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Cost x Benefit: Are high-performance monitors worth the investment?

Among so many monitor options on the market, find out which option is most worth it for you!

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As users, parents, fans of series, films or video games, are we really aware of the importance of choosing the ideal monitor among so many monitor options? In the midst of the rush of everyday life, it is super common to end up deciding everything in a hurry, grabbing the first piece of equipment available at the electronics store.

In this context, in this post we will present the different monitor options available on the market (standard or high-performance monitor?) to quickly find the one that best suits your needs and preferences, without even having to leave your home.

If you are undecided between buying a small TV that only offers the basics or investing in a 19 inch monitor, we will answer all your doubts! Don't forget to keep reading!

What are high performance monitors? How is it different from a standard monitor?

We are often faced with a dilemma when deciding on a purchase, where the seller presents us with a much better option than we were initially looking for, and the idea of purchasing the product becomes very tempting... Logically, this also happens with high-performance monitors. These devices are the solution for those looking for an immersive screen, with vivid and addictive colors, and a high-resolution image, always Full HD. High-performance monitors deliver a dynamic, super-responsive display without stuttering.

In case of a 19 inch monitor which had a positive impact after its launch on the market, the quality of the equipment can be perceived even from afar, and there is no need to question the seller about aspects or resources such as the device's response time. These monitors are as fast as light, saving you the frustration of endlessly clicking to get results. Furthermore, the device's connectivity is a clear sign that it is a high quality product, manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, offering a variety of ports for connecting to other devices, whether wirelessly, for cell phones or speakers.

Discover an example of a high-performance monitor model

Computer screen
Gamer Monitor

One of the monitors that dominates the market today and that we most recommend is the Mymax MM191610HV/BK 19″ LED. This exclusive 19-inch screen leaves nothing to be desired, offering all the features available from the wonderful line of monitors it is part of. This high-resolution model, with a TN panel, not only guarantees sharp color reproduction, but also stands out for its low energy consumption. By choosing this monitor, the user contributes to the preservation of the planet, a truly unique feature for this type of device.

Furthermore, it is a model that stands out for the accessibility and versatility it offers. Although high-resolution monitors are primarily intended for playing video games, this monitor encourages the user to perform a variety of activities and tasks with the same level of comfort.

Looking at the Big Picture: The Myths Behind the High-Performance Monitor

We assume that the key to making the ideal purchase is finding a seller who is sincere and transparent. With this in mind, we want to represent this direct connection between your needs and the right choice. But what about high-performance monitors? Are they a myth? Do some manufacturers try to sell basic equipment as if it were top of the line? Is it possible to easily differentiate these devices? Well, let's try to clarify some of these doubts.

The “input lag” is the time it takes for a monitor to react and show the result, from the moment the user sends the command. This is something that is associated with practically every high-performance monitor, although there are several factors (such as processing or optimization) that can change this time, whether for better or worse.  

Furthermore, much is said about the physical resolution of the screen as the most important variable in the comparative analysis of monitors, with their colors, movements and graphics. However, this is a big mistake, since what really makes the difference in the monitor experience (cool or boring) is the refresh rate. This measurement has more to do with the transition between pixels than with the quality of the graphics.

The search for the ideal experience: The chosen monitor

Before making any decision, it is essential to consider the user experience. Most buyers of high-performance monitors look for certain features or functionalities directly linked to a specific context, especially to make a difference when playing video games. For example, anyone looking to buy their first high-performance monitor to play games needs to ask themselves: what defines a good monitor for this purpose?

The answer involves several aspects, including Fresh Frame, which is super important for an agile and immersive gaming experience, without crashes. Response time is also essential, as is the update rate. On the other hand, we cannot forget that, during the game, speed is everything.

Furthermore, it is important that image processing is kept to a minimum. While it may seem like overkill, many standard monitors prioritize slow image processing to provide better quality. This is really unnecessary and counterproductive in video game world. Therefore, we should never make a purchase without doing brief research. The choice of monitor is super important in the experience we want to obtain.

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