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How to Earn Cards in Coin Master

See how to get Cards in Coin Master and complete the sets to get lots of Spins!

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In Coin Master the most important thing is the number of spins you will have to advance further in your villages. Having cards in Coin Master to complete sets is one of the best ways to achieve lots of spins all at once.

In this article, we'll cover the best tips and tricks to help you earn lots of cards in Coin Master and complete as many sets as possible! From the most common to the rarest

Daily Wheel and Magic Chests

The Daily Wheel and Magic Chests are two of the most basic ways to get cards in Coin Master. Spin the Daily Wheel for a chance to receive magical chests that contain a variety of rewards, including valuable cards.

Be sure to log in and spin the wheel every day to maximize your opportunities to acquire cards essential to progressing and completing sets.

Participation in Special Events

Coin Master frequently organizes special events that offer generous rewards, including rare and exclusive cards. It is important to not miss any event to always keep an eye on game notifications and actively participate in all these events to increase your chances of acquiring valuable cards.

In general, these events have specific tasks and challenges or goals that, when completed/achieved, give generous rewards of Chests, Cards, Spins and Coins!

Events are frequent but it is always a good idea to pay attention to the most famous seasonal events, such as Carnival, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc. These are generally the ones that will give the most prizes, but they are not the only ones!

Buy from Chests in the Store

While this is an option that involves spending coins, purchasing chests from the store can be an efficient and straightforward way to obtain cards in Coin Master. Chests available for purchase often contain specific cards or offer a greater chance of obtaining rare cards.

Consider investing your coins wisely to maximize the value of the cards you receive. For example, when choosing not to advance/progress to higher villages, as you have not yet completed the lower village sets, one option is, instead of spending coins on building the village, to use some of them to buy chests.

Exchange Letters with Friends

Coin master card sets
Card Sets in Coin Master

Coin Master is known for its social interaction, allowing players to connect with friends and trade cards with each other. Use this functionality to your advantage. This is possible by linking your account with social networks where friends will be added to the game in the process.

On Facebook, the Coin Master developer itself creates groups for players to find who is interested in exchanging cards. Establish a solid network of in-game friends and actively participate in trading cards. By collaborating with other players, you increase your chances of getting the cards you need to complete sets and advance in the game.

Unlocking Villages and New Sets

As you progress in Coin Master, you will unlock new villages and with them new sets of cards will also be released. Each new village and set offers the opportunity to obtain exclusive cards that, upon completing the set, will give you increasingly better prizes.

Be sure to focus on unlocking villages and completing sets to receive substantial rewards in the form of valuable cards. This strategic approach will ensure a continuous flow of cards throughout your game progress.

However, you need to pay attention to the number of sets available! The more sets, the more cards to get, therefore the more difficult it becomes to complete sets. This makes exchanging cards necessary, as you may face difficulty getting exactly the card that is missing in a given set.

Joker card

Wild card, which can be exchanged for any card in the coin master as long as it is gold
wild card

The Joker card, as the name suggests, is the most desired in the game, it is obtained in Mystery chests or in special Coin Master events. It is the best card in the game, after all, it can be used to get any card in the game. Even the golden ones, which generally require the most work to obtain and complete sets.

However, there is a catch: you cannot store it until it is necessary to use it to complete a set! After all, it has an expiration date, so you need to be careful and transform it into another card before its time expires.


In short, to maximize your spins in Coin Master, it is essential to acquire cards efficiently. Use the Daily Wheel, participate in special events, buy chests strategically in the store and enjoy trading cards with friends. Focus on unlocking villages and sets, but carefully manage the number of sets available, as this can complicate obtaining the necessary cards.

By adopting these strategies in a balanced way, you will considerably increase your chances of getting cards in Coin Master and progressing effectively in the game and completing as many sets as possible.

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