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How to earn gems in PK XD free!

Exclusive tips on how to get a lot of Gems without spending anything on PK XD

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O PK XD It is one of mobile games most played at the moment. And thinking of its great community, let's show how to get gems in PK XD for free, for you to have fun in this game without spending anything!

PK XD is a very popular open world and exploration game right now. It allows users to create 3D avatars, customize their homes and interact with other players online. Furthermore, the game has a fun environment where players can communicate using predefined words and phrases, emotes, gestures and dances.

There are several activities in the game that you can do to earn coins and gems. A good tip is to look for surprise boxes in the game, this is a way to earn gems in PK XD for free. In addition, there are other options on how to earn free gems, which will be explained in detail.

1. Get the daily rewards

The first step on how to earn gems in PK XD is very simple, you just need to enter the game every day. Yes, this is one of the ways that will guarantee you some gems easily. This option that the game provides is very good, as you only need to log in to the game daily and in this way, get the daily reward. Even if you don't play, when opening the game and logging in, the reward is already guaranteed.

Get daily rewards and how to earn gems in pk xd
Illustrative picture

Once you complete five consecutive days that you have logged in, logged in, and received your daily reward, you will unlock the Surprise Box. In it you can find coins and tickets, there is a chance to find gems.

2. Complete the minigames

The most common way to earn gems in PK XD without a doubt is with minigames. They are super fun, and the best part is that you can earn gems as you play. For every five minigames completed you receive a surprise box as a reward.

And inside the box there are several prizes for you to use in the game, and of course, they can also contain gems! That way you have the possibility to play several times and guarantee a lot of gems.

But know that not all boxes contain gems, that is, it is not always that you will be able to redeem gems by opening a surprise box. We will show you the step by step so you can access the minigames and thus guarantee some gems:

Step 1. To access the minigames, open the game, click on the city icon, and you will enter the Arcade part of the game:

pk xd map
Illustrative picture

Step 2. After clicking on the city icon, enter the Arcade building;

Arcade pk xd and how to earn gems in pk xd
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Step 3. Now just choose which minigame you want to play, Crazy Run or Pet Parade. Once you've played five games of these games, you'll win one from the Surprise Box. This is one of the ways to earn gems in PK XD.

px xd crazy run fun minigames
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3. collect the fruits

Another great option on how to earn gems in PK XD is with the fruit collect minigame. It works in the same way as the minigames mentioned above.

Once you've played five full matches and collected the fruits, you'll have access to the Surprise Box. In this minigame you must be aware, as there is a minimum number of fruits that need to be collected before the game time runs out.

If you fail to collect the ideal amount of fruit, you will not have the opportunity to open your Surprise Box. So you won't be able to redeem your gems.

4. Explore the map

Have you ever taken the time just to explore the world of PK XD? If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity to earn gems in PK XD for free.

Because there are some Surprise Boxes that are hidden throughout the world of PK XD. So stop messing around and explore to the fullest. Take the time to get to know a little more about the game's universe, the cities and every corner, because there may be a Surprise Box hidden there.

Video with the location of some surprise boxes

By finding the boxes, in addition to being able to earn gems, you can also guarantee achievements and coins. Some boxes are hidden in high places, like the one in the pizzeria (inside the city's spaceship), and to get access to it you'll need to jump higher than usual.

And to do that, buy a Power-Up for 20 coins. Once you click on the item to use it, you will gain a double jump skill. And when you reach the top, there will be a great opportunity to earn gems in PK XD.

5. Watch Bonus Ads to earn gems

There are some ads that appear in the game when spinning the roulette. Let's be honest that no one likes the ads that appear during the game, but know that this is also one of the ways to earn gems in PK XD.

Before some rewards, such as the daily prizes, a “bonus” button may appear. Be very careful, because when it appears, just click on the button to watch the videos that can be 15s or 30s and in the end you will be guaranteeing some gems quickly, easily and best for free.

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Remembering that to be able to redeem the gems it is necessary that you watch the video until the end, or until the option to close the video appears. So don't be in a hurry, as this is a great way to earn gems in PK XD.

