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Super Sus: How to get free Donuts and Cookies

Learn the best methods to get your Donuts and Cookies in the Super Sus game

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A game that has become popular in recent months is Super SUS – Who is the impostor. This game is very reminiscent of one that reverberated at the beginning of the pandemic called Among Us. As already suggested, it is a game where you are on a ship with several other people and the purpose of the game is to guess who the imposter is. 

In the meantime, there are some tasks you need to complete throughout the game as you try to find the assassins before you are killed. If you and your team manage to find out who the two imposters in the game are, you win, otherwise, if this team of imposters manages to accomplish the tasks by sabotaging the spaceship or killing the most people in the game, they win. 

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Now that we know a little more about this game, let's find out together how to get several Donuts, which are the game's Premium coins. Each method below requires some attention to be successful.

What are the Donuts and Cookies in the Super SUS game?

Super sus: methods to get free donuts and cookies
Donuts image from Super Sus game

Donuts is a Premium currency in the Super SUS game that is used to buy costumes, in-game items and upgrades for them, and also to open chests. They are very useful for you who don't have the pass, because you can get some resources that improve your character or even make it more aesthetically beautiful in addition to being fun of course. 

Cookies, on the other hand, can also be used to buy costumes, and also a very cool thing is to steal the imposter's identity or create new costumes. If you don't want to spend your own money to get the game's battle pass, I'll leave you some methods where you can get the Super SUS game Premium Coins.

If you haven't played this one yet or don't know it, don't waste time and make your free download right now on Android and IOS platforms. At the beginning you already get the start of season boosts, and completing the missions of the pass you also win several prizes.

Know now some methods you are managing to get your Donuts and Cookies in the game Super SUS. We will be showing you step by step how you can do it successfully, and for that you will need to download some other free apps from the Apple store or even the Google store.

Google Opinion Rewards

Super sus: methods to get free donuts and cookies
Google Opinion Rewards

For Android system users it will be easier to do these small tasks to get money for your rewards and we will now be leaving the list of applications and talking a little about each one and if necessary we will leave the codes you will need to use. 

Through Google play you will be downloading the Google Opinion Rewards and with it you will be doing some research that will result in coins remembering that this is real money so you can use it the way you see fit.

Google Opinion rewards works as follows: the user will do a search provided by Google and at the end of each search the user receives credits, that is, a small amount of money that he can be using on Google play in various segments for both games and for streaming apps, books and even movies. 

So in this way, you will collect your credits and buy a pass within the game without spending R $1 out of your pocket just by answering surveys from the largest search platform in the world.

 For you to be able to access Google Opinion rewards, just type in the Google play search search, after that you will answer the questions by completing each search and getting your credits when you get the desired value, you can finally use it in the game you want and not only in Super SUS.


Super sus: methods to get free donuts and cookies

If you are passionate about reading, this application will certainly make you very satisfied since, in addition to earning money to use in the game you want, you will also be enjoying several ebooks written by different authors in different genres. 

The application dream, is similar to a Mangatoon application, where you will find Novels, Fanfics and many others. Enjoy your reading and enjoy your rewards by getting enough balance to spend with Donuts and Cookies in the Super SUS game.

This app also has a wheel of luck in its menu where you can be testing your own luck and may or may not be doubling the amount of coins you have so far so be careful about being too ambitious so you don't lose everything by then and may your time not be wholly wasted in vain. 

Remember that you are on this mission to conquer your Donuts and Cookies in the Super SUS game, after all I know that you really want to release all the costumes, accessories, masks and everything that the game can offer so that you can have fun with your friends or even even dispute that famous ranked with a lot of style.

FOAP – Sell your photos

Super sus: 4 ways to get free donuts and cookies
Image of the FOAP application

Now some pretty cool news for those who like to take pictures and post them on Instagram, Facebook and any other social networks. You know why it is now possible for you to sell not only personal photos but any other type of photo such as landscape photos and so on. Yes, you may be selling these photos to get money and exchange them for Donuts and Cookies in the Super SUS game.

The methodology is similar to that of Google Opinion Rewards, you will sell your photographs in exchange for credits. That is, the more photos of your offer to the application, the more you will be able to get your credits so that you can finally reach your original goal. The application has versions for android and for the iOS.

game station

Super sus: methods to get free donuts and cookies
GameStation App Image

This app for android It's a little more versatile since you can play several different games inside it, such as arcades, puzzles, football games, board games and much more. You may be getting paid for playing, and the way you will get paid is through Picpay or even PayPal.

Remembering that all these games and applications that we saw earlier, need you to have an internet connection so you can access them. Most of them provide daily tasks where the reward is instantly guaranteed and sometimes all it takes is just watching an ad although not all are like that.

These were some methods to get Free Donuts and Cookies at Super SUS. Most of these apps are intuitive, so you won't have a hard time getting tasks done.

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