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Download: PiniOn get rewarded for Reviews.

Download the PiniOn app and get rewarded for giving your opinion on services, apps, etc.

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PiniOn is a free application for smartphones with Android and iOS systems that allows users to be rewarded for their opinion! He, in partnership with companies, reward users for carrying out missions and giving feedback about companies, products and services. A good option to get balance.

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PiniOn app details

PiniOn rewards users with rewards for giving their opinions about services, products, and organizations that partner with the app. In it you receive for:

  • Reward for surveys, photos and interviews.
  • Searches found by location.
  • Withdraw via Pix.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount R$ 25.


Compatible withRequires Android 5.0+, iOS 12.0+.
Requires Root?No
PriceFree of charge


  • Extra income source.
  • Miscellaneous searches.
  • Easy to receive.
  • Intuitive application.


  • Difficulty finding surveys in small towns.

Common questions

Who can register and use PiniOn? What are the requirements.

The application is free and can only be accessed using an email, however, to use it, you must be of legal age (18 years old) and have your own bank account to receive it, it is not allowed to receive third-party accounts.

What types of missions are present in the app?

There are 3 types of missions, which are Research, Monitoring and Hidden Client. In search questions about brands, products and services are answered by cell phone. monitoring products and services provided at points of sale are observed and information such as prices and competition are shared. Already in hidden shopper an experience is carried out, from shopping at participating stores and sharing her impression with regard to service, service and even the environment.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount from PiniOn?

The minimum amount to withdraw in the application is 25 reais.

How to cash out in the PiniOn app?

Just accumulate the minimum amount, then link a bank account that is in your name, and request the amount via Pix. It is not possible to transfer the balance to other users, or to make partial withdrawals.

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