Other ways to earn free gems in PK XD

There are also other ways to earn gems in PK XD besides the methods mentioned above. This method is through Google Play balance, as you can transform the purchased balance into various gems within the game.

With this balance you will be able to unlock all the items you want in PK XD. Be skins, furniture for your home, emotes, pets and more! This method is free and accessible to users, but it requires an extra effort, as you will have to fulfill tasks.

How to get infinite gems in pk xd
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In case you still don't know, there are some applications that provide some tasks to be performed. And when performing these tasks they turn into points that can be accumulated and exchanged for Google Play balance and even PayPal balance.

This method is legal and fully proven, that is, you are not in any danger of losing your account, or getting banned from the game. So if you really like to play PK XD, you can't afford to invest to get gems, and you're looking for alternatives on how to earn gems on PK XD, stay tuned to the applications that we are going to indicate:


O PiniOn It's the first app we're going to show you, and it's a great way to earn gems in PK XD. It is a research platform, both virtual and physical. And to guarantee a balance using this application, it is necessary that you fulfill missions.

How to earn gems in pk xd with pinion
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That way you will fulfill the orders that customers are requesting. The missions can be: photographing places, conducting research and giving an opinion on products, services and brands. Through their surveys companies can get feedback on the work they are doing.

PiniOn is available for both Android and iOS users, click below, install it right now and start collecting balance:

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These missions are easy and you can easily do them, it's a quick way to earn gems in PK XD. Answer the virtual surveys, because the more you answer, the more values will be accumulated. And as soon as you manage to collect R$ 30.00 you can request your balance. And that way you can turn that balance into gems, and that's one of the ways to get gems in PK XD for free.

Big Time

Another app that will help you on how to earn gems in PK XD for free in an easy and fun way is Big Time. Where you can accumulate a balance to turn into gems in PK XD just by playing video games.

How to earn gems in pk xd with big time
Illustrative picture

That's right, you'll have fun playing and at the same time you'll be adding a balance so you can have even more fun in PK XD. Big Time has several games available that give you the right to win coupons for sweepstakes. And it has prizes ranging from 100 to 1000 dollars.

If you use iPhone or Android, know that the application is available to all users. So if your cell phone is Samsung, Xiaomi, LG or if you use a tablet or iPad, you can click below and install the application right now:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Here is one of the best methods on how to earn gems in PK XD for free, because with Big Time, you who like to spend some time playing will be combining the useful with the pleasant. Because the more you play, the more coupons you can accumulate.

That way, you can always count on luck to win in the sweepstakes. So, it's a way to have fun and, at the same time, earn some money.


One more way to earn gems in PK XD free is with CashPirate. You earn points by answering surveys, quizzes, downloading and rating the app and recommending it to your friends. The more points you accumulate, the more balance to turn into gems you will have.

How to earn gems in pk xd with cashpirate
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You must fulfill daily tasks and missions are divided by levels. Quests can be for you to download apps to test them daily, or test games every day. For each task performed, you receive “Pirate Coins”, which are the in-app currencies. It is only available for Android system users, click below and install:

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Depending on the amount of tasks you perform, you can accumulate up to 20,000 coins or more at once. And you can still get bonuses of up to 500 points by performing extra tasks that you find in the “Earn Coins” tab.

The tasks are easy to perform and so each day you play you will have more chances to accumulate coins. Undoubtedly it is one of the best ways to earn gems in PK XD absolutely free.

How to earn gems in PK XD free and have infinite coins: Game fully unlocked

In addition to the great options that we have already indicated, there is a way to earn gems and still have PK XD fully released. With all skins, emotes, actions, hairstyles, houses, furniture, pets, fully released and free for you to enjoy.

That way everything you want to have access to in the game will be available to you. The best part is that you can use this tool without risking losing your account or getting banned. It's a free and accessible method for everyone.

How to earn free gems and infinite money in pk xd have the game fully released
Illustrative picture

We are talking about the PK XD Mod Apk, which is another way to earn gems in PK XD for free, in addition to earning infinite coins, and still having the game fully released! The best part of using Mod Apk is that you can have your account released without having to spend even a dollar.

