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NFT games: what they are, and which ones are best

Learn all about the famous NFT Games, how they work, and which ones are the best today.

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NFT Games is one of the latest innovations, games that use this new technology are capable of providing fun and the possibility of making an extra income. But what are NFT games? What is NFT and what are the best games with this technology? Find out everything in this article!

What would the NFT Games be?

Although NFT games are a phenomenon in the year 2022, they have not emerged for now, the first NFT game was released in 2016 and their popularity only grew in 2020 mainly thanks to the Axie Infinity game.

But what are NFT games? Well, NFT games are gaming platforms, based on the network blockchain. In these games it is possible to earn, buy and sell collectibles as a kind of asset, which are NFTs (in English: non-fungible token, non-fungible token).

All trading involving tokens within games is done using cryptocurrencies, which makes it necessary to have a digital crypto wallet, such as Metamask, for operations to be carried out.

What are the top NFT games?

NFT did not initially come up with the proposal to be used in games, but it is NFT games that are largely responsible for the popularization of this technology. Below is a list of the top NFT games.

Axie Infinity

Axie infinity nft game
Axie Infinity | Image: reproduction

As mentioned, this is one of the main factors responsible for the popularity and emergence of so many other NFT games, available for both computers and Android. Based on the Ethereum network, the Axie Infinity focuses on collecting potions, and player vs player battle to earn rewards.

Very similar, perhaps even inspired by Pokémon, the teams are made up of little animals called Axies, which are the game's NFTs. Investment is required to acquire the Axies, but it is possible to have a return in the game in different ways, performing in-game activities, creating “little schools” or crossing axies.

Bomb Crypto

Bomb crypto nft game similar to bomberman
Bomb Crypto | Image: Reproduction

Another one that became quite famous, because of its inspiration. Bomb Crypto is heavily inspired by the classic Bomberman. Its gameplay is based on acquiring heroes, which are the game's NFTs, each with a different skill and rarity. Their skills will influence how many coins they get on the game map by exploding chests.

The characters find in the chests the currency used in the game's transactions, the bcoin, once you acquire a certain amount, it can be used to either acquire new heroes, improve existing ones, or withdraw the crypto to convert it into money. Another way to get bcoin is by buying heroes and selling them on the game's Marketplace.

Thetan Arena

thetan arena
Thetan Arena | Image: Reproduction

There are NFT games with mobile versions (Android and iOS), which is the case of Thetan Arena, a battle royale game that once had over 23 million active users. In this game very similar to League of Legends, two teams will face each other, containing different playable characters, each with a skill.

Its great differential is its availability, it is free for the systems in which it is available, where the player can either choose to play its computer version, play on the smartphone, or using a android emulator on the computer.

light night

light night
Light Nite | Image: Reproduction

Another NFT game, but this time with a style not often found in games that use this technology, it is an fps game (first person shooter) in the battle royale style inspired by Fortnite, including a very striking look in the style cartoon. As said, light night has inspiration in Fortnite, its gameplay is based on spreading players on a map launched by a plane, the objective? Be the last player alive to be the great champion. In it, everything, weapons, skins and all items in the game can be sold in the game's kind of Marketplace called the Lightning Network.

Crypto Cars

Crypto Cars | Image: Reproduction

One of the most famous in 2021, Crypto Cars is yet another NFT game that promised the most return to its players. In it it is necessary to make an initial investment, as well as in the other games listed here, with the exception of Thetan Arena.

Here, you'll build your own car, which you'll use to race against other players and against the computer. Each car has its own attributes, which makes all the difference in racing. In Crypto Cars, the cars are NFTs, each one being unique, and having only 1 user.

Parts can be sold within the game, being a source of extra income, in addition to those obtained in races. The more you play, the more you can win, however, this is one of the games known for not demanding a lot of time from its players.

Is it possible to earn money with NFT games?

This article is for information purposes only and is not an investment tip, invest at your own risk!

The big reason for the popularization of NFT games was the great advertisement made on top of the opportunity to earn money with these games. However, as much as this can happen, not as much as in the heyday of NFT games and Cryptocurrencies, you have to be very careful when making this type of investment of time, and money.

At the height of NFT games along with Cryptocurrencies, it was easy to make money with these games, with only an initial investment, and the return based on the appreciation of the cryptocurrencies used in the purchase and sale of these NFTs dictated how quickly you received a return on these investments .

However, practically all games have low currencies, which means that the return is not great for those who start now, and that those who entered the high have a loss and a delay in receiving winnings.

As much as you don't win large amounts as before, it is still possible to make money with these games. Overall, an initial investment is required (thanks to lower coins, the investment is lower), and based on each game the return can come after some time.

Each game will return to the player in a different way, whether buying and selling NFTs, winning matches or simply farm as is the case with Bomb Crypto.

Cautions when investing in NFT Games

Cautions when investing in nft games
Miss/Theft of Data | Illustrative picture

To start playing NFT games, you must have a digital wallet to store the tokens needed to purchase NFTs and withdraw them. Much of the care needed when investing in these types of games is related to portfolios.

From precautions related to the loss of the wallet key, without which it is not possible to access the wallet. Going to care with scanners, which can zero all the cryptocurrencies in your wallet in a moment.

It is also important to be aware of all the uncertainty that involves this type of investment, which can be considered risky, do not invest beyond what is possible, do not believe in all kinds of promises. These games rely heavily on new players, current players losing interest in them can lead to a large currency devaluation.

NFT games are an excellent option to pass the time, and can combine fun with an extra source of income, but care is needed! 

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