How do I know if I'm a close friend on Instagram?

See step by step how to add people as your close friends!

Se você quer descobrir se é amigo próximo no Instagram de alguém, o jeito mais simples e direto é observar se nos Stories dessa determinada pessoa no canto superior direito, aparece um ícone de uma estrela verde, ou, ainda em verde escrito ‘’amigo próximo’’.

Sometimes you want to share something more intimate with a small group of friends, and that's when the best friends function, or otherwise known as close friends, comes into play. And so, you can share moments only with people close to you.

Quando se faz parte deste grupo de amigos, é possível ver os dois tipos de Stories que são compartilhados, tanto por você, quanto por quem colocou você nesta lista de amigo próximo no Instagram. Logo você terá acesso a conteúdos exclusivos de seus amigos.

How to put close friend on Instagram?

How do I know if I'm a close friend on Instagram?
close friends on instagram

Well, there are a few things you should do to build your own close friend list on Instagram. Thinking about it, we brought a little step by step to help you in a simple and practical way. 

As already mentioned, the close friends function is a tool that allows you to share certain content with just a small part of your followers without the rest of them or specific people seeing it too.

In order to be able to do this, you won't need any type of third-party app, since within the Instagram social network itself you can create this list, or group of friends who will be able to see exclusively your contents. 

In addition to being able to add friends to this small group, you can also control who remains among your close friends on Instagram. And whenever you want, you can remove someone from this list. 

It is worth remembering that by updating this list, new people will be able to access your content and exclusive Stories posts. And so that your friends can identify that they are part of your close friends on Instagram, a green border written ''close friends'' or ''best friends'' will appear.

Likewise you with your friends. What few people know is that over the years this tool has undergone some changes. Nowadays it is only possible to access this tool when on the publication screen, however it was possible to access it through the menu. Instagram has opted to remove this best friends tab from its menu. 

Adding People to Close Friends on Instagram

How do I know if I'm a close friend on Instagram?
adding best friends

Whether on your smartphone or tablet, you'll have to slide your finger across the screen to the right side until you reach the publishing tab. Right after that, choose the stories format, at the bottom of your screen and take a photo or even a boomerang if you prefer. Doing this, just click on selected people. 

Then, a tab will appear, where you can add or remove as many people as you want. To help you there are commands where you can select everything or even remove everything. If you want, you can choose to do this manually by selecting your friends one by one. When you complete your list, just click share your stories. 

From then on, you can edit this list whenever you want. And there are two very simple ways to do this. The first is through an old post, and the second is by repeating the process on the post screen itself. 

Choosing the first option, you must locate your stories, preferably the most current one you've shared with your best friends, and when done, look for a star icon in the upper right corner of your screen. 

As for the second, just make a publication normally, but when publishing, select the close friends option, and to select it, just click and hold until the tab opens so you can edit your list. 

How to know who visited your Instagram profile?

How do I know if I'm a close friend on Instagram?
Who visited your Instagram profile

This is a tool that would be very interesting, but unfortunately Instagram does not have this tool and you will need third party apps to be able to use this function, but they require a login to your account, so you must pay attention to this and be careful not to have your information stolen or leaked, in addition to losing your account.

Even the Instagram help center has its recommendations and emphasizes the importance of protecting your account and being careful where you log in to your account, mainly through non-standard browsers such as Google itself. 

Some commercially available applications include reports of users having their accounts blocked after use, and this indeed can happen. The company addresses this issue by citing the illustration of apps that provide followers and subscribers.

You must not use these apps or allow others to access your Instagram account. If you provide these apps with your login information, either via an access token or by providing your username and password, they will have full access to your account. Instagram community rules are also broken by accounts that generate fraudulent activity.

How the best friends function works 

Well, to sum up, this tool works so that you can share certain types of content only with people closest to you. For example: if you have a lot of followers but you don't want a certain audience to see some of your stories, let's say a Making off, only your close friends on Instagram or even family members will be able to see them exclusively. 

And it is important to remember that it is not possible to create several close friend lists on Instagram, the list is only one, so you are free to change them whenever you want. So, whenever it doesn't feel right to post something for all your followers, just use the best friends list.   

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