How to measure Pressure with app?

Did you know that you can use your cell phone to measure your blood pressure?

What is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is the pressure that our blood has on the inside of the arteries as it passes through. 

The dangers

High pressure hurts the walls of blood vessels. If left untreated, blood vessels can clog and even rupture.  

When a vessel ruptures, a heart attack, heart failure, and chest pain can occur. And if the affected vein is in the brain, the dangers are of a stroke.

The causes

 are related, such as the hereditary factor, obesity and advanced age. Sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, smoking, and excessive consumption of salt and alcohol. 

iCare App

iCare measures your blood pressure within minutes. To use it: with one finger you press the screen and with the other you press the phone's camera.

App S Health 

Health application that helps users on a daily basis. Through the digital reader it measures blood pressure and heart rate. 

Download the Pressure Measurement App

Now have apps to measure blood pressure with your cell phone. Swipe up and check it out!