Music in status photo

Surely you've wondered how to put music on WhatsApp status? 

 On facebook and Instagram you can put music on your status photos. But putting music on WhatsApp status photo does not have this function available. 

Even though WhatsApp does not currently provide this option, there are some applications that do. 

And one of these apps is called CapCut which is a photo and video editing app. 

CapCut has many functions, with videos with ready editing. You choose the photos or videos he does all the editing and syncing with the music. 

In addition to CapCut we have the Clips App, it is also an editing app, you can create many videos with it and share with your contacts through the status. 

Also, another option on how to put music on WhatsApp status is to use your mobile tools to your advantage.  

Learn the step by step to put music on your whatsapp photos and see how to use the indicated apps. Drag and check.