The best DJ apps

DJ equipment is expensive, and sometimes difficult to obtain. That's why we want to help you with a list of free apps that will help you become a DJ.

DJ apps are an option for you who want to start in this universe. After all, you will be able to develop your skills from anywhere using your cell phone. 

It has a professional control panel, being able to do various mixing. And it's possible to use the songs both saved on your phone and on SoundCloud. 

Cross DJ

Extremely designed by professional DJs to ensure above average performance. It turns your phone or tablet into a real DJ setup. 

Edjing Mix

The app of the best known record company in the world of funk here in Brazil. , you can find kits of songs that are the hits of the moment, with the base and beats already included. 

KondZilla Super Pad

Djay is one of Algoriddim's DJ apps, and it has already won some Apple Design awards. technology allows you to isolate instruments and acapella voices from songs


Download DJ Apps now and start producing your own music.