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Roblox: How to get Robux for free

Learn the best methods to get Robux on Roblox

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Roblox is one of the most popular games today! He managed to become a real fever thanks to all the freedom and creativity involved in his games. Do you want to learn how to earn Robux and Skin on Roblox without paying anything? Then this post is for you.

Roblox is a game in the style sandbox (a style of game without a pre-defined path, which is up to the player to choose) that allows players themselves to create games within the platform and can support up to 100 players on each server. With the platform being free, in this case Roblox, you can still buy cosmetics, game passes, all using Robux, the platform's virtual currency.

With the customization possible thanks to Robux, it is possible to stand out among the crowd of players, leave your character with as much style as possible, or just complete it more easily, advance further within the game.

How to get Robux for free

Robux is usually obtained by purchasing directly from the Roblox website or app. Whether using Gift Cards, credit card, or balance in app stores (Play Store, App Store). According to Roblox itself, this is the only way to get the coin, however, this is not 100% true as there are methods to get Robux and Skin in Roblox for free, as you will see below.

Beware of Scammers! Whenever you enter sites other than the official Roblox site, do not give out your personal information, especially financial ones. Also stay away from “hacks” and “cheats” that promise free Robux, after all, they are nothing more than scams that will infect your cell phone and/or computer, steal your data and make a huge mess!

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In addition to all the problems caused by mobile and computer viruses, you can say goodbye to your Roblox account if you are caught cheating!

Free Robux?

roblox avatar with robux
Free Robux?

As stated above, while the game claims that there is no way to get Robux on Roblox other than through purchases, this is not exactly true. After all, there are methods from the platform itself that reward players with Robux! These methods will be further detailed below.

In addition to the platform reward, there is also how to get Robux through apps to earn balance! Applications that reward the user with prepaid cards, cash, or Google Play balance, Gift Cards, etc.

As these are applications that will help you to buy Robux, they are not any kind of Hack or Cheat, so the integrity of your account is guaranteed. See below also some apps that offer this option.

How to earn Robux with Roblox itself

The Roblox platform itself has a system that rewards users with Robux, even though it even says that there is no way to earn Robux for free, all this is possible through sharing Roblox affiliate links, creating games and also a method that needs to pay an investment, see better below:

Affiliate Link

Roblox has an affiliate system, although many are unaware of its existence! This system rewards those who use it, with free Robux. To use it is very simple, just share the links of items from the store, if a purchase is made using your link, you will be rewarded with an amount of Robux.

However, you have to be careful, after all, it's not just copying the item's link and hoping that if a purchase is made you will be rewarded, you need to get the affiliate link, in which you will track who shares it in order to reward. To get the link, with your account logged into the Roblox website, use the link generated from the social media share button!

A good practice to be able to sell is to make videos on social networks such as Instagram, TikTok, Kwai and Youtube reviewing items, and placing your affiliate link. This practice works for both store items and games! Use and abuse your creativity to promote your affiliate links.

Create your game on Roblox

Game creation tool in roblox, roblox studio
Roblox Game Creation Tool – Roblox Studio

A great way to earn Robux is by creating games within Roblox. Roblox is nothing more than a platform that offers a series of tools for creating games. And the platform rewards those who create these games.

However, to have a great return on Robux it is necessary for your game to become popular, which may be necessary in the practices of the previous topic, of you promoting your game through social networks.

It may seem a little complicated, but Roblox has a lot of tools that allow you to create games even without the need to know how to program! With everything very intuitive, and often in the click and drag system.

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This is an excellent opportunity to make Robux, but also to maybe discover your vocation, put your creativity into practice, and maybe, who knows, the beginning of a new profession as a Game developer!

Sell game pass

With your game ready, each player you take to the platform will reward you, as explained above, but if you want to increase your Robux earnings with your game, an excellent option is through the sale of game passes. .

A Game Pass system gives players perks and cosmetics in their Roblox game. Promote your Game Pass and make it wanted by players to buy, and you receive a percentage of sales.

The value of the Game Pass depends only on you, you will define the value of it. Look for the closest possible value for the rewards, so that it is not unfeasible for players to buy it, and that you also have a positive return.

Sell your creations on the Market

If creativity is your forte, and you're good with drawings, then a great way to earn Robux on Roblox is by selling self-created items on the market!

This method requires a Premium Membership subscription, which in itself rewards the player with some Robux, but requires the player to make a payment. With the subscription of Premium members, you can put your creations for sale on the market.

It just requires a lot of creativity for your creations to become popular, and a little attention to fashion trends. Remembering that Roblox itself has tools for customizing clothes, as well as tools for creating games!

How to earn Robux with balance apps

Above we have listed some of the best ways to get Robux within Roblox itself, however, these are not the only ways to earn Robux for free. After all, there are still external ways through balance apps.

With these apps, it rewards the player with balance that can be redeemed on prepaid cards, or Gift Cards that can be redeemed and exchanged for Robux in app stores. Anyway, here are some options for these apps:


Pinion app to get balance with reviews
PiniOn App – Get balance with “opinions”

Get rewarded for completing missions! The PiniOn app is an excellent opportunity to get a balance by fulfilling some requirements. Once you download the app and register, a series of missions will be given, each mission giving the user a different reward.

Quests are mostly related to giving opinions (hence the name PiniOn) about a particular brand, product, or establishment. They can be from taking pictures of products and places, to even going to a restaurant and doing a review about the place / dinner.

Each well-executed mission gives a balance return to the user, and can even be a complete cashback of the expense in the example of the dinner. As missions are being done, your profile will “evolve”, giving access to better missions.

PiniOn is available for smartphones with Android and iOS system, download using the button below:

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How to redeem the PiniOn App balance

In order to withdraw the balance in the PiniOn app, it is necessary to reach a certain minimum amount. This amount will vary from country to country, and the withdrawal is made to the PayPal account or by bank transfer. As long as the account has the name of the profile being used in the application.


Foap app to get balance selling photos
Foap App – Get balance by selling your Photos

Finally, a good app to raise some extra bucks and buy Robux on Roblox is Foap. In it you will put your photography skills to work, take the best pictures you can with your smartphone, and then put them on the app for sale.

A good opportunity for anyone who loves to take a picture, who knows, in addition to getting Robux, doesn't discover a new profession as a photographer, or at least develops a new Hobbie. In it you will be able to send as many photos as you want, with no sending limit, so go out and photograph!

A determining factor in the sale of images, including that companies can end up buying to, for example, make marketing campaigns is their quality, however, it is always good to innovate. Among thousands of similar images, it is necessary to stand out in some way, and the best is through creativity, with photos that express something in those who see them, be it joy, sadness, etc.

Foap is available for Android and iOS smartphones.

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You will be redirected to the official website

To download it, go to the app stores and search for Foap or access the shortcut above.

How to redeem the Foap App balance

There is no minimum amount to withdraw from this app. Thanks to the PayPal account integration, your image sales go straight to your account!

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But what do these apps have to do with an article on how to earn Robux for free? Simple, you use your extra time to withdraw a balance on them. And with that balance, make the purchase of Robux on Roblox!

Bonus: Codes to redeem in the most popular Roblox games

Our website scans the entire internet looking to make available to our readers the main codes to redeem in the main Roblox games. Below, you can check out our article where the best Blox Fruits redemption codes in update 20 are collected!

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Remembering that these codes may have an expiration date! So, don't waste time and redeem yours as soon as possible to guarantee your rewards.

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