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How to play Block Dash Infinite in Stumble Guys

See how to play Infinite Block Dash in Stumble Guys on desktop and mobile!

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Infinite Block Dash is the newest craze in Stumble Guys! In this article you will learn how to play this fun mode on your cell phone or computer, what are the differences between it and the original game, and whether or not it is safe to play this version!

Stumble Guys is the new sensation when it comes to mobile gaming, and it looks like he's even surpassed that barrier, and he's also been getting huge numbers in his desktop version on Steam.

This success is more than deserved, the game is super fun, has cool and varied Skins to collect and a variety of maps. Receiving constant updates always keeping the game alive! Among so many maps, it is normal to have the most loved and the most hated ones, and that's where Block Dash comes in!

What is Infinite Block Dash?

block dash map
Block Dash Map – Stumble Guys

Infinite Block Dash is an unofficial tournament mode room in Stumble Guys that whenever the player enters to play will fall into the Block Dash stage. It was developed by one player, and serves as a training room for practicing Block Dash map scams.

Initially, Block Dash Infinite was a “mode” only present in the computer version of Stumble Guys. After all, it's easier to make changes to the game without having to install it again, as is the case with the APK.

A player created a room in tournament mode, where it would always land in the Block Dash stage. Now, it is possible to access this mode also in the Android version, as modified versions of the apk for this purpose have already been released.

How to Play Infinite Block Dash on Computer

Where it all began, in the computer version of Stumble Guys is where Block Dash Infinite began! On the computer it is super easy to access this mode, just have the Steam version installed on your computer and download the file below.

You will be redirected to the official website

With the download finished extract the files using programs to unzip, such as winrar. Open the folder created with the unzipped files, and run the “Install Certificate” file as administrator. Follow the steps below to avoid errors:

  1. With the installation active, select current user and click to proceed.
  2. Advance again until you reach a screen that gives you two options: “automatically select the repository” and “place all certificates in the following repository”. Select the second option.
  3. Click on browse, and select the “Trusted Root Certificate Authority” option. Click OK, Next, then Finish.

With all the steps above, you will be able to access Block Dash Infinite on your computer without any problems. To return to the “original” version, simply run the “TrocaFakeStumble-0-VoltaOriginal.bat” file.

Video Tutorial on How to Play Infinite Block Dash on Computer

How to play Block Dash Infinite on Android

As stated above, to play Block Dash in infinite mode in Stumble Guys you need to download a modified apk. This is because it is not possible to modify specific parts of an already installed apk. The well-known apk mod. However, it is necessary to install another application for extraction of the files. See below for a small tutorial, and the file download buttons.

You will be redirected to the official website
  1. Step: Download the above files on your Android smartphone.
  2. Step: Install the Zarchiver application, run it and extract the compressed files from Block Dash Infinite.
  3. Step: Locate the unzipped Block Dash files, and install “TrainingGuys.apk”. Once the installation is complete, do not open the file.
  4. Step: After installing Training Guys, install the “virtualHost.apk” file.
  5. Step: Open the Virtual Host, and click on “select host file”, go to the Training Guys folder that you unzipped in the second step, and select “TrainingGuysHostMobileExclusive”, and confirm by clicking on Ok.
  6. Step: Finally, just in the folder with the Training Guys files, click on “cert-1.crt” to install the certificate, confirm it with the device password (if you have one), and define a name.
  7. Step: Now just access Training Guys and play Block Dash Infinite!

Video tutorial on how to play Block Dash Infinite on Android

Is it safe to play Block Dash? From Ban?

There are no reports, at least not as of this writing, that playing Block Dash will result in Ban on Stumble Guys accounts. However, just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it can't happen!

A recent case is the use of textures, the game developer allowed the use of them, however, some accounts were banned using them. The ban happens mainly on mobile versions, as the company's software automatically detects the modified app, and this can end up banning the account.

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Recommendation is that especially in the mobile version, do not log into your personal account, create a new account just to play on these modified versions, to ensure the integrity of your account with skins and emotes!

About Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is the newest phenomenon” The game that merges battle royale with running developed by Kitka Games unites the main elements of games of these styles and creates a fun and engaging race full of obstacles, where at each stage a certain number of runners are eliminated until the grand champion is reached.

The game is heavily inspired by the Fall Guys, but until recently it was paid. Stumble Guys met, and very well, the desire of those who wanted a game like Fall Guys for mobile, and all this being a free game. Constant updates and improvements to the game keep it alive and growing!

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