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Improve photo quality with apps and websites

Learn how to improve photo quality through apps and tools on the internet!

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You must have already looked for some way to improve photo quality that were low resolution, but he couldn't find any that were as efficient as he'd like. That's why we've separated in this article some tools that can help you. These tools offer options to edit, correct colors, increase sharpness, lighting and other advantages.

9 most used apps and tools to improve photo quality

Some programs can optimize Photos in seconds, and leave it with the same quality as a professionally made image. Even an amateur can utilize these super-intuitive tools; Check out the list below that we have prepared for you.

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1. let's Enhance

This site uses artificial intelligence. Increases and enhances the resolution of images, enlarges the scale of photos up to 4x, highlighting details and textures for a more natural look. It can also lighten, improve color, reduce blur, increase sharpness and remove fog.

The interface of Let's Enhance it is very clear and intuitive. To improve the quality of photos, just enter the platform and log in, then drag an image to the canvas and then choose the settings you want.

2. Fotor

It is a free online application that promises to improve photo quality instantly. It doesn't require great editing skills from the user, with just one click it will detect and correct blurs, lights and colors. The advanced HDR effect of Fotor helps cover defects using AI technology to transform photography into high resolution and vivid HDR. In addition to offering options such as adding frames, effects and texts to images.

With a few clicks you can also precisely adjust everything you want, including correcting red eyes, and if your photo is skewed, you can straighten and adjust it as you wish. And you can even compare the original photo with the edited one to see if it needs further adjustments.

3. Deep image

Deep image allows you to improve the quality of photos, remove noise and fix possible problems with images in JPG format. The algorithm increases the resolution of photos online and for free. It is necessary to create a free account on the site, in this plan it is allowed to optimize up to 5 images.

Another functionality that deep image offers, is the optimization of images for printing. It is important to remember that to have access to other benefits of more advanced tools, it is necessary to purchase the paid plan.

4. PicWish

To improve the quality of photos on the PicWish, first you need to Upload the image you want, and the AI will make your photo sharp automatically. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence enhancement algorithm, PicWish helps to increase the resolution of images to be super sharp.

It is very easy to enlarge and clarify the content of images to print or share on social networks. Just register and create a free account on the site.

5. FotoJet

You might be surprised how quickly you can improve the quality of photos online on this site. the editor FotoJet has powerful editing tools such as crop, rotate and resize, allowing you to enhance photos in seconds. In addition, you can retouch images using text, clip art images, photo effects and overlays.

This free tool also offers options for email headers, Instagram posts without losing quality and looking professional. User can also enjoy other editing options.

6. Adobe Express

O Adobe Express is a free tool to improve the sharpness of photos. You can highlight the details of photos, make adjustments to contrast, brightness and saturation to achieve the best result.

First you need to upload a photo and choose the enhancements option. You can also create a unique edit and customize your photo online, and you can revert the image to the original version whenever you want.

7. Lumii

Lumii is exclusive to Android, and is considered one of the best apps to improve the quality of photos quite easily. In a very simple and easy way, you can create many works of art, adjust the intensity, increase the sharpness and clarity of the photo.

This editor also has more than 100 ready-made filters, and offers all the basic tools to make your photos the way you want. It doesn't matter if you're a novice or a pro, Lumii is a great choice of app for editing.

8. Remini

Remini - improve photo quality with app.
Remini – Image: Play Store

You can make your photos more beautiful with the features of Remini that puts professional editing capabilities to increase the quality of photos that contain a low resolution. Decreases noise, improves contrast and sharpness.

Remini uses artificial intelligence to transform old, pixelated, blurry or damaged photos into high quality images with just one tap.

You can use the app to:

  • Leave your photos with HD quality.
  • repair old photos
  • Clear old camera photos
  • sharpen
  • Scaling up pixels in low quality photos

The app is one of the most popular and loved in the world!

9. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free camera, photos and videos app that lets you capture and edit stunning images.

Lightroom offers very easy-to-use video and photo editing tools, such as swipe controls to retouch images, apply filters, and adjust backgrounds.

You can make quick and easy edits with predefined filters for all your photos, create your own look and save. Use photo enhancer to add light, contrast, texture, blur and grain to your photos. Crop and rotate your photo. For a better experience, you can get the premium version if you like.

How does the process to improve photo quality work?

How do these tools improve the quality of an image? They use artificial intelligence to “guess” what was in a particular location and create pixels in order to improve the sharpness of the image by decreasing the grid.

It is impossible to simply increase the resolution of an image by creating pixels out of thin air, so they increase the size and fill with more pixels according to the deduction of what is there in the image/photo. You can see how this technology works in the video below:

How the “super resolution” process for image enhancement works. | Credits: Leo Isikdogan – Youtube.

Common questions

Need to pay to use Photo Enhancement Tools?

Some are tools that need to be paid to use. However, there are some that can be used for free, but with a watermark.

Is image enhancement guaranteed?

Tools will not always be able to fully improve image quality. Some images will contain elements that artificial intelligence will not be able to identify, thus failing to deliver a satisfactory result.

Can I use it to restore old photos?

Yea! The photo quality improvement tools can also be used to improve old photos, or that for some reason have come out of low quality.

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