How to Earn Cards in Coin Master

Maximize your card gain and spins in Coin Master with the best tips!

In Coin Master you can collect a wide variety of cards, and completing these collections is an excellent way to get free spins, coins and pets in Coin Master. At cards in Coin Master are obtained by purchasing chests for coins, raiding, advancing villages and even trading with Facebook friends.

The cards in Coin Master are just one of the ways to advance the game even further, in addition to making it more fun with a goal of completing the sets. Maximizing the way you get the cards, especially the rare ones, is a way to get that amount of spins you need to complete that event and get ahead of your friends!

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Now that you know where you can earn cards in Coin Master, and the advantages of getting them, see below how to use each function, along with valuable tips to get as many cards as possible, to complete your collections and win thousands of spins free!

1. Get the right Chests to get the best cards

In Coin Master there are several different types of chests that contain cards inside, some from specific events, but the main ones are the chests: wooden, golden and magic. These 3 chests are card specific, while the others can also contain cards, but they are not card chests. These 3 chests can be obtained in the following ways.

  • Unlocking a new village.
  • In raid.
  • Purchase with coins or real money from the in-game store.

Each offers a different amount and quality of cards. The more expensive the chest, the greater the chance that “rare” cards will come. Added to the greater amount of cards, it becomes the best way to complete sets faster.

Apart from these more "common" chests, there are specific chests for some villages. In them it is easier to obtain the cards related to the set unlocked in that Village. With great luck it is possible to obtain them through the raid, however, the easiest and most effective way to obtain them is to buy them.

Always exchange cards for chests

According to your village advancement, 3 different chests can be exchanged for card stars, using your repeated cards. In these chests, with a 24-hour, 3-day, or 7-day recharge, you will receive cards, pet experience, and spins.

This exchange of cards in Coin Master for other cards can be where the missing cards can come from. But just to come spins inside these chests makes it worth it. If you have coins left over, pay to reset the timer and open the chest again.

It is possible to reset the timer 1 time, with it reset you have to wait for the normal time to complete to pay and reset it again.

2. Use the Wild card wisely!

Wild card, which can be exchanged for any card in the coin master as long as it is gold
wild card

Using the logic of the highest amount of stars, gold cards with 5 stars are considered the rarest in the entire game, therefore, the most difficult to obtain by normal means. This is where the wild cards come in, which are the real hardest cards to get in the game.

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The wild card can be won in mystery chests, or in some special events in Coin Master. It is the best card in the game, because using it you can exchange it for any card in the game, including the golden ones! But beware, this is the only card that has an expiration date, it expires after a few days, make sure you exchange it before that deadline!

3. Reach your village's maximum level, but don't advance to the next one.

When you reach the maximum level of your current village, the chance of getting golden cards increases. So once you reach max level, when you upgrade all buildings to max level, don't move on to the next one right away, start buying chests before moving forward.

For this to be possible, upgrade everything except one of the buildings, leaving it with only 1 upgrade left. If you max out everything, then the game will automatically send you to the next village, even if you close and open the game without confirming to proceed.

Gold cards are gold versions of regular cards, the difference is that if you complete a collection with only gold cards, you will be rewarded with greater amounts of spins and coins.

4. Facebook exchange groups

If you are one of those who started in the game without much pretension, evolved as much as possible just to stay ahead of your friends, then you probably suffer a lot from a problem… of having a lot of card collections missing 1 or 2 cards only.

This is more common than it may seem, after all, they practically only see repeated cards, and the difficulty of winning a Wild card contributes even more to the fact that several sets are not completed by a little. however this is not a big problem thanks to the card trading function that Coin Master has implemented in the game.

Since everyone has multiple repeating cards, you can often have the one someone needs left over and vice versa. One option that makes it easier to find letters is in facebook communities, in groups for these exchanges to take place.

In these specific groups for trading cards in Coin Master, several people will come together for the purpose of trading the extra cards they have, so that other people can complete their sets. In most cases, when it comes to exchanges, you give what the person needs, asking for what they need in return.

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Heads up: common cards can be exchanged a maximum of 5 times a day. While the golden cards can only be exchanged in specific events, so you need to pay attention to these events.

To find a group on Facebook is very simple, just enter the social network, click on the search box and search for “cards in Coin Master”, as the name can change, it is good to search for something more generic. So you can locate groups, for example with the names “exchange cards in Coin Master”, Coin Master exchange cards”, etc. 

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