Lensa App: Learn to Create Realistic Avatar

Meet the app that went viral and turns you into a super realistic avatar

No doubt your Instagram timeline is full of super realistic avatars, that's because the Lensa app went viral when it launched the new feature to create avatar. And if you want to learn how to create your own too, let's introduce you to Lensa so you don't miss out on this super trending trend.

Launched around 2016, Lensa is a super complete app for photo editing, containing several tools to retouch your photos with filters, borders and options to improve imperfections.

But what caught a lot of attention recently was the feature of turning photos into super realistic avatars. Several celebrities such as Ivete Sangalo, Claudia Leite and Luan Santana shared their avatars on their social networks, and thus, several people are also sharing their results on the networks.

Discover the Lensa app

In addition to creating avatars, the Lensa app is also a great photo editor, and this part of the app is completely free. It is available in the main app stores both in the Play Store and the App Store, click below and install Lensa right now:

It is an intuitive and easy to use application, however the app only allows you to edit 3 photos a day, at the end of the day you must download and save the images on your phone, so you are entitled to 3 more edits the next day .

lensa photo editor app
Application Lensa photo editor – Illustrative Image

With the image editor you can make general adjustments to your photos such as: exposure, white balance, contrast, saturation, among others. In addition, with it you can also make edits to the face such as: eyelashes, white teeth, eye size, nose, and lips.

You can also blur the background of the photo, or if you prefer, choose other images to put in the background, even changing the color of the sky. In the application you will also find several effects, filters, and art style, and you can even add borders and remove unwanted objects.

What's new in the Lensa app?

O magic avatars is the new feature of the lensa application that through Artificial Intelligence (AI), is able to create a realistic avatar from scratch. In this way, the images are super realistic and delivered with high quality.

lensa app
Lensa App – Illustrative Image

However, so that you can have a good experience with the Lensa application and get great results in your photos, you need to follow some recommendations, see below:

  • Send a minimum of 10 photos and a maximum of 20 photos;
  • Use the same person in all photos;
  • Do not use other people's photos;
  • Preference for selfies and portrait photos;
  • Miscellaneous backgrounds;
  • Variety of facial expressions;
  • Variety of head angles;
  • Do not use too many photos in the same scenario;
  • No nudes;
  • No kids, adults only;

The app explains that photos used serve to train the artificial intelligence and that “the final results will depend on how the user will follow the recommended requirements”. In this way, it is necessary to agree with the terms of use and privacy policy of the platform.

paid platform

The Lensa application is not 100% free and to have access to all the tools, including avatar creation, it is necessary to disburse. Payment can be made via credit card or balance on your Google Play or App Store account.

Prices vary according to the number of avatars you want to create, the plans are:

  • 50 unique avatars – 5 variations of 10 styles – R$ 34.90
  • 100 unique avatars – 10 variations of 10 styles – R$ 44.90
  • 200 unique avatars – 20 variations of 10 styles – R$ 69.90

The app's creators explain why it's not a free service. "O magic avatars consumes a lot of computational power to create awesome avatars for you. It's expensive, but we try to make it as affordable as possible.” Photos are ready in around 20 minutes.

How to create an avatar in Lensa

Let's present the step by step so you can create your avatar:

1st step -Tap the Magic Avatars icon (glitter face) in the upper left corner and then “Try Now”;

2nd step – Tap “Continue” and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. Then tap on “Select 10-20 photos” and upload your photos;

3rd step – Choose your gender;

4th step -Finally, choose the desired plan and tap on “Purchase for R$”.

Step by step to use make avatar in lensa app
Step by step to use make avatar in Lensa app

Now just wait until the application creates your avatar!


There are a number of themes in which avatars are created, such as: “Sci-fi”, “Mystical”, “Stylish”, “Adventure”, among others. But not all created avatars come out with good quality, as we said above, the result varies. It will depend on whether or not the user is meeting the prerequisites charged by the application.

These inaccuracies and defects are communicated by the application even before payment for creating the result. And to minimize this possibility of errors, the tool advises the user to send as many expressions and angles of the face as possible.

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