Free gems on PK XD!

To understand in PK XD users can create 3D avatars, customize their own houses, and interact with other players who are online.

It works like a city, you enter the map and you have access to the other users of the game. And you can interact with them via chat or using emotes.

Some options are not free, and must be purchased, using the common in-game currencies, or with gems, which is the rarest premium currency.

There are in-game activities that you can perform to get coins and gems. Let's give you some tips on how to get it for free.

You will just need to log into the game every day. Yes, this is one of the ways that will guarantee you some gems easily.

1. Get Daily Rewards

They are fun, and you can earn gems as you play. For every five minigames completed you receive a surprise box as a reward.

2. Complete the minigames

It works in the same way as the minigames. Once you've played five full matches and collected the fruits, you'll have access to the Surprise Box.

3. Collect the Fruits

Have you explored the world of PK XD? If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity. Because there are Surprise Boxes hidden throughout the world of PK XD.

4. explore the map

In addition to these there are other ways to get free gems. Check the complete list on the website. Swipe up and check it out!