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Download: Wifi Map – Free Wifi Map

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Wifi Map is one of the applications with the largest amount of open Wifi networks available for smartphones! In it, you can find more than 150 million registered open networks just waiting to be accessed in every corner of the world!

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WiFi map app details

Wifi Map is an application that serves as a map that shows where there are open wifi networks, or with passwords shared by application users to be accessed in all corners of the world. The application has global reach, and wherever it has registered users feeding the map, there will be networks to be accessed, in total there are more than 150 million registered.

  • offline map
  • worldwide reach
  • More than 150 million networks
  • Free of charge


NameWiFi Map®: Internet, eSIM, VPN
Compatible withAndroid 5.0+, iOS 12.1+
Developed byWiFi Map LLC
PriceFree of charge
Download Size69MB (Android), 434.1MB (iOS)


  • Works all over the world
  • Free of charge
  • Map works offline
  • VPN and eSIM plans.


  • Open networks may not be secure.
  • Networks may have outdated passwords.

Common questions

Is the app paid?

No! It is free to use, but offers in-app purchase options at the user's discretion.

What is the function of Wifi Map?

The application has the function of gathering open wifi networks or with shared passwords worldwide. With a map that works offline, great for tourists.

Is it safe to use the app?

Yes, but you always need extra security when using it, as public Wi-Fi networks tend not to be very secure.

Is the App illegal?

No! As the networks are open, or shared, it is safe and legal to use, after all, it is not invading private networks or circumventing passwords!

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