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How to delete Instagram account permanently?

Complete guide to delete Instagram account from computer or mobile.

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Are you tired of scrolling through your cell phone screen? social media, and can't stand seeing irrelevant information and news that doesn't add anything to your life? The most important thing first is to know if the intention is to permanently delete the Instagram account, or if you really intend to deactivate it.

Instagram is a company that always seeks to increase its audience and make the public active, but if there is anyone who wants to know how to delete instagram account, does not find any information to leave the social network in the application itself – despite the fact that the process is quite simple, and it is possible to do it by cell phone or computer.

The platform, which in addition to being used as a personal blog, or as a private profile for posts that only those closest to you can see, is also essential for promoting products and online stores.

Some people want to delete their profile from the social network to create another profile with a whole new face, or because they simply want to live more in the real world instead of the virtual one. If you are one of those people who are already tired of being on Instagram, and you need time off from it or you don't want to use it anymore because you think you are wasting your time, but you still can't find it how to delete account from Instagram, do not worry, through this article I will help you with that.

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Step by step on how to delete Instagram account from computer

Find out how you can permanently delete your Instagram account in a super simple and easy way, without having to scroll through your phone or computer. You will only need 5 minutes of your time to complete the entire process.

1st step: You must access the opt-out page in your mobile browser or computer via the link: Then log in through the account you want to permanently delete.

How to delete instagram account

2nd step: Answer why you want to delete your account. The options for possible reasons that led you to make the decision will appear. And then Instagram will show you some possible solutions to prevent you from deleting your account.

How to delete instagram account step 2

3rd step: In step 3, you need to enter the password again to confirm the deletion.

How to delete instagram account step 3
How to delete instagram account permanently?

4th step: If you are really sure of your decision, just click on delete. You will not be able to log into your profile before the scheduled deletion date.

How to delete instagram account step 4

How to delete Instagram account directly from mobile (IOS)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to delete Instagram using Android, only on the iPhone that this possibility is available. Check out the step by step below:

1st Step: Go to your Instagram profile, click on the three dashes on the right side of the phone, and then enter the settings (gear icon);

How to delete instagram account permanently? - how to delete instagram account from mobile

2nd Step: Just select the option account.

How to delete instagram account permanently? - how to delete instagram account by mobile 2

3rd Step: go to option delete account.

How to delete instagram account from mobile 3

4th Step: If you really want to permanently delete your Instagram, just confirm by clicking on the option like delete account from Instagram.

How to delete instagram account 4

5th Step: After making sure you are going to delete the account, a message will appear informing you of the deadline for you to be able to go back on the decision and recover your Instagram profile. The time available for access is 30 days, after that there is no way to recover anymore.

How to delete instagram account

After confirming the deletion of the account, you will be redirected to another tab and it is necessary, as in the part on how to delete the Instagram account from the computer that we show at the beginning of the article, to inform you of the reason that led you to leave the network permanently Social.

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For each reason you choose, possible solutions will appear, such as, instead of deleting the account, you can just temporarily deactivate it. Then, if you actually choose to delete the profile, just enter your password and select the button delete and no longer access the account for the next 30 days.

How to delete Instagram account even after having lost access?

It is very common for people to forget the passwords of their social networks frequently, due to the existence of a large amount of data that they need to keep in memory and, sometimes, this data gets mixed up and disappears from the mind like a magic pass.

If you want to delete the Instagram account that you have completely lost access to, first of all, you need to recover your login and password information. Then just follow the step by step that we teach in the article.

If you're still not sure how to retrieve your information, just head over to Instagram's help page, and you'll find the necessary guidelines to get your data back.

Reasons user can't access instagram

For each situation, Instagram shows the reasons for not having access to the page anymore, and presents a possible solution for each of the situations.

It is very important to think carefully before making the decision to delete your profile from the Instagram account, as there is no way to recover any deleted data again or restore the number of followers.

Instagram offers several possibilities to use the platform – it is not only a social network where users spend their time -, it is also a means that many people use to earn money and have their own business. That's why it's worth thinking carefully before making a decision.

Remember that Instagram already warns that if the user deletes the account, there is no possibility to make another registration using the same name or even use them in an existing account. And the platform does not allow reactivation, since when you effect the deletion, it becomes permanent.

It is only possible to go back to using the same social network with the same information, if instead of deleting the account, you just deactivate it, and then all your profile data and photos will be “invisible” to other people. They will have access to your Instagram again when you activate it again.

Remember that to activate the account, or if you want to go back and not delete it anymore, the process is the same. To delete it, the user just needs to enter the account before completing the 30-day period, and when deactivated, you can enter at any time and that's it! you activate it automatically. Ready! Now you already know how to delete Instagram account. Very simple, right?

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