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How to View Stories Anonymously on Instagram

Watch stories like a spy, without anyone knowing! Learn methods to view stories anonymously!

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Even though many may believe it is not, It is possible to view Stories anonymously on Instagram, including private profiles! There are several methods to view stories incognito, both on Android, iOS and PC. Some methods even do not require any programs or applications to be downloaded.

It is possible to view Stories anonymously on Instagram, whether for a person you follow, for a person you don't follow, even for private profiles. Each occasion will require a different method, and in some cases it will be necessary to download applications.

Open Profiles, without downloading anything

The first method to be able to view Stories Anonymously on Instagram is without downloading any kind of program or application. This method works for viewing anonymous stories from open profiles. Check out the step by step below:

1. Go to your preferred browser (Chrome, Opera, Edge, etc.) on your cell phone, tablet or computer. Search and access the website Anon IG Viewer.

2. In the search box that appears in the center of the site, type or paste the name or profile user you want to view stories anonymously and click the magnifying glass to search. It may take a few seconds, but a list of users with similar names will appear, select the one you want.

3. With the user selected, click on the “stories” tab to anonymously view the stories published within the last 24 hours. To view in full screen, or play a video, just click on the stories.

Other Website Options to View Stories Anonymously

Anon IG Viewer is not the only option available, there are similar sites that fulfill this purpose. As the process is identical or very similar to the one described in the step by step above, below I will only list some of these sites!

  • Dumpor
  • StorySaver
  • StoriesDown
  • instadp

Private Profiles

In case the user's profile is private, it is necessary to resort to the use of apps. But it must be clear, that this only works if you follow the user! After all, you need access to the person's profile.

Sites like the one used in the first topic, do not require you to access your Instagram account, unlike the applications that will be listed below. In these apps, you will enter a different version of Instagram in the web version. As if logging into the account through Chrome, rather than the Instagram app.


If you have a Smartphone with the Android operating system, then just go to the Play Store and download the application story saver. As stated above, you need to enter your Instagram information, so once you install the app, enter your username/email and password registered on Instagram.

story saver for instagram
story saver

After downloading the application, just access your Instagram information, and all available Stories will appear, just tap on which one you want to see. Or, use the search box to search for a specific user.

If you have more than one Stories published, just tap the side to move on to the next one. Most of the apps that even have this option to watch stories anonymously offer the option to download them.

The Walkthrough is simple to see a Story without the owner knowing, and very similar for both Android and iOS. See the tutorial in the video below, just replicate it on your Android or iPhone, regardless of the application, also see how to do it in the browser!


iPhone owners also have curiosities and their reasons for wanting to see stories without the owner knowing! And for that there is the app iStory for Instagram which even allows you to view stories from private profiles.

Istory for instagram - app to view anonymous stories and/or download
iStory for Instagram

Just download the app by clicking on it above, or by going to the App Store, and logging in with your Instagram account. Unlike Android apps, you will not log in with your Insta account directly into iStory, but through the browser, so iStory will not have access to your data.

Once you log in with your Instagram account, a list will appear on the screen with all the profiles you follow that have published a story within 24 hours. Therefore, simply clicking on the image corresponding to the profile of those who want to see the story.

When there are more than 1 Story, just drag to the side to see the next one. With the Story selected in full screen, you will see 3 dots in the upper right corner, among the options you will have one to Download the Story.

stories for instagram
iStories for Instagram

If you want to view Stories anonymously from a profile you don't follow (as long as the profile isn't private), just click on Search, which is at the bottom of the screen and then type or paste the name / username.

In the same way that it is possible to view Stories anonymously, iStory also allows you to view profile highlights, without the owner knowing.


Stories app for instagram
Stories App for Instagram | Image: Chrome Web Story

There are also methods to view stories anonymously online from your computer, whether it's Windows or Mac, after all, it doesn't depend on the computer's operating system, but on the browser! Recommended to use Google Chrome, however, it is not a rule.

The process is done through the Stories for Instagram, a Chrome extension, however, as many browsers currently support installing and using Chrome extensions (example: Edge, Opera GX, etc.), it is optional for each one.

With the extension installed, just go to Instagram Web, if it is already open, just refresh the page. With the account connected, note that a new line of Stories will appear, above the default. In it, just click on the stories you want to view anonymously. The extension also has the option to download the Story.

Don't click on the default Stories line! Otherwise the user will be notified of the View, it is necessary to use the new line that came up with the extension installed!

Common questions

Do you have to pay to see Stories without notifying who posted?

No, there are applications that have the option to pay to see without limits and without ads, however, all of them can be used for free, although with limitations.

Is the owner notified when he downloads his stories?

No! In the same way that you are not notified for viewing stories anonymously, you are not notified for downloading stories.

Is it also possible to view Highlights without notifying who posted?

Yea! But you need to log in with your Instagram account in the case of private profiles, the process is the same as if you view stories anonymously on your PC or cell phone.

Conclusion: There are several reasons that can lead a person to want to view Stories Anonymously… and there are also several methods to be able to view an Instagram user's story without being notified!

In this article you saw options to view anonymous stories both on the computer and on Android and iOS (iPhone) smartphones, all options allowing you to download the story. He also saw that even if the profile is private, there are ways, even if it is demanding more user resources, such as downloading extra applications.

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