App to change the face in the photo: see the 5 best

See some of the best apps to make fun transformations on your photos to post on social media!

Currently making fun edits with photos is super hot, and that's why we're going to present the app to change face in photo. So you can make multiple transformations.

No doubt you have come across images of people looking older or younger, with different haircuts and color, with a beard or even bald. Know that all these transformations are carried out through applications.

Several celebrities have shared their transformations on their social networks. So, it became a fever among the crowd, and you can't stay out of this trend.

In addition to having many fun effects, these apps are also a great tool for editing photos and videos. Possessing several effects and filters so that you can enhance your beauty, and thus guarantee many likes on social networks.


There are several applications that make these edits, but we are going to present the 5 best and most complete ones. So you can choose the application to change the face in the photo that suits you best.

App features to change the face in the photo

In addition to making fun transformations, the face change app also adds makeup, puts a smile on your face, gives your hair more volume, and even changes your look with glasses.

In the photo editing part, you have several filters available, but if you wish, you can make manual edits by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and saturation. In addition, you can also remove pimples, blemishes, and smooth expression lines.

App to change face in photo beautify
Illustrative picture

But if your desire is to use edits that are more similar to those of bloggers, such as: changing the background of the photo, or leaving the image blurred, you will find using the application to change the face. In addition to transforming your photos, you can also perform all these edits on your videos, putting filters and adding effects.


These applications use Artificial Intelligence, so the images are delivered with high quality. This high technology makes photos and videos as realistic as possible, as they are programmed to deliver the best result.

Finally, there are several features that these applications offer. Below we will then present the 5 best apps to change the face in the photo.

1. FaceApp

The most famous app to change the face in the photo is the faceApp. In it you will find a multitude of fun filters and you also have the option to make elaborate edits on your photos.

It became a viral app after innovating with gender change and aging filters. These filters were very successful on social media after several artists started posting their transformations. Even though it seemed strange at first, people joined in, and started to have fun using the filters as well.

App to change face in photo aging
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But FaceApp's fame goes beyond just being an application to change the face in the photo, it delivers great quality in the edits, which are very convincing and realistic. And that's why it's in the category of best apps in this segment.

So if you want to see your face in a different way, or also see how your friends would look bald, mustache or even older, know that FaceApp is available for both Android and iOS. Click below and install the app on your smartphone:

When installing the application you will select the photo from your gallery that you want to change, and then just choose which of the effects to change the face in the photo you want to use. After choosing the effect, just save the image in your gallery, see the tutorial:

App to change face in photo: FaceApp | via: Youtube

You saw how easy it is to make the transformations through this application, so don't forget to share the images on your social networks and ensure your followers have fun.

2. Reface

Another app to change the face that is on the rise is reface. That's because with it you can modify the face of an artist and put your face in their place, that is, the famous will be your face!

With Reface you can change faces not only in photos, but also in videos and gifs. It is a super complete and fun application that will undoubtedly conquer you. Because its interface is intuitive, making it an easy-to-use application. That way, even if you don't understand anything about editing, you'll look like an expert.

To change your face with this application is simple, you will only need to take a selfie and so change the face of a moving character for yours, see the tutorial:

App to change face in photo: Reface | via: Youtube

If you want to have Reface on your smartphone, know that it is available on both the Play Store and Apple Play. So don't waste time click below and install the application:

Once you have Reface installed, you can enjoy everything the application offers. However, it is worth mentioning that to get the face swap you will need to watch some ads, so be patient and access the results.

3. TikTok

if you think the TikTok It's just a video app, you're wrong, because it's also an app to change the face in the photo, and in it you'll find the best filters. And you can still enjoy everything the app has to offer.

This is due to the fact that TikTok is the most downloaded and used app in recent times. And it's been getting several new and fun filters, and so it's a reference when it comes to changing your face. The best thing is that it is available for all types of smartphones, click below and install:

One of the most famous filters, and that burst on the networks, is to put a smile on your face. Several people have used it on babies and that makes the filter even funnier. But the success is in the natural way that the filter works, as if the person is actually smiling at the photo.

To use the filter, it's not much of a secret, after installing TikTok on your smartphone you'll just need to open the app's camera, go to the filters tab and select the desired filter. When you find the filter, just record a video, publish it and share it on your other social networks. See the tutorial below:

App to change face in photo: TikTok | via: Youtube

Tiktok is full of fun filters to change your face, but it also has beautification filters, hair changes, and even voice changing effects, so fun is guaranteed.

4. Facetune

Facetune brings a different proposal from the applications shown above, because it is more focused on beauty and on modifying the face to highlight the best in it. And that's why he couldn't help but be on our application list to change the face in the photo.

If you are looking for an app to look good in your photo, do those makeup touches and make a correction to make your face more harmonious and beautiful. Facetune is the right app for you, and you will undoubtedly rock selfies, so take advantage of it, click below and install:

With it you can reshape the face, reposition the eyebrows, change the height of the chin, thin the nose. If you took a beautiful picture but have that pimple getting in the way with FaceTune you can remove it. The application also allows you to whiten your teeth, among many other functions to change the face in the photo, see the tutorial:

App to change face in photo: FaceTune | via: Youtube

In addition to the pre-edited filters you can also adjust brightness and contrast manually, the options are limitless. You can also create your own filters according to the style of photos you like the most, such as vintage photos or more saturated ones.

5. Snapchat

And to finish our list, let's introduce the application to change the face that could not be missing: Snapchat, which since 2011 has been innovating with fun filters. In addition to being a photo editing app, Snapchat also works as a social network.

With it you can change the face in the photo and also make short and temporary videos. You will need to access the “search” area of the application and there you will find various beautification effects, from drawings such as dog, cat, flowers and also change faces with friends, babies and even animals.

But the filter that has been pumping the most on social media is what makes the face sad. The best part of using Snapchat is that you can save your photos and videos and share them directly on Instagram stories, see the tutorial:

App to change face in photo: Snapchat | via: Youtube

As you saw above, it is very easy to use Snapchat and especially the filters that change the face in the photo. So if you want to install the application right now click below:

Now that you have Snapchat on your phone, enjoy this app to change your face and take beautiful pictures, and have a lot of fun too! Because here we have a complete application where you edit your photos and you can even share them with your friends directly from the application. In addition to being one of the biggest social networks today.

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