs R$ 19.90 per month or R$ 199.90 for a year. 

But you don't have to be sad because about 20% filters and effects that they have in the app, you can use them for free. So you can still enjoy it and have a lot of fun.

And of course the beard on photo filter is available for free to everyone. So don't waste any more time, install the app on your phone, save your photos and rock your social networks!

Final considerations

Now that you know how to add a beard to a photo, we hope you enjoyed our recommendation for this super versatile app. And make the most of it by testing all the beard types available in the app, and saving the images to your phone.

It is an excellent option for you who have difficulties growing your beard to see how you would look. So don't forget to share this news with your friends and family, so everyone can enjoy it!

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