As the Mod Apk you won't need to watch the game's ads, nor explore the map to guarantee your free gems. Because everything will be 100% available for you to spend however you want. That way you can try to get exclusive items, use the super looks and use everything the game has available so you can reach the maximum level of fun.

See below what are the functions and advantages of using Mod Apk, how to earn gems in PK XD and unlock all the resources to have even more fun in this virtual world of unlimited fun!

Features released in PK XD Mod Apk

PK XD works as a virtual world and by using the Mod Apk version and having everything released, you can create a mini version of yourself on your smartphone screen.

In it you can relax on floats in the pool, eat ice cream, jump, sing, dance and have fun using different movements in different styles. You can also invite neighbors and friends from your virtual home. And each time you use the game, you become more and more intimate with your character.

So in addition to being a way to earn gems in PK XD with Mod Apk you have access to the infinite resources that exist in the game, see below some of the main ones.

Evolve your virtual pet

Using PK XD Mod Apk you can have both common and rare pets. Pets are your super cute companions in the game. You can unlock cats, dogs, pigs, hedgehogs, alligators, raccoons, buffaloes, and even hippos.

You must take good care of your pets, giving them food, water, walking and performing other actions. If you treat your pet with lots of love, affection and all the necessary care, your pet will undoubtedly grow and evolve within the game.

You can now acquire pets that can be COMMON, UNUSUAL or RARE. The chance to get these new pets is by going to the Pet Shop!

create your character

When creating a character in the game, you can make it your own, using the accessories you want. Even if you choose the unicorn or the zombie, you can leave it as you wish. Because using Apk Mod you will see how to earn gems in PK XD and thus release all skins.

Create character in pk xd
Illustrative picture

For this, you will have several accessories and items available. Like flip-flops, gloves, different hair colors and types, backpacks, sunglasses, different clothes, swords (even ninjas!), wings and futuristic boots. All this available to make your character the way you always dreamed of.

Build your dream house

If what you like to do in the game is to build and decorate your house, you will love to know that with Mod Apk, the limit for using household items is only your imagination. You can decorate your home the way you've always dreamed of, all to your liking and taste.

Once you learn how to earn gems in PK XD using Mod Apk, you build your dream house. Here are some of the items that are totally free for you to use in your home: wallpapers, super soft rugs, kitchen and bathroom accessories, lava lamps, photos, dance mat (the one with arrows and numbers), gaming chair, cute sofas with a cloud and much more!

Download PK XD Mod APK (v0.72.1) right now

Now that you know what's available in Mod Apk, we'll leave you the link so you can download it and make the most of the game! Because here all the resources of the game are unlimited, that is, they are totally released for your enjoyment. Click below and install right now:

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PK XD, in addition to being a super interactive game, with several missions to carry out, is free and available for all users who use Android or iOS systems, and works on smartphones, tablets, iPads. If you still haven't installed the application on your cell phone, don't waste any more time, be part of this world of fun, click below and join the family of PK XD:

You will be redirected to the official website
You will be redirected to the official website

Now that you have discovered how to earn gems in PK XD, just enjoy and play in the world of this wonderful game and enjoy the new universe that is available in the palm of your hands. If you like games where you can interact with your friends, you should know Roblox, a game that is also very popular. Want to learn how to earn free Robux too? Then just click below:

Now that you know how to have everything released in PK XD, with all the features and skins available, you will see how the game can be even more fun. And if you play Roblox, you can also get Robux for free!

Final considerations

Did you see that there are several ways to earn gems in PK XD for free? Just choose any of the options we have listed and enjoy a lot and have fun. With your pets and virtual friends!

We at Arsenal Apps are always available for you to enjoy all the best that exists in the games that are currently being successful. Always looking for the best tips to help you get everything available.

If you liked our tips, share with your friends the secret of how to earn gems in PK XD and also have infinite coins and the game released. So that you can then have fun together and make the most of it!

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