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Avatar Online: The Best Free Websites to Create Avatar

See which are the best free sites for creating an Online Avatar, create your avatar in the most diverse styles.

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Creating a personalized Avatar is a very simple activity and does not require any downloading. application or specific program. There are online alternatives for creating avatars. See how to make Avatar Online in the most diverse styles, be it manga, cartoon, cartoon, or realistic 3D.

Here you will find a list that brings together some of the best sites available on the internet for creating Online Avatars. In this list, there are only sites that allow the creation of avatars without having to pay anything for it.

anime mood

This site allows the creation of avatar in anime style, the popular Japanese drawing style. At the anime mood It is possible to create your personalized Online Avatar using the most diverse features, the faces, popularized in the anime style. Another great feature of this site is the varied color options for skin, hair and eyes, including non-traditional colors such as purple and pink.

The user can also define what clothes and accessories the avatar will use. When saving the Avatar Online, 3 different versions are generated that can be downloaded free of charge, with a speech bubble, with a frame and without anything.

The site's interface is simple, without complications or too many tools. Everything about it is based on a simple click and the avatar can be saved at any time, just by clicking on “save”, the site also offers the option to create random Avatar, but this takes all the fun out of creating your own.

avatar maker

avatar maker
avatar maker

Avatar Maker is one of the platforms that allows the creation of a Online Avatar in 2D drawing, in total there are 4 different styles of feature to be chosen by the user. There are many options available for customizing the shape of the face, hair, even the iris of the eye for the user to choose and create his avatar.

However, when it comes to customizing clothes, this site leaves something to be desired, containing very few options to choose from. This site isn't ideal for creating a super-adorned online avatar, but thanks to all its face customization options, it might be ideal if you're looking to create the most faithful one to yourself, as long as you have the patience to make combinations.

The result can be saved at any time without having to pay anything, the saved file can either be in vector (.SVG), and in PNG in sizes 200×200 or 400×400 pixels.


This is perhaps the best option for anyone looking to create a Chibi style avatar (manga/anime style stylized in children's, usually characterized by big heads, in general they bring a greater comic or sentimental charge). There are so many characterization options on this site that it seems that the user is playing with a doll.

In addition to the physical characterization options, you have a wide variety of clothes and accessories, each with more than one category.

The result can be saved by the user in PNG format on their computer or smartphone, or shared via a link.

ready me play

Read me play avatar creator
Read me play avatar creator

If you are looking for a 3d realistic avatar the best option is ready me play. In it you'll be able to create an Avatar similar to avatars from more recent video games, being possible to create it both with just the face and with the whole body.

In it it is possible for the user to try, as long as he has patience of course, trying to make the avatar as faithful as possible, with several customization options from skin tone, facial hair, hair and even the style of the eyebrow. It is still possible to complement with makeup, accessories and clothes.

The Avatar can be downloaded when completed in PNG format or in GLB which is a format compatible with 3D modeling programs, that is, it is possible after creating your avatar to play even more with it using more dedicated software.


But if you're looking for a website for creating a full-body anime-style avatar, we've got you covered. sleeve. In it, the user can create a full-body avatar, starting with the choice of body type and head. It is possible to detail the avatar in terms of skin color, clothes, style and eye color.

In addition, it is still possible to place a pet next to your avatar to save together in the final result. The site counts as an option for pets, cats, dogs and birds. More than one avatar can be made at a time, and with the wide variety of customizations it is possible to spend hours developing the most diverse avatars.

In Mangatar the avatar can be saved in PNG format in various sizes and resolutions, even 4K. In addition, it is possible to choose to share the avatar through a link provided by the website.

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There are several sites for creating Online Avatars, of the most diverse styles, some simpler, some more complex, paid and free. This article is intended to convey a more general overview of free sites, keep an eye out here on Arsenal Apps for more lists of Avatar creating sites!

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