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How to earn Essential Gem in Genshin Impact

Learn now simple methods to get resources and essential gem Genshin Impact

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If you want to have essential gems in Genshin Impact today we will be looking at some methods in and out of the game to obtain them. You essential crystals It is one of the game's currencies and can be exchanged for various objects within the game and may be helping you.

If you haven't heard of this game yet, I'm going to make a brief summary to try to introduce you to it quickly and easily. Genshin Impact is an RPG that has gained prominence in the world of gamers in recent years. 

It has an open world where you can explore every bit of the map. The game also has several characters with different elements where you can be doing different strategies to improve your characters and your team.

Earning Essential Gem in Genshin Impact

How to get essential gem in genshin impact - genshin impact

The first way you can be getting in addition to gold and resources for your characters you can also be getting some essential gem by exploring the map and doing side quests. 

You might be marking on the map and selecting side quests to get your resources. In addition, there are chests at random points that inside them you can find special crystals too, and one of the places is usually where there are monsters for you to kill on the map.

There are also altars, you will also find them randomly on the map and you need to do some side missions that the game itself will lead you to. After doing these Quests you might be activating the altar and saying prayers and so you might be getting various rewards including essential gem in Genshin Impact.

If you are a novice player within the game you have the advantage of starting with daily login bonuses, in addition, you can be doing the guild introduction missions where for each level you earn x amount of essential gem, gold and a lot more. In addition to these, here are tips that will help you perform better in the game.

Now a tip for newbies: if you like to explore the map, you should pay attention to any type of fruit that exists in the game and pick them up so that you have food and don't have to spend crystals or essential gems in Genshin Impact and so you may be using your crystals for other things.

Just remembering all these methods are free, within the game there are packs that you can really only get through payments with real money. Now I'm going to teach you some apps that if you complete specific missions within the app itself, it pays you with money and you can be accumulating and using it within the Genshin Impact game.

The side quests will take you to places within the map where you will find teleport portals and by completing these portals you will also be earning an amount of essential Genshin Impact Gems and there are several of these teleport points scattered around the map so explore well and get your gem essential still within the game.

How to earn genshin impact essential gem
Genshin Impact character

These were some in-game methods for you to get free essential gem in Genshin Impact. I hope you get a lot and make the most of each day and now we'll look at some out-of-game methods that will make you earn essential gems and even Genesis Crystals.

Earning Genesis Crystals in Genshin Impact

As mentioned before, there are external applications that allow you to earn a balance so that you can use it within the game Genshin Impact. Now we will be talking about these applications and teaching you how to install and use them.

Money App – Rewards app 

How to earn genshin impact essential gem
Money App (Play Store)

If you are interested in downloading the application, just click the Download button below, remembering that this is an Android version.

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After downloading the application, the first thing you will need is a referral code that will give you an initial bonus balance, I will be leaving a valid code to help you at the beginning. Code: 6CKFPY

Navigating through the interface of this App is very simple, it will provide you with missions so that you can accumulate your points so that you can later exchange them for your PayPal balance since the application makes payments through this platform.

Within the app there are 8 ways you are getting points and accumulating. We will be talking about each of them so you can understand better and increase your points.

How to earn genshin impact essential gem
Money App Activities Interface

The first is the daily check-in, you will be able to earn points just for checking in, the app has a specific time to be reset and from that time on you can be collecting your reward.

In the second option, you can enter so that the application can indicate new missions or new ways to obtain credits. For example, it will give you app options where you will be doing what was proposed and earning your credits as a reward.]

The third option will also offer you applications so that you can earn an x amount of credit, but some of them will require you to do some type of recharge within it and thus your credit gain will intensify.

The other options are pretty much the same, however, the easiest options to do is the video one where you just need to be watching some ads, which is quite simple to do. 

The next and last option is Task, where you simply need to rate the app on Google play. And not least, there's an additional one where you just put a name and an email so you can collect credits.

This was a very simple application to use, if you follow this step by step you will be getting a lot of credit balance. That way, when you reach the minimum threshold required to make a PayPal withdrawal, you can be using it to buy your essential gem on Genshin Impact.

The apps that I will be mentioning here are based on the same method as the Money App, just to make it easier for you. CashPirate – Make & Earn Money, is one such option and you can use Tik Tok and Kwai. And in the referral codes below you will be getting a bonus.

Kwai Code: Kwai812639762

TikTok Code: J202733753


This method is expected to help you get the balance you want, and as said there are other apps like this that you can also be using and accumulating balance on PayPal or even Google Play. 

All these methods listed throughout the article have been tested, considering that all these applications will require a little dedication and time in order to obtain the expected result.

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