Did you know that you can put a beard in the photo with an app?

One of the biggest men's trends today is the beard. In addition to trend, this is also the desire of most men.

With this one you can try a full beard, mustache, goatee, thick beard, lumberjack beard among others.

You can also use the photo of other people in your family or friends, to see who looks better with this new look.

The app is free and super easy to use. So get ready to download and have fun, seeing how you would look with a beard.

There are several face shapes and that's why you should know yours, to choose the ideal beard. When you discover this, the task becomes much easier for you!

the ideal beard 

O faceApp It's super fun and popular. And with it you'll be able to put a beard in your photos, and change your appearance.

The opportunities to change your appearance are endless. And the most interesting thing is that it is free.

Download the Faceapp app and change your appearance by putting a beard on your photos. Swipe up to download!