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Download: WiFi Magic – WiFi Finder

Use the Wifi Magic app and never run out of internet on your phone again! Save on your mobile data and always stay connected.

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WiFi Magic is a social network where its users find and share open Wifi networks (Hotspots) all over the world! In it through the map, you will never be without internet access on your smartphone.

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Wifi Magic app details

Wifi Magic operates through information added by users. It is not an app to guess or try to hack WiFi networks. App users feed the app into an interactive system with maps, adding open wifi networks to the app, where other users can access these networks.

  • Worldwide coverage;
  • Offline map;
  • Millions of networks;
  • Free of charge


NameWiFi Magic by Mandic – Passwords
Compatible withAndroid 4.7+, iOS 9.0+
Developed byWiFi Magic – Mandic
PriceFree of charge
download size20mb (Android), 81.6mb (iOS)


  • always connected
  • Free of charge
  • Map View
  • Offline Map
  • worldwide reach


  • Open wifi networks may not be secure.

Common questions

What is the function of Wifi Magic?

Wifi Magic serves as a social network for sharing wifi networks, where users share open networks, working as a map of wifi networks.

Is the app paid?

No! The app is free to use, however it offers in-app purchases.

Is it illegal to use Wifi Magic?

No! Because it is a network sharing application, not an invasion one, it does not constitute an illegal practice.

Is it safe to use the app?

Yes, however care must be taken! After all, open networks can offer a certain risk, always have a good antivirus system on your cell phone, and use it only for what is necessary!

Does Wifi Magic work worldwide?

Yes! The application is an excellent option for those who are going to travel, after all it offers coverage all over the world, the only criterion for its operation is that users have fed it with networks.

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