How to play Lava Land Infinite in Stumble Guys

Learn how to access the new Stumble Guys map on mobile and desktop!

Lava Land is one of the newest Stumble Guys stages that have been attracting a lot of players! Accessing this phase infinitely, for training, especially for scams can be of great help! See how to access Lava Land Infinite at Stumble Guys on computer and Android phone!

In the most recent updates of Stumble Guys, new content was added to the game, including a new stage, which has been catching the attention of players, the Lava Land. Because it is a new phase of the “don't fall” type, all training is welcome! After all, until you get used to the dynamics of the level, it can be a hindrance to winning more and more victories in the game.

What is Infinite Lava Land?

Lava Land map in Stumble Guys
Lava Land map | Stumble Guys

Lava Land Infinito is nothing more than a modified stage of the tournament mode, where you always fall into the Lava Land stage, hence the “infinite”. It was developed by a player, that is, it is not possible to access the original game from the Play Store.

It was developed like the Infinite Block Dash with the purpose of being used as a training room, to get used to the dynamics of the stage, and to train the scams. But just like Block Dash, it ended up becoming a fever, creating internet challenges to see who can last the longest with all the emotes unlocked!

Lava Land is a do not fall level, that is, its purpose is to try not to fall, while trying to make other players fall. The more time that passes, the harder it is to stand.

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In the modified version, you will face up to 32 players, with everything unlocked! That is, while trying not to fall, you can try to push other players with the punch, or hinder them with the sweep!

How to play Lava Land Infinite on Android Mobile?

Before teaching the step by step how to access and play Lava Land Infinito on your smartphone, you need to download the mod apk. Download it using the link below:

To install the modified version of Stumble Guys that has Lava Land, you must have an application on your smartphone to unzip compressed files, because the link above will contain all the necessary files, not just the apk. Among the applications to unzip we have:

Once you download both the game files and the unzip app, open the unzip app, locate the Stumble Guys Lava Land Infinite files, and extract them. After that, follow the steps below to install and play Lava Land on your phone:

  • Step 1: Uninstall the original Play Store version of Stumble Guys, otherwise it is not possible to install another version.
  • Step 2: Go to the Lava Land Infinito unzipped files, and install the apk “TrainingGuys.apk“. But don't open it yet!
  • step 3: Go back to the unzipped files, and this time install “virtualHost.apk“, once the installation is complete, open the application.
  • step 4: Go to your smartphone settings, and search for “certificates“. Select “install certificates”, navigate to the unzipped Lava Land files folder and select the file ” certificado.crt“, enter any name and confirm. Note if the cell phone has a password, it will be requested, or digital to confirm.
  • Step 5: Open the Virtual Host application, installed in step 3, with the app open click on “select host file“, navigate to the Lava Land Infinito files folder and select the file “TrainingGuysHosts-MobileExclusivo“. Note that the application button will turn green.

With these 5 steps completed above, just access the modified Stumble Guys app, and access the training modes to be able to play both Block Dash and Lava Land Infinite! Follow the step-by-step video below for better understanding!

Installation Tutorial of Lava Land Infinite and Block Dash Infinite for Android Mobile. | Channel: KHORTEX

How to play Lava Land Infinite on computer (Windows)?

It was in the computer version of Stumble Guys that custom rooms in the Tournament were started to create a training mode. It's much simpler to install and access Lava Land's infinite mode, to get started, click the button below and download the files for Windows and see the step by step:

The files will also be compressed just like the Android version. Use programs in Windows to unzip, programs like the famous Winrar, 7-Zip… The process is quite simple, taking into account that you already have the original Steam Stumble Guys installed on your computer.

Unzip the files on your computer, and run the file “install certificate“. Select the current computer user, and click to proceed. Keep confirming until you get to a screen with two options to choose from: “automatically select the repository” and “put all certificates in the following repository”.

Check the box for the second option and click “search”, and select “Trusted Root Certificate Authority”. Confirm by clicking on “OK”, and finally click to finish. Once that's done, the Infinite Lava Land can now be accessed in Stumble Guys!

Video Tutorial on How to Play Lava Land Infinite on Windows | Channel: O Ninja.

To return to the original version of the game, go back to the unzipped folder and run the file: “TrocaFakeStumble-0-VoltaOriginal.bat” as administrator. Whenever you want to go back to the original version, run it, or whenever you want to go back to the version with Lava Land Infinite unlocked in tournament modes, run the previous steps again.

Common questions

Is it safe to play Lava Land Infinite? Is there a risk of account banning?

It is safe to play Lava Land Infinito on both your smartphone and computer. However, it is recommended to use a new account for this. As this is a modification to the game, it is possible that your account will be taken by robots in the future. anti-cheat.

Is there a way to play on iPhone (iOS)?

No! Since the iPhone doesn't allow you to install apps other than through its app store, let alone modify apps already installed, it's not possible to play the modified version of Stumble Guys on it.

Do I need to uninstall the original version?

Yea! On Android it is necessary to uninstall the original game from the Play Store before installing the “TrainingGuys.apk”, in the computer version the process is all done by installing certificates.

Is there a way to go back to the original version?

Yea! On your smartphone, just uninstall the modified version, go to the Play Store and install the original version. On the computer, just install the “TrocaFakeStumble-0-VoltaOriginal.bat” certificate again, which will return the Steam game to normal.

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