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Subway Surfers: How to get Keys and Infinite Money

Learn how to get lots of coins in Subway Surfers to unlock all the characters, boards and skins in the game!

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Learn how to get unlimited money on Subway Surfers. All possible ways, developed since the release of this very popular game!

Subway Surfers is one of the infinite runner games most popular games that exist for smartphones, and it's not for nothing, after all, the game is responsible for popularizing the genre and served as an inspiration for several recent games.

As simple as the game is, its big challenge is to get the coins to unlock new characters, equipment and Skins. Especially with the constant updates, where new characters, Skins… are added.

Subway Surfers Apk Mod Money and Infinite Keys

The fastest way to get everything unlocked in Subway Surfers is through a modded app, i.e. a mod apk. In it, depending on the version of course, you'll have everything unlocked, whether you have infinite money, keys, boards, characters... you can either have some unlocked or everything!

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In it you will have everything unlocked, leaving only the fun of the race, without having to suffer to get something, see a little of what you see in the mod apk version:

Infinite money

One of the biggest advantages of downloading the modified version of Subway Surfers is the search for infinite coins, that is, infinite money! In this version, you will immediately find the game's coin counter at the limit, and you can use these coins to buy whatever you want in the game, mainly to improve your character's attributes to the maximum.

Infinite Keys

In addition to this version of Subway Surfers with infinite money, it also comes with infinite keys. With that, you won't have to regulate the use of your keys to try to beat that record when you were inspired to play.

Infinite planks

Finally, the boards! In Subway Surfers Apk Mod Infinite Money you won't have to worry about the boards. Just worry about trying to get as far as possible, after all, in the end there's no way because it's an infinite running game!

But if you get to that part that usually has a lot of difficulty, just use a board, and don't worry about having to get more, or buy them!

Play Subway Surfers without crashing and without Ads

Modded apps are often notorious for not performing very well, however, Subway Surfers does not. On the contrary, the game will run without any type of crash. In it, you will find the same gameplay and graphics present in the official Play / App Store app and the best without ads!

How to Download and Install Subway Surfers with Infinite Money

Subway surfers infinite coins and keys

The first thing to do before installing the modified version of Subway Surfers is to uninstall the original version of the game from your Android smartphone. Otherwise, the game will not complete the installation, unless your version is previous, in which case, the installation of the mod will be like an "update", in which case the installation will occur normally.

  • Step 1: Download Subway Surfers mod apk below:
You will be redirected to the official website
  • Step 2: with the apk downloaded, click on the notification to install it, or locate the apk on your smartphone, usually it will be in the “downloads” folder. You must have the installation of apps from other sources enabled on your phone to complete the installation.
  • Step 3: run the game and be happy!

Comments: avoid logging into this modified version, so as not to put your personal account at risk. Disable Google Play Games automatic login to prevent the account from accidentally logging in. To do this, just access Google Play Games, click on the 3 dots to open the menu, then click to disable the option “Automatically log in to compatible games”.

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How to earn Coins inside Subway Surfers

Tips to have a lot of coins in subway surfers
Coins and keys in subway surfers

If you think that simply unlocking infinite coins in Subway Surfers will take some of the fun out of the game, making it aimless… Then it's a good idea to maximize your in-game coin earning!

It's not just jumping in and playing, there are things to watch out for to ensure you get more coins! See below for the main methods to earn in-game coins.

  • Link your account with Facebook: if you avoided making this link for some reason, do it now! After all, just linking your facebook account in the game will earn you a pack of 5,000 coins!
  • Enhance “improvements”: especially for people who have greater dexterity and ease in the game, can advance a lot in the stages. And with that you earn a lot of coins in them, to maximize the special items are very good for increasing coin gain. Upgrading them makes them last longer, upgrading is done with coins, but in the long run it's profitable.
  • collect all Loot Boxes and double bonus: Special items may not always be worth the risk of losing your race advance, however, try to collect all the Loot Boxes, because they are worth having coins inside! And the Double Bonus will increase your coin earnings over a period of time.
  • Watch the Ads: At Loot Boxes combined with ads greatly increase the coin earning, doubling the coin earning. Whenever you run a race where you have won a good amount of coins, watch the ad to increase even more.
  • Complete daily challenges: every day some challenges will appear, complete them to earn coins, boards and sprays.

Earning Coins with Balance Applications

If you don't want to make any changes, and you want to have coins in your original Subway Surfers account, there's no better way to get a lot of coins than to buy them at the store. However, we do not always have the financial resources available for this.

But it is possible to buy gems from the store without spending your hard-earned money. This can be done through Google Play balance, which can be earned through apps that reward users who meet certain requirements.

See below 2 well-rated applications that actually work to give balance.


Pay top up, payments app

RecargaPay is an application where you need to spend money to earn. After all, all the money made in it is through cashback. RecargaPay is one of the most popular payment applications, as it pays for various services, depending on the region you live in.

A good system to get a balance on it is to pay the maximum through it. For example, a boleto that you would normally pay in your bank's application, without any benefit. Instead of paying on it, pay through RecargaPay and earn Cashback.

Cashback will accumulate in the app, where you can buy Gift Cards for Google Play. These Gift Cards will convert into a balance, so all you have to do is enter Subway Surfers and buy coins using that balance from the Play Store. See below how to buy Gift Cards on RecargaPay:

It is still possible to maximize the gain by inviting new users to the application. So, try to “recruit” new users for the app and secure even more coins in Subway Surfers.


One of the simplest and most popular ways for apps to reward users is through surveys, even Google itself has an app like this, Google Opinion Rewards, but this time we're going to talk about PiniOn.

Pinion opinion collection app

To get a balance with PiniOn, it is necessary to carry out the most varied missions, they can be either photographing places, answering surveys, giving opinions about products, brands or even services. The app is hired by companies to get feedback, and the app passes on part of that value by rewarding users.

To withdraw the balance, a minimum amount of R$ 30.00 must be reached, it is withdrawn by sending it to a bank account. And you can use this balance to purchase Gift Cards from the Play Store. Download the PiniOn app by clicking the button below:

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