Best Football Apps to track your team

See below the best apps to track the results of your favorite team's games!

Football is one of the greatest passions in the world. A sport capable of uniting an entire country to cheer during the World Cup, and uniting (sometimes separating) a family during regional championships.

Apps Football apps are an excellent opportunity to follow all the news and watch the games of your favorite team! In this article I will list some of the best football apps to keep up with all the news about your team.

Android and iPhone apps that let you track results, get the latest team and tournament news, and stay up to date on player transfers. Everything is updated in real time so you don't miss a single bid!

365 Scores

365scores app to follow the world of football
365Scores Application

365 score is a complete platform where you can enter their official website and make your account and you can also be downloading their app for free from Google Play or Apple Store.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

From the download buttons above you may be getting the app. After downloading it, let's log in. This part where you can link your Google account to whichever one they give you access.

Soon after, you can be choosing which sports you want to follow, and within the application you will have customization options. After choosing the sport, it's time to also choose which team you want to track the results.

Best football apps to track your team - 365scores

When selecting football for example it will give you several options for different championships, just click on the one you want and select your favorite team. You can also select more than one with the option to customize. 

Among the championships you can choose between your favorite teams, such as the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Barcelona, Real Madrid and in this mashup you will be able to follow all the results in real time.

Best football apps to track your team - screenshot 2022. 09. 01 08. 25. 40. 621

Using the QR Code you can log into your computer or notebook to receive notifications. If you have some kind of emulator you just need to download the application on the platform. 

 Score UOL – Football in real time

Best football apps to follow your team
Best Football Apps to track your team

The uol scoreboard is one of the best football apps today. As its name suggests, it will give you news of all the games in real time, including the scores so you don't miss any moment of your favorite team's game.

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

It is also an easy-to-access application on the buttons above you can download them from both the Apple Store and Google Play. Since it is completely free. After downloading it, you only need to be making a brief registration with your email address so that you can stay on top of everything that happens with your favorite team.

Best football apps to follow your team
Best Football Apps to track your team

After logging in it will give you the option of several teams where you will be selecting which one you want to follow. As soon as you select a team, it will automatically give you information about the chosen team, such as its position in the league leaderboard and the following games and if, if so, it will tell you which game is happening at the moment and the score. In real time.

In addition to information with games rankings and the like, you can also stay on top of everything that happens with your favorite team. Since, the application gives you the option of news where you have access to information about what is happening with the club, for example player transactions, coaching staff and others.


Best football apps to follow your team
Best Football Apps to track your team

This application is a great option for you who like to bet as it provides individual information even from players. In it you also have the complete statistics of the matches in real time after the game.

Like the other applications already mentioned, you can also customize it the way you prefer. After downloading it the only thing you have to do is accept the terms by clicking on “I AGREE” after that just select the sport you want to follow.

You can be selecting different sports teams and it will still be on your favorites page where you can be following the results and games both past and coming so you can always have a reminder for the days of games.

Playtv Geh

Best football apps to follow your team
Best Football Apps to track your team

Now we will talk about this application where you can be watching all the games of all the championships in real time. In this app you have access to ESPN, SPORTV, PREMIERE channels and many others.

You will be redirected to the official website

Este aplicativo não está disponível na Google Play nem na Apple Store porém, estaremos disponibilizando ele para sistema operacional Android basta clicar no botão de download acima.

In addition to sports channels, this amazing software manages to make available a huge amount of channels of all possible genres. In it you will find movie channels like HBO, telecines, TNT, Cinemax, SYFY, Space and many others. In addition to movie channels, we also have soap operas, cartoons, series and some reality show channels.

Its interface is very simple to use, you don't need to make any registration so that you can be enjoying this application and because it is a totally independent application it contains ads.

Whenever updates arrive, the app will inform you and take you to a page where you can get the new version of the app or come back here in this article to get the new update we will always have the app updated for you.

These were some of the best football apps to follow your favorite team, and we have also brought you apps that not only provide football information but also other sports such as basketball, tennis and many others, you can also stay up to date with sports such as badminton , hockey, table tennis, handball, baseball, American football and many other sports.

In addition to football apps if you like RPG-style mobile games or even some obstacle courses, we have some reading suggestions for you, such as How to earn essential gems in Genshin Impact, have a great read.